Monday, May 4, 2015

Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton Foundation Say Nothing Wrong With Bribes,Treason

Obviouisly the Canadian money laundering connection has direct links to Israeli Zionist controlled City of London.After all the Eastern European Jewish mafia in control of London if not the entuire UK is indeed the tail that wags the dog that is Canada.

  1. Bill ClintonFoundation's done nothing 'knowingly inappropriate'

    CNN-6 hours ago
    Washington (CNN) Former President Bill Clinton dismissed the controversy over foreign donations to his family's foundation, saying in a testy ...
    Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation's Foreign Money
    Highly hours ago
  2. Author: Clinton Foundation Disclosures 'Sloppy At The Very Least'

    NPR-May 2, 2015
    NPR's Scott Simon talks with Joshua Green of Bloomberg News about the Clinton Foundation and its apparent lack of transparency over ...
  3. Wealthy Canadian helps fund the Clinton Foundation

    Washington Post-18 hours ago
    Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra is one of the Clinton Foundation's largest donors. His contributions have gone both directly to the ...
  4. Canadian Partnership Shielded Identities of Donors to Clinton ...

    New York Times-Apr 29, 2015
    The nonprofit, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), operates in parallel to a Clinton Foundation project called the Clinton ...
    Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1100 Foreign Donations
    In-Depth-Bloomberg-Apr 29, 2015
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  5. Hillary Doesn't Like Unpaid Internships, but Clinton Foundation Sure ...

    Daily Beast-Apr 30, 2015
    “The Clinton Foundation makes no promises or commitments of employment after the internship,” the Foundation says on its website. “No intern ...
  6. CNN

    1100 donors to a Canadian charity tied to Clinton Foundation ...

    Washington Post-Apr 29, 2015
    A charity affiliated with the Clinton Foundation failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, creating a broad exception to the foundation's ...
    Clinton Foundation Admits Missteps in Donor Disclosure
    Highly Cited-New York Times-Apr 26, 2015
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