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'Let Them Drink Oil'.Trump tells California 'there is no drought';A Fracking Coal Burning Radioactive Nightmare

'Let Them Drink Oil'.Trump tells California 'there is no drought';A  Fracking Coal Burning Radioactive Nightmare

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told California voters Friday that he can solve their water crisis, declaring, "There is no drought."

Speaking at a rally in Fresno, Calif., Trump accused state officials of denying water to Central Valley farmers so they can send it out to sea "to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish."
"We're going to solve your water problem. You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they're taking the water and shoving it out to sea," Trump said at a rally that drew thousands.
California is, in fact, in midst of a drought. Last year marked the state's driest four-year period in its history, with record low rainfall and snow.
The comments came a day after Trump outlined an energy policy plan that relies heavily on expanding U.S. fossil fuel exploration and reducing environmental regulations.


Donald Trump is in favour of:

1. Fracking

2. Nuclear energy

3. The revival of coal mining

4. The Keystone pipeline.

Keystone XL Pipeline Facts: Pros and Cons

Trump is a Robber Baron. Donald Trump a Robber Baron

Donald Trump is extremely popular in Buchanan County in Virginia.

Buchanan County is coal country.

Trump country -

Daniel Justus lives in Buchanan County.

Most of Daniel's friends from high school found jobs at the local Walmart, telemarketing from home, or as welders on construction sites.

One or two found work in what is left of the coalfields.

Others are involved in the heroin epidemic.

Many of the girls got pregnant in their teens.

Trump country -


Daniel says: "Trump is just another drug.

"People round here are addicted to escapism."

Trump country -

As a result of working in the coal mines, many miners suffer from:

1. Black lung disease
2. Sleep apnea
3. Split tendons, slipped discs and orthopaedic ailments.

Daniel's friend Dana Oliver says: "Coal is not coming back - it costs too much to open a flooded mine.

"In their heart of hearts, most people know that.

"Trump just gives them a little bit of hope."

Trump country -

The Evangelical Christians in Buchanan County love Donald Trump.

Donald Trump 'is going to bring back Christian values'.

"What Donald Trump wants to do is bring God back into their lives," says Dana Oliver.

Trump country -

Tamara Neo and her partly Mexican husband.

Tamara Neo, a lawyer and evangelical Christian, is Donald Trump's chief representative in Buchanan County.

She does not mind that Trump has a controversial past.

She says of trump: "He just keeps walking through one fire after another and coming out the other side untouched.

"I take this as a sign."

Trump country -

Joshua, Daniel's grandfather.

Daniel's grandfather, Joshua, used to work down the mines.

Joshua now has to use an oxygen mask.

He used to earn 70 cents an hour.

He says he hated working in the mines.

Joshua is pleased that Daniel is about to take a postgraduate degree at an Ivy League university or Oxford.

Joshua cannot understand why people support the mines.

Joshua says: "When a crook like Trump comes along, promising this and promising that, they are ready to believe anything.

"Some people round here aren't so smart."

Continued here: Trump country -

Donald trump's friend Felix Sater was convicted for helping to lead a $40 million mafia-linked stock fraud scheme.

Sater also spent time in jail for stabbing someone in the face with the stem of a margarita glass.

Trump signed off on a $50 million business deal involving Felix sater's Bayrock that was designed to deprive the US government of tens of millions of dollars in tax.

Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a 'key player ...

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