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9/11,Bin Laden,GHW Bush:David Rubenstein's Carlyle FinancialMiltary Industrial Complex Loses 20 Employees On Malaysia Airlines Flight

 9/11,Bin Laden,GHW Bush:David Rubenstein's Carlyle Financial Miltary Industrial Complex Loses 20 Employees On Malaysia Airlines Flight

Malaysia Airlines Incident Highlights Risk of Employees Traveling ...

Skift-Mar 10, 2014
Freescale, which is controlled by a Blackstone, Carlyle Group and Permira ... known whether the Freescale employees on the Malaysia Airlines ...

David Rubenstein, Bush Met bin Laden's Brother -
Mar 16, 2003 - Washington Post article on David Rubenstein says George H.W. Bush met bin Laden's brother on Sept 10, 2001 at Carlyle Group meeting.

Carlyle Group - History Commons › Entities
November 1998: Former President George H. W. Bush Meets with Bin Laden ... George H. W. Bush meets with the bin Laden family on behalf of the Carlyle Group. .... On the other hand, what is undeniable is that corporations close to the ...

  1. 4 days ago - Freescale Semiconductor Inc. said 20 employees from its operations in Asia were passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which was en route from ... firms, including Blackstone Group LP, Carlyle Group LP and TPG.
  2. Malaysia Flight MH370 Missing - Page 5 - David Icke's Official Forums › ... › Main ForumsToday's News
    David Icke
    4 days ago - 20 posts - ‎12 authors
    There were 20 Freescale employees on board. ... Authorities searching for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet are investigating the ... Freescale were bought out (in 2006) by a consortium that includes the Carlyle group (Bush sr. et ...
  3. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 conspiracy theories | IlluminatiWatcher
    1 day ago - The Malaysia Airlines aircraft flown on Flight MH370 was a Boeing 777, ... reasonable, one of the co-investors for Freescale is Carlyle Group…

  1. Zionists Buy The Allison Transmission Company - Index of,28_zionists_buy_the_allison_trans...
    Zionists Buy The Allison Transmission Company. David Rubenstein Of The Carlyle Group. Gerry Schwartz Of Canada's Onex Corporation. Allison Was Started ...
  2. While zionists promote hate between the US and the Arab world ...
    Dec 11, 2007 - They are even sending American zionist delegations to kiss up and .... The head of Carlyle, David Rubenstein, worked in the White House ...
  3. Expose Zionist Lies
    Nov 12, 2011 - This blog is dedicated to exposing the lies of the Zionist mafia. ...... The Carlyle Group reports that Rubenstein is also paying for the restoration ...

  1. Bush Sr's Carlyle Group Gets Fat On War And Conflict - Rense
    High-flying venture capital firm Carlyle Group cashes in when the tanks roll, writes ... and David Rubenstein, a Washington lawyer and former policy assistant to ...
  2. Why The Carlyle Group Pushed George W. Bush ... - Democracy Now!
    Democracy Now!
    Jul 3, 2003
    But last April 23, Carlyle managing director David Rubenstein spoke quite frankly about the comfy sinecure he ...
  3. David Rubenstein, CEO, The Carlyle Group - YouTube
    May 28, 2013 - Uploaded by PartnerConnectEvents
    David Rubenstein, CEO, The Carlyle Group. ... The Carlyle Group, the Bush family and 9/11 by ...

[David Rubenstein, co-founder and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, the "world's largest private equity firm," recently recounted his first meeting the ...


Zionist Jew -
Shareholder Larry Silverstein and many of his Partners are Zionist Jews ..... The Carlyle Group - One of Three founders of The Carlyle Group, which ... Involved in the Military Industrial Complex, David M. Rubenstein, is a Close Friend of the ...

2 of Carlyle Group’s founders are selling some of their shares

 By , Published: March 3 

Two of the Carlyle Group’s three founders are selling a small portion of their shares in the company, the first time any insiders have liquidated holdings since the D.C.-based private-equity firm became a public company in 2012.
Co-chief executive William E. Conway Jr. and Chairman Daniel A. D’Aniello are each selling 1.215 million shares, worth about $42.8 million for each man, according to a filing Carlyle submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. The third co-founder, co-chief executive David M. Rubenstein, is not selling any shares, according to the filing.

Conway and D’Aniello will each continue to own about 14 percent of the company with more than 45 million shares apiece. Their remaining shares are worth more than $1 billion for each of them.
Longtime Carlyle managing partner and board member Edward J. Mathias is also selling $1.4 million worth of stock, and Carlyle general counsel Jeffrey W. Ferguson is selling approximately $1.6 million worth of shares.
The sales figures are based on Carlyle’s stock price of $36.27 at the close of business on Feb. 28.
Carlyle also plans to sell 12 million new common shares. Some of the proceeds will go toward “general corporate purposes, investments in our funds,” while the rest will help pay for the shares being sold by the company’s co-founders and others, according to the SEC filing.
A Carlyle spokesman declined to comment.
Carlyle stock has done well since its debut less than two years ago, climbing 60 percent from its initial public offering price of $22. It closed down 2 percent Monday at about $35 a share.
Conway and D’Aniello could not be reached for comment, and Carlyle’s SEC filing did not disclose what they would do with the profits from their stock sales. Forbes estimates that each of the three co-founders is worth $3.1 billion, thanks largely to their Carlyle holdings.
Conway, D’Aniello and Rubenstein took home about $750 million between them last year, mostly because of dividends paid by the private-equity firm and profits made off their personal investments in deals struck by Carlyle. The founders and other Carlyle employees committed to invest $1.1 billion of their personal capital with Carlyle in 2013.

