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.911:Boston Magazine Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind,Father, Equally Responsible With FBI Disappearance Of Girlfriend Witness Tatiana Gruzdeva

9/11:Boston Magazine Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind,Father, Equally Responsible With FBI Disappearance  Of  Girlfriend Witness  Tatiana Gruzdeva

I wonder why the great white Boston 'jewish' journalist Susan Zalkind never wrote about Israeli government terrorists and money launderers Menachem Atzmon and ICTS International WHO 'guarded' logan airport boston on 9/11?
Why hasn't the Boston  Globe that pretends to want the official U.S.government 911 Commission report
made available to the public in order to put blame on Saudi Arabia but NOT Isra-hell?Even Zionist pornographer and Chicago Mercantile money launderer for Zion Jimbo Wales' Wikipedia tells them that Israel was involved.....Can't the y read SEC filings ?

  • All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company
    "To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by ... atLogan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had ...
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  • ICTS International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ICTS International is an Israeli firm based in the Netherlands that develops ... ICTS' subsidiary, Huntleigh, shared security duties at Boston's Logan Airport on ... After reforms to the security system in the US following the 9/11 attacks which ...
  • WTC,9/11,Logan,Boston,Israeli ICTS 'Security' Trials:U.S. ...
    San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center
    Jul 19, 2007 - WTC,9/11,Logan ICTS Says 'So Sorry',Barney Frank,Ted Kennedy ...ICTS International perhaps had duties in Dulles Airport as well as the ...
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  • Tatiana Gruzdeva Is Spending Her 20th Birthday in Jail

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    9 oct. 2013 - Tatiana Gruzdeva sits in an Orlando jail cell. She has been there for more than a week. Her mother is in Moldova, her father in Russia; she has ...
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  • Potential witness in FBI shooting inquiry ordered to remain ...

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    29 jun. 2013 - Federal immigration officials arrested Tatiana Igorevna Gruzdeva, ... about Gruzdeva, who was born in the former Soviet republic of Moldova, ... graduate who was studying languages, including Hebrew, German, and English.


    If you believe the FBI’s account, then you must also believe this: If Waltham police had figured out who hacked three men to death on September 11, 2011, there’s a good chance we would not be talking about the Boston Marathon bombings. Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev might be alive and in jail. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might be just another mop-headed, no-name stoner at UMass Dartmouth. There would be no One Fund. Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and Martin Richard would still be alive. Sean Collier would have graduated from the MIT police department to the Somerville Police Department by now. And for the friends and family of the three men who died in Waltham, perhaps their grief would not still be paired with such haunting questions.

    I met Erik Weissman in the summer of 2006, after my freshman year of college. I was 19. He was 26. He’d come to sell us some high-end weed. I was with my friends from high school in a Newton attic, and it felt less like a drug deal than a Tupperware party. Erik had spotless sneakers, wire-rimmed nerd glasses, and a contagious smile. He produced a series of glass jars from a black duffel bag, each filled with a different strain of headies: Blue Dream, Grand Daddy, Alaskan Thunder Fuck. My friends were easily impressed; I teased him for talking game. My father,Norman Zalkind, is a criminal defense lawyer, and I grew up discussing his cases and clients at the kitchen table.
    A few days later, Erik picked me up and we drove around in his blue Audi, taking turns playing Lil Wayne and Buju Banton on our iPods and smoking Erik’s Sour Diesel. We did that a few times that summer: driving aimlessly, talking, smoking. He was one of the few friends who encouraged my cheesy freshman-year poetry. He thought of himself as an entrepreneur and a connoisseur of pot; he would fly to Amsterdam regularly to buy seeds of a particular variety that interested him. He talked about selling pot as if it were a community service, and told me repeatedly that he didn’t operate in violent circles. I told him about my father and his clients. I told him his line of work always ends badly. He laughed.
    Over time I stopped smoking pot, and we grew apart. The last I heard from him was sometime in January or February of 2011. He wanted my father’s number. He’d been busted when his landlord went into his apartment, saw his stash, and called the cops. Boston police had seized more than $20,000 in cash and tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of marijuana from his Roslindale home. He had always told me that he sold only pot, but in the raid police also seized cocaine, Vicodin, and OxyContin.
    I gave him the number for my dad’s law firm. He sounded scared.
    Soon after my dad took me out for oysters to thank me for the referral. He told me there was a problem with Erik’s warrant, and he didn’t think the case would go to trial.
    I never spoke to Erik again.-  Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind
    Tatiana Gruzdeva may herself be of Easern European Jewish parents for what that's worth and both may have been given VIP treatment by the very U.S. government that later came to murder one and deport the other.

