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DOJ,Loretta Lynch : Baltimore Police Covered Up Death Of Rey Rivera For Agora Inc.,CIA - Huge International Money Laundering Network

DOJ,Loretta Lynch : Baltimore Police Covered Up Death Of Rey Rivera For Agora Inc.,CIA - Huge International Money Laundering Network

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Baltimore Police: DOJ Announces Federal Probe of Entire Department

ABC News - ‎38 minutes ago‎
The Justice Department is launching a federal civil rights probe of the entire police department in Baltimore, where recent events have "given rise to a serious erosion of public trust, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today.

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    May 17, 2007 - The mystery behind a Baltimore businessman who fell to his death from the ... Rey Rivera, 32, was an aspiring filmmaker, husband and former editor of ... theRebound Report published by a division of Agora Publishing, based in Mount Vernon. ... Long-time friend Porter Stansberry brought Rivera to Agora.

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    Apr 6, 2013 - Frank Porter Stansberry, resides in Baltimore, Maryland. ... CIA connected Agora Inc.'s Rebound Report that Mr.Rey Rivera was editor of .

    1. Rey Rivera's strange death - YouTube
      Dec 3, 2007 - Uploaded by 65thOctave
      Rey Rivera "falls" off the Belvedere. ... This video is unavailable. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this ...


    Suicide Or Murder? Evidence Reviewed 
    POSTED: 7:49 pm EDT May 16, 2007
    UPDATED: 8:41 am EDT May 17, 2007

    BALTIMORE -- The mystery behind a Baltimore businessman who fell to his death from the rooftop of a Mount Vernon landmark one year ago is still being questioned.

    WBAL TV 11 News I-Team lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller uncovered evidence in the case that makes it one of the most unusual cases the city has ever seen.

    Rey Rivera, 32, was an aspiring filmmaker, husband and former editor of a financial newsletter. He was last seen leaving his Northwood home early on the evening of May 16, 2006. His decomposed body was found a week later in a closed meeting room of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore.

    A hole in the meeting room roof and Rivera's injuries indicated he had probably come off the top of the Belvedere -- 14 stories up -- and crashed through the lower roof, officials said.

    But many are still asking: how? When? And why?

    Baltimore city police said they have no witnesses that saw Rivera on or coming off the roof.

    Medical examiners determined he died from multiple and severe injuries consistent with a fall from a height. But they made no ruling as to homicide, suicide or an accident. Instead, they declared it undetermined, because the circumstances surrounding the incident were and still are unclear.

    There are other unexplained aspects of the case.

    Rivera's cell phone, for example, survived the apparent fall. It was found on top of the lower roof along with Rivera's sandals, police reports showed. The phone was intact and in working order.

    Former police Cmdr. Mel Blizzard specialized in behavioral assessment and reviewed evidence in the case for 11 News. Miller asked him if it made sense that the cell phone was intact.

    "It's possible. I just find it to be highly unlikely, with that type of kinetic energy hitting that rooftop at the time," he said. "I definitely feel that there are a lot of unanswered questions -- a lot of loops that need to be closed."

    One piece of mysterious evidence was a cryptic note found by family members after Rivera had disappeared. It was typed in miniscule print, folded up in plastic and taped to Rivera's home computer screen along with a blank check.

    "It just seemed bizarre. Really bizarre," said Baltimore Police Department Cmdr. Fred Bealefeld.

    Officials found it so strange that police sent it to the FBI, which examined it and concluded it wasn't a suicide note. Blizzard reviewed it and agreed.

    "What it does appear to be is a weird stream of conscious writing," he said. "The other thing I thought of … is if he's writing some type of code to someone about something. That's possible."

    The note was addressed to brothers and sisters and referred to a well-played game. It named people who had died, including actor Christopher Reeve and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. It also contained a long list of people Rivera knew and was related to, with a request to make them and himself five years younger.

    The note also introduced an element of the case that involved Rivera's apparent interest in the Free Masons. The note began and ended with phrases used in the Masonic order.

    Rivera's family and friends said his fascination with the Free Masons centered on their reputation as an organization with secrets.

    Miller learned that on the day Rivera disappeared, he'd talked with a member of the Maryland lodge to inquire about joining. On the weekend before his disappearance, he spent time reading the book "The Builders," a study of masonry.

    On the day he disappeared, Rivera went to a bookstore and bought the book Free Masons for Dummies.

    "It could be totally unrelated. It sounds to me like a person who's inquisitive and wants to know more about an organization. Why? I don't know," Blizzard said.

    "Based on what we've seen, his interest in the Masonic order was not to do charitable work," Bealefeld said. "Somehow it was linked to his interest in the movie industry and this theory that somehow there was control being exerted by the Masonic order."

    The Maryland lodge member who spoke with Rivera told 11 News there was nothing unusual about the conversation. He described it as typical of someone who wanted to learn about membership.

    Rivera's last full-time job was to edit a financial newsletter called the Rebound Report published by a division of Agora Publishing, based in Mount Vernon. Family and friends said Rivera had expressed some unhappiness about his work because some of the stocks he wrote about weren't rebounding.

    In the fall of 2005, Rivera left Agora full-time and began producing videos for the company under contract.

    Long-time friend Porter Stansberry brought Rivera to Agora. Stansberry runs one of Agora's newsletter divisions and was mentioned several times in Rivera's bizarre note.

    Miller called to speak with Stansberry. She heard from Agora's lawyer, who said the company had asked its employees not to speak with 11 News about the subject.