John Boehner once said he'd rather kill himself than hike the ...

MarketWatch (blog)-Feb 21, 2014
... private equity (or both), chances are you know the name David Rubenstein. The New York Times has a profile of the Carlyle Group co-founder, who ... Vern Buchanan, voted to continue Bush-era tax rates and voted against ...

Who's Daniel A. D'Aniello? And Why Did He Just Give $20 Million to ...

Inside Philanthropy-Feb 26, 2014
While Rubenstein keeps his philanthropy apolitical, however, ... But it was through his own company, Carlyle, that D'Aniello ... Politically connected, the trio leveraged relationships with George H.W. Bush and former British ...

Turkey's opposition CHP asks if Erdoğan illegally transferred cash ...

Today's Zaman-Mar 7, 2014
Erdoğan paid official visits to Japan, Singapore and Malaysia from Jan. ... Park's shareholders, including US private equity firm Carlyle, signed ...

As Dubai Heats Up, Is Israel Frozen Out? –
The Jewish Daily Forward
Dec 5, 2007 - But with a boycott of Israel still on the books, analysts are asking how the ... The head of Carlyle, David Rubenstein, worked in the White House ...
 Perhaps the clearest sign of the UAE’s arrival was the decision of The Carlyle Group — one of the most prominent private equity firms — to set up an office in Dubai and an investment fund for the region. Carlyle has drawn attention in the past for its ties to the Middle East, particularly when it emerged, after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, that Osama bin Laden’s family had investments in the company. More recently, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority purchased a 7.5% stake in Carlyle.
The new Middle East fund, which will raise $250 million for leveraged buyouts, has attracted scrutiny because of the announcement that it would be targeting investments in all the countries surrounding Israel — but not in Israel itself. Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said he had received a number of calls about the fund and had made inquiries at Carlyle as to why the fund was not targeting Israel.
“We reached out to find out what the situation is,” Foxman said. “We have not come to a conclusion.”
Chris Ullman, a spokesman for Carlyle, said the fund is not investing in Israel because it is focusing on countries that are “less economically established than Israel.” He said that the Middle East fund, like all other funds, will not be barred from investing in Israel. Ullman also noted that, in the past, Carlyle had made $50 million worth of investments in Israel, and that it is currently looking to set up a fund to invest in Israel.
The head of Carlyle, David Rubenstein, worked in the White House office that helped establish America’s anti-boycott legislation in 1979. Stuart Eizenstat, who was Rubenstein’s boss at that time in the Carter administration, told the Forward that he has had conversations with Rubenstein about Carlyle’s Middle East fund and was convinced that the intention was not to isolate Israel.
“I think the fact that he is interested in creating a separate Israeli fund should mitigate any concern,” Eizenstat said.
For Laura Goldman, a former Merrill Lynch investor and a financial columnist in Israel, the bigger concern is what will happen when Carlyle begins purchasing companies in the region that are legally obliged to boycott Israel.
“Are they going to be investing in hotels that attract conventions that exclude Israelis?” Goldman asked.
Ullman said that Carlyle has not made any investments yet but will not do anything that violates American anti-boycott legislation.
Much of Dubai’s growth has been in the real estate, hotel and convention business. Last October, the annual meeting of the International Association for Freight Forwarders Associations was held in Dubai for the first time. The Israeli affiliate was initially told that it would be able to attend — with delegates even going so far as to book hotel rooms — but the visas never came through.
“It is sad that a political decision has damaged promising business relations, but that is life in this region,” said Barry Pintow, director general of the Israeli Federation of Forwarders and Customs Clearing Agents.
Israelis are not the only ones afffected by the barriers to business. Jane Kinninmont, an editor with the Economist Intelligence Unit, said that when she travels to the UAE, she frequently hears businessmen bemoaning the fact that they can’t do business in Israel. She added that while within Dubai there is little pressure to strengthen the boycott, there is a great deal of subtle pressure in the other direction from businessmen who want Israeli technology relating to water development and electricity.
“I think we’ve seen a clear trend over the last few years of the boycott becoming less extensive and there being more cracks in it,” Kinninmont said.
One sign of this thaw came when delegations from both the ADL and the American Jewish Committee journeyed to the UAE earlier this year. Foxman said that while there don’t seem to be open business deals between Arab and Israeli businessmen, he did hear that the two sides were finding creative, more covert ways to interact.
“They are making efforts to establish better contacts, and we are prodding them,” Foxman said. “That’s probably the best one can expect right now.”
Goldman is not so sanguine. “In the long term, Dubai is going to be what Switzerland was 10 years ago,” she said. “When that happens, Israel is going to be left out in the cold.”

Auction of Rare 15th Century Torah May Fetch $2.1 Million

Bloomberg-Mar 7, 2014
David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of private-equity firm Carlyle Group LP, was the buyer of the 1640 volume, the first ...

In the news:

MSN Money-Mar 2, 2014
THE FOUNDERS of Carlyle each received $92.9 million in dividends ... David Rubenstein, William Conway and Daniel D'Aniello, who founded ... CHINA EVERBRIGHT Ltd and Israel's Catalyst Equity Management said they ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

George H. W. Bush Introduced