    Officials said Gruzdeva came to the United States last year on a J-1 exchange visa and stayed longer than she was permitted. On Facebook she described herself as an art school graduate who was studying languages, including Hebrew, German, and English. She said she also worked as a model, and posted pictures of herself in a wedding dress..........Maybe she's in isra-hel now for all we know.

    In the moments before Todashev’s death, the FBI claims, he implicated both himself and marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the murder of three young men in Waltham on September 11, 2011. One of those men, Erik Weissman, was my friend.   My father Norman Zalkinda defense lawyer, was representing him for a pending January 2011 drug charge.- Jewish ZionistSusan Zalkind


    By Andrea Peters 11 July 2013

    According to his family, Tamerlan was repeatedly visited by the FBI for several years. His mother said that Tamerlan was “controlled by the FBI for three to five years” before the bombing.
    The Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, founded a group called the Congress of Chechen International Organizations, which helped supply Islamic insurgents in Chechnya with mine resistant boots. Tsarni was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, the one-time vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA. Tsarni registered his pro-Islamist organization at Fuller’s home address.
    Questions also remain about Todashev himself. A May 22 NBC article reported that US officials had stated that Todashev “had some connections with radical Chechen rebels.”
    He received asylum from the US in 2008, on the grounds that he feared for his life in his native Russia. Mark Kramer, director of the Cold War Studies program at Harvard, told the Boston Globe on July 5 that he “didn’t see any justification for granting asylum” to Todashev. He added that he was “baffled” because he had “known of others who applied and been turned down in cases far more deserving.”
    Apparently, however, Todashev was in the process of moving back to Russia—the country that he supposedly fled fearing for his life in 2013—when he was questioned and murdered by the FBI. Todashev’s friend, Kushen Taramov, has stated that Todashev postponed his travel plans in response to FBI demands that he stay for questioning.
    I wonder if 'journalist'  Susan Zalkind disclosed to  Tatiana Gruzdeva, ex  girlfriend of Todashev a Chechen  friend of Tamerlin Tsarnaev, who was visciously murdered by an FBI thug in Florida, when she contacted her shortly after  Todashev was blown away by the FBI's hired murderer ex Oakland police officer in Florida,that her father Norman was an attorney who represented one of the alleged Jewish  drug dealers near Boston coincidentally on that infamous 911 DATE THAT BOSTON ITSELF ISMORE CONNECTED TO THAN MOST OTHER CITIES.(Remember that it was war criminal and convicted Netanyahu money launderer Menachem Atzmon and his Shin Bet goons of ICTS International who 'guarded Logan Airport BOSTON ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001.) Israel money After all it was the Israelisof ICTSInternational that good Jews such as Susan Zalkind and her high heeled Boston attorney father NEVER talk about although it is one of the most important and most censored stories in Boston history.Also Susan Zalkind has been totally silent re Israeli police presence on the immediately on the scene of the Boston Marathon alleged bombing as well.

    When Gruzdeva met with FBI agents, she said, they at first continued to ask her about the marathon bombing. Then they brought up a new topic: a triple murder.
    “They said, ‘We think he did something else, before.’ They said he killed three people in Boston 2011 with a knife. I said, ‘It’ s not true! I can’t believe it.’ You know, I was living with him seven months, and we have a cat.”
    Gruzdeva told me that she and Todashev believed they were being followed by the FBI on their way to work or to visit friends. Todashev would point out cars that he believed were driven by FBI agents, she said.
    One day, the FBI called Todashev back to their office again. Gruzdeva went with him and waited in the lobby, she said. That’s when an agent she recognized approached her and asked to talk.
    “And I already saw him a couple times so it was normal, so I told him, ‘I’m waiting for Ibragim,’” she told me. “And he said, ‘So what? It’s just going to be a couple minutes. He knows about it.’” So she went with him to an office. Another agent joined them, she said. Then, she says, they questioned her for three hours.
    “They asked me again and again about Ibragim and all this stuff. They asked me, ‘Can you tell us when he will do something?’ I said, ‘No! I can’t!’ Because he wasn’t doing anything, and I didn’t know anything. And they said, ‘Oh, really? So why don’t we call immigration.’”..........................

    Gruzdev told me that she is from Tiraspol, a town in the former Soviet country of Moldova. She had come to America in 2012 on a student work visa, which had since expired. “I said, ‘Come on guys, you cannot do this! You know my visa was expired and you didn’t do anything. And now because you need me and I say I don’t want to help you, you just call to immigration?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ And they called immigration and immigration came and they put me in the jail.”....