    The police investigation into Rivera's death leans to a theory of suicide. But Bealefeld told Miller they hadn't found any history of mental health issues or any indication that Rivera had been depressed or distraught before his death.

    "But the circumstances and the hard evidence that we have really point to this being a suicide," he said.

    The last-known person to see Rivera alive was a houseguest in his home. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Miller he left the house in a hurry, as if he was late for an appointment.

    The Belvedere Hotel has an extensive security camera system, but a technical problem prevented police from recovering the data from the cameras on the days in question.

    Whatever the cameras saw -- how and when Rivera entered the building and whether or not he was alone -- remain questions without answers.
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  10. Suicide Or Murder? Evidence Reviewed | WBAL Home ...

    May 17, 2007 - Rey Rivera, 32, was an aspiring filmmaker, husband and former editor of a ... Baltimore city police said they have no witnesses that saw Rivera on or ... published by a division of Agora Publishing, based in Mount Vernon.

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    Aug 10, 2009 - The wife of Rey Rivera talks about his unusual behavoir just days before he dissapeared in May ... me to visit Agora Inc. and Baltimore in 2005.

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  16. MONDAY, JULY 17, 2006

    Rey Rivera, Baltimore, MD

    NOTE: If you have useful information that may help lead to resolving this case, please post your comment for our editor’s review. If you prefer not to have your post published, please indicate that in the first part of your comment/post. Even if it is not published, but could be useful, we will pass it on to the appropriate authorities.

    WHO: Rey Rivera, age 32, married (6 Months), widow: Allison Jones Rivera (daughter of Windsor Town Board member and former Mayor Tom Jones and his wife Kathleen).
    6’ 5”, approx 260Lbs. Athlete (Assistant water polo coach, Johns Hopkins University in 2005, had played professionally in Europe). Writer/screenwriter. Had been employed by Stansberry & Associates, an affiliate of Agora Publishing.

    WHAT: Missing, found deceased, possible suicide, possible accident, possible murder.
    WHEN: Disappeared May 16th. Reported May 17th. Body discovered May 24th.
    WHERE: Baltimore, MD
    INVESTIGATOR(S): Donny Moses, 443-984-7385
    Colonel Fred Bealefeld, Chief of Detectives, Baltimore City Police

    Rivera disappeared from his Northeast Baltimore home on May 16th. His wife was out of town on business at the time but a guest was staying with them and reported he received a phone call and left at about 6:00 pm, wearing flip-flops, shorts and a pullover jacket. He took only his cell phone and according to friends, had only $20 with him.

    Police indicate the cell phone call was from the Fells Point area of Baltimore.

    On May 24th, his body was discovered in a conference room in the Belvedere Hotel in Mount Vernon. He apparently fell thirteen stories to the roof from an adjacent roof of another section of the Hotel and through it into the conference room. The investigator indicated it appeared he had been there for several days.

    His wife’s SUV had been found by Tom and Kathleen Jones (Allison’s parents) around 3:30 pm Monday, May 22nd in a downtown Baltimore parking lot very near the hotel. The attendant indicated it had been there when he arrived for work at 7:00am on Wednesday the 17th.

    Initially, police deemed Rivera's death an apparent suicide, but the FBI has ruled a note left by Rivera is not a suicide note. Rivera’s older brother, Angel, is quoted in a news report as saying: “I found the note, and it was just stream of consciousness, nothing more. You have to understand that Rey was a writer,” he said, describing the note as a type of poem.

    Rivera’s friend and employer, Frank (Porter) Stansberry had alluded to him being recently distraught and disturbed about something, but no one else who knew him believed that depiction.

    The Chief of Detectives, Fred Bealefeld is quoted in one news story as saying, "This is a wide open case, although there are no signs on the body of a struggle, no evidence that there was foul play.”

    Colonel Bealefeld says detectives will begin questioning Rivera's family and friends, to try to determine a motive for Rivera to have committed suicide.

    Rivera’s employer, Stansberry and Associates, is an affiliate of Agora Publishing. He worked for 18 months until the latter part of 2005 editing a newsletter called The Rebound Report that identified the best “turn-around companies.” He had recently returned to the company but according to friends and associates, was focusing on getting his production business going.

    Agora’s many related entities publish and sell investment advice newsletters that in at least one case, the Securities and Exchange Commission have deemed “false” and that led to threats against Stansberry before Rivera was hired. Agora has several Mount Vernon-area mansions that have been restored and converted to office space for its 200-plus employees. Former employees describe the climate within Agora as almost cult-like and intensely secretive.

    The SEC suit charges Stansberry’s investment newsletters are nothing more than baseless speculation and outright lies. There were a number of investors who testified they lost substantial amounts of money. Rivera was not cited in the SEC’s lawsuit.

    In an article appearing in the Examiner, Sherrie Gulmahamad, who worked with Rivera at a Los Angeles film school and had known him for three years, described him as a screenwriter and philosopher.

    “He left behind water polo students, film students, a giant circle of young people who loved him dearly,” she said, arguing that he was not suicidal. “Rey was not a depressive, neurotic type whatsoever,” she said.

    According to The Johns Hopkins water polo team Web page, he was an assistant coach for the team in 2005. He also played water polo professionally in Spain. Gulmahamad said Rivera had recently finished a screenplay called “Midnight Polo” that told the story of young Latino woman’s struggle to become a successful water polo player.

    One thing Gulmahamad said surprised her was learning of Rivera’s job with Stansberry Associates as a financial newsletter editor.

    “Rey was a talented screenwriter,” she said. “He had no financial or investment experience that I knew of.”

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