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Israeli weapons, US base plans found in Saudi Arabia's Yemen embassy

Israeli weapons, US base plans found in Sanaa Saudi embassy

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    The Fars report cites sources among Houthi rebels fighting against forces loyal to Yemen's ...

  • Israeli-made weapons, along with plans for the construction of a new US military base in strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait, have been discovered in the Saudi embassy in Yemen's capital, according to the Iranian Fars news agency.
    The Fars report cites sources among Houthi rebels fighting against forces loyal to Yemen's fugitive President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and their Saudi allies. It claims the rebels drove some 40 Saudi guards from the embassy to capture the compound.
    In the embassy, the Houthis discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition made in Israel. According to Fars news, the Saudi government has asked Tel-Aviv for weapons to supply what the report calls "terrorist groups" and forces loyal to President Hadi.................

    1. Story image for yemen israel from The Times of Israel

      Iranian report: Israeli arms cache found in Saudi embassy in Yemen

      The Times of Israel-9 hours ago
      The report did not identify specific weapons the Saudis are supposedly using in Yemen that would be supplied from Israel. Saudi Arabia ...
    2. Story image for yemen israel from Center for Research on Globalization

      Ex-Yemeni President: Wars in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya Stirred by ...

      Center for Research on Globalization-5 hours ago
      He noted that the western and US mercenaries in the region are betraying the Arab states for the sake of Israel, and said, “Today we see that ...
    3. Israeli F16s Bombing Yemen?

      Sputnik International-May 26, 2015
      Photo analysis of the shot down F16 in Yemen showed it was probably one of the 50 surplus US F16 A models given to Israel during the ...
    4. Story image for yemen israel from Jerusalem Post Israel News

      Saudi Arabia, Egypt share 'vision' on Yemen war

      The Times of Israel (blog)-2 hours ago
      Saudi Arabia and Egypt say they share a “common vision” on the war in Yemen, where a Riyadh-led coalition is waging a bombing campaign ...

    U.S.,Israel,Zionist White Jews in control of UK Government clearly not fighting for proting from bringing
    democracy to the Middle East much less to us ! We're occupied by Zionist scum too and it is now historic fact Nazis founded and funded the creation of Isra-hell!

    Ex-Yemeni President: Wars in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya Stirred by Saudis to Serve Israel

    Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih underlined that Saudi Arabia has been behind all the recent crises in the regional countries in order to serve the interests of Israel and implement the US plots in the region.
    “Saudi Arabia is behind all the crises in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen,” the Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen television channel quoted Salih as saying on Friday.
    He underlined that Saudi Arabia is after abolishing the republic system in Arab countries because the Al Saud regime deems such system against its own interests.
    The former Yemeni president noted that the difference between Yemen and Saudi Arabia dates back to pre-1934 era, and said, “Saudi Arabia hates anything about human rights and respect for the views of others.”
    Ex-Yemeni President: Crises in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya Stirred by Saudis to Serve Israel
    Political analysts too believe that Saudi Arabia is implementing Israeli and US orders in the region.
    “The Al Saud regime is executing the western plots in the Middle East,” Egyptian Politician Jamal Abu Aliyev told FNA.
    He noted that the western and US mercenaries in the region are betraying the Arab states for the sake of Israel, and said, “Today we see that the global arrogance is supporting Saudi Arabia because the West’s ambition for oil to help its weapon-manufacturing factories to continue their operation has instigated Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen.”
    Last week, a Syrian university professor underlined that Washington and Tel Aviv are implementing their plots in region with the petrodollars of the Persian Gulf Arab states.
    “The US and Israel are killing the Arab citizens of the region with petrodollars of the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms,” Damascus University Professor Wael al-Imam told FNA last Friday.
    He noted that the Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf states can only survive with the US support, and said that oil is their only guarantee for continued rule; these countries protect the security of the Quds Occupying Regime and it is easy for them to victimize the Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi and Yemeni nations in a bid to protect their own rule and regime.
    Also last week, media reports said that the Saudi spy agency is plotting to assassinate several Muslim religious authorities who are residing in the Iraqi City of Najaf.
    “The Saudi intelligence agency will provide financial and arms backup for ill-famed Sheikh Mahmud al-Sarkhi to pave the way for killing Iraq’s top religious figures,” Alwaei news reported.
    “Saudi Arabia has tried to assassinate several religious authorities in Iraq, including Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, but it has failed so far,” it said.

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