    For the first week, Gruzdeva told me, she was kept in an immigration detention facility. She was allowed to talk to Todashev every day on the phone. She said he told her that when he had come to find her in the lobby the day she was detained, FBI agents mocked him, saying “Where’s your girlfriend?”
    She said the mocking infuriated Todashev. “He said, ‘I want to hit them because I was so mad, why they lie to me? They stole you.’”.....

    On May 22, Gruzdeva said, she was transferred from immigration jail to a cell in Glades County Jail in Moore Haven, Florida. There, she said, she was placed in solitary confinement.
    “I thought I would be released, because I don’t have any crime, I don’t have any charges, I was clear,” she said. She asked why she had been moved. “And they just said, “Oh we cannot tell you, we’ll tell you tomorrow in the morning.”
    She did not know it yet, but that was the day Todashev had been fatally shot by the FBI.
    The next morning, she said, immigration officers and “other officers” came to her cell.
    “They said, ‘He’s dead.’
    “I said, ‘That’s not true. I just saw him a couple days ago and I talked with him yesterday. He cannot be dead.’
    “They said, ‘He died yesterday.’
    “I said, ‘No! I just talked with him.’
    “They said, ‘We have a paper, and it says that he’s dead, and you can make a phone call.’”....

    Gruzdeva was kept in solitary confinement for four more days, she said, before being placed in a women’s dormitory at the same prison.
    Finally, on August 8, she was released from custody. She said Ashurmamad Miraliev, a friend of Todashev—the same man arrested on Wednesday—came to pick her up, along with Todashev’s father, Abdulbaki, who had flown to Florida from Chechnya to meet with prosecutors. They drove her back to the house she had shared with Todashev, where he had been killed. “They said, ‘Don’t worry the house is clean and we cleaned everything.’” Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind

    And although she(Toadshev's girlfriend Tatiana Gruzdev)  had been released by the time Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind interviewed her that very interviewhad itsresuklts that propbably both Jewish Zionist Susan Zalkind and herJewish Zionist fathwer wantwed to get her deported once and for all !

    In many ways it wasSusan Zalkind's interviews with Tamerlin  Tsarnaev friend Todashev who was murderedin coldblood by an FBI assassisin hired from Oakland California's worst police department that led to the poor girlfriend Tatiana Gruzdeva'sdeportation.Neirther shenor her father lifteda finger to protest this although  Susan Zalkind pretendsto be just an unbiased journalist.Note that her very own father had DIRECT connection to thevery Massachussetts murder case that the corrupt FBI and their hired murderer selected from the corrupt Oakland California police department.

    1. News - Part 5 - Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP

      Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP
      In February 2014, Norman Zalkind consulted on daughter and journalist Susan Zalkind's cover story for Boston Magazine detailing her investigation into the ...

    2. I wonder if 'journalist'  Susan Zalkind disclosed to  Tatiana Gruzdeva ex  girlfriend when she contactedher shortly after after  Todashev was blown away by the FBI's hired murderer ex Oakland police officer in Florida,that her father Norman was an attorney who represented one of the alleged Jewish  drug dealers near Boston coincidentally on that infamous 911 DATE THAT BOSTON ITSELF ISMORE CONNECTEDTO THAN MOST OTHER CITIES.After all it wasthe Israelisof ICTSInternational that good Jews such as Susan Zalkind andher high heeled Boston attorney father NEVER talk about although it is one of the most importatant and most censored stories in Boston history.Also Susan Zalkind hasbeen totally silent re Israeli police presence on the scene of Marathon investigation almost as soon or sooner than it happened.Iwonder why ?


    4. A few weeks ago, I sent a Facebook friend request to an account in the name of Todashev’s girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva. Until Wednesday, Gruzdeva had not spoken to the press. Her Facebook profile—which is also linked to her account on the European social network—includes dozens of photos and status updates in both English and Russian, and dates back to at least June, 2012. I knew from news reports that Gruzdeva had been held by immigration during the time Todashev was questioned and killed by the FBI. After Todashev’s death, she had been scheduled for deportation, but in August the Globe reported that she had been “mysteriously released” from custody, and that her expired visa had been extended for a year.
      On Wednesday night, at 10:41 p.m., my friend request was accepted. We exchanged several messages on Facebook. Soon I found myself on the phone with a woman who told me she was Gruzdeva. She told me it had been only a few hours since the police had arrested her roommate, Ashurmamad Miraliev, and she was shaken. At the time we spoke, no media outlet had reported on Miraliev’s arrest, and his name had never entered the public discussion of the Todashev case. I later independently confirmed Miraliev’s arrest via law enforcement documents and officials; according to Miraliev’s arrest affidavit, he was living at Todashev’s former address. Calls to the FBI, as well as to Gruzdeva’s lawyer, were not immediately returned.
      Gruzdeva sent me two photographs—one showing herself with Todashev, another of Todashev alone—as well as a video (posted below) of Todashev apparently taken with a cell phone, in which a woman can be heard speaking to him in Russian. (She also sent me a photo of their cat.)
    5. I identified myself as a reporter, and we talked for a little over an hour, then texted until 1 a.m. At times, she was emotional. She spoke in imperfect English, with a Slavic accent. She said she’d never talked to a member of the press about this. I do not know why she chose to speak to me.
    6. Here is what she told me....... -  Susan Zalkind

    The family of Ibragim Todashev, an associate of alleged marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was shot dead by an FBI agent, filed a wrongful-death claim today demanding $30 million.
    The 27-year-old Chechnyan national was killed by agent Aaron McFarlane in Todashev’s Orlando, Florida, apartment on May 22, 2013. The agent, along with Massachusetts state troopers Joel Gagne and Curtis Cinelli, had been questioning Todashev about an unsolved triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts, in which someone slit the throats of three drug dealers.
    The murder took place on the 10th anniversary of 9/11; the killers had lain their victims with heads turned to one side, and dumped a pound and a half of marijuana on two of the bodies, leaving $5,000 at the scene of the crime. The victims were Raphael Teken, Erik Weissman, and Tsarnaev’s friend and sparring partner Brendan Mess. Tsarnaev, a Golden Gloves boxing champion, trained at the same gym with both Mess and Todahsev, an MMA fighter.

    Agents began to question Todashev about his relationship to Tsarnaev on April 21, 2013, shortly after the Tsarnaev brothers were identified as the suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks. Todashev’s girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, and his friend Ashurmamad Miraliev, say they were asked to become FBI informants before they were detained and deported. Todashev’s friend Khusen Taramov says that despite having a Green Card he was denied re-entry into the United States after Todashev’s death. -  Susan Zalkind

    1. The grisly murder that could save Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

      The Week
      Jan 29, 2015 - Susan Zalkind .... for a drug charge a few months before he died, myfather, Norman Zalkind, a criminal defense attorney, represented him.

      1. The grisly murder that could save Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

        The Week Magazine-Jan 29, 2015
        When he was arrested for a drug charge a few months before he died, my father, Norman Zalkind, a criminal defense attorney, represented him.

      2. FBI Faces $30m Lawsuit for Killing Tsarnaev?s Friend Ibragim ...

        Daily Beast-Mar 2, 2015
        Susan Zalkind was a friend of Erik Weissman. Her father, defense attorney Norman Zalkind, was representing him for a drug charge at the time ...

      3. Jury Must Decide If Tsarnaev Is Evil or Just Brainwashed

        Daily Beast-Apr 7, 2015
        My father, Norman Zalkind, was his criminal defense attorney for a 2011 drug charge.] Tamerlan was implicated in the crime in May of 2013, by ...

    2. New Details in the FBI Shooting Death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

      Sep 20, 2013 - By Susan Zalkind | Boston Daily | September 20, 2013 2:30 p.m. ... Myfather Norman Zalkind, a defense lawyer, was representing him for a ...

      • Boston magazine has learned that Orlando police have arrested a man believed to be a friend of Ibragim Todashev—the Chechen man shot by the FBI in May while being questioned in his Florida apartment in connection with both the marathon bombings and a 2011 triple homicide in Waltham.
      • According to an arrest affidavit obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s office, Ashurmamad Miraliev, 23, originally from Tajikistan, was arrested at about 6 p.m. Wednesday on an Osceola County warrant for allegedly threatening a victim of a crime. It is not known whether this charge has anything to do with Todashev’s death, the bombings, or the homicide case.

      • With Miraliev at the time of his arrest was a 19-year-old woman named Tatiana Gruzdeva, who had been Todashev’s live-in girlfriend. She and Miraliev live in the apartment where Todashev was killed.

      On Wednesday night, hours after the arrest, I spoke with Gruzdeva on the phone. She described to me the events of the days leading up to Todashev’s killing, which she said she learned of while being held in solitary confinement. “There is a lot of pain in my heart,” she told me, weeping.
      In the moments before Todashev’s death, the FBI claims, he implicated both himself and marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the murder of three young men in Waltham on September 11, 2011. One of those men, Erik Weissman, was my friend. My father Norman Zalkind, a defense lawyer, was representing him for a pending January 2011 drug charge.

    This guy was dating a jewish girl... how radical of a muslim could he be? Also, he felt in danger for his life to the point that he had a friend be with him when the police asked for '1 more interview.' Def had his rights violated and i would not be surprised if he had nothing to do with the Waltham murders. The police didnt care about the murders bcuz it involved drug dealers, maybe if they did look into it they would have been able to prevent the marathon bombings. If anything, the bombings was a complete and utter intelligence failure.

    The Murders Before the Marathon

    Waltham, September 11, 2011: Three men, throats slit, cash and drugs left on the bodies. Two years later, two dead suspects: Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a friend who the FBI says was about to confess. One haunting question: Could solving this case have prevented the Boston Marathon bombings?

    1. FBI Faces $30m Lawsuit for Killing Tsarnaev?s Friend Ibragim ...

      Daily Beast-Mar 2, 2015
      The family of Ibragim Todashev, an associate of alleged marathon bomber Tamerlan ... by agent Aaron McFarlane in Todashev's Orlando, Florida, apartment on May 22, 2013. ... brothers were identified as the suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks. Todashev's girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, and his friend ...

    2. The Strange Death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Friend, Killed by the FBI

      Slate Magazine-Apr 7, 2015
      Ibragim Todashev trains at the Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts Center .... The date was April 15, 2013, the day of the Boston Marathonbombing. * * *.

    3. FBI threatened associates of Todashev, slayed friend of Boston ...

      RT-Sep 25, 2013
      Friends of Ibragim Todashev have told the Florida chapter of the ... the FBI come a week after Todashev's girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, told ... she or Todashev had to Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon bombing.

    4. Ibragim Todashev's girlfriend held in solitary

      Salon-Oct 3, 2013
      Now, his girlfriend is being held in solitary confinement in a Floridaprison ... held in solitary confinement, Tatiana Gruzdeva said that immigration ... Gruzdeva gave an exclusive interview to Bostonmagazine on September 18, in which she shared details ofTodashev's last days before being shot by the FBI.
      Todashev's girlfriend in custody again in Florida
      Highly Cited-Boston Globe-Oct 1, 2013
      Explore in depth (29 more articles)
    5. Interrogation Turned Deadly: New Questions In FBI Shooting

      WBUR-Jan 14, 2014
      The man's name was Ibragim Todashev and the FBI was investigating his links to alleged Boston Marathon ... Citing its ongoing investigation, the FBI even ordered theFlorida ... Meanwhile, he was living in the Orlando condo with his new girlfriend from Moldova, Tatiana Gruzdeva, whose visa had expired.

    6. Father of slain Tsarnaev associate pens letter to Obama, alleges FBI ...

      RT-Dec 30, 2013
      ​The father of Ibragim Todashev, former friend of alleged Boston Marathon ... The investigation is being conducted by Florida state attorney Jeffrey Ashton. ... Tatiana Gruzdeva - girlfriend of Ibragim Todashev - was arrested in Florida ... she or Todashev had to Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon bombing.

    7. Todashev case clearly requires transparency

      Boston Globe-Mar 25, 2014
      It's almost as if Ibragim Todashev, the nearly forgotten figure in theBoston Marathon investigation, just ... According to reports in the Globe and the Washington Post, separate probes by the FBI and a local prosecutor in Florida are poised to ... Both Todashev's live-in girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, and a close ...
      FBI agent to be cleared in killing of Ibragim Todashev
      World Socialist Web Site-Mar 23, 2014
      Explore in depth (138 more articles)
    8. Girlfriend of Ibragim Todashev, friend of Boston Marathon bombing ... 23, 2013
      Todashev, a friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was questioned by FBI ... Last week, Tatiana Gruzdeva, who lived with him in Orlando, gave her ... The case was not connected with the Marathon bombings or withTodashev's death, according to Florida law enforcement officials.

    9. Officials: FBI agent will be cleared in shooting of man connected to ...

      Washington Post-Mar 21, 2014
      ... he shot and killed Ibragim Todashev, a Chechen man connected to the brothers ... The FBI had gone to Florida to question Todashev, who was friends with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspectedBoston Marathon bombers. ... and his live-in girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva — have said that they have been ...

    10. Results of Todashev shooting probe expected early next year

      Boston Globe-Dec 13, 2013
      Ibragim Todashev, a friend of suspected Marathon bomber Tamerlan ... A Florida prosecutor investigating the fatal shooting of a Chechen man by an FBI agent interrogating him about the Boston Marathonbombings said on ... Todashev's girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, was arrested for having an expired visa ...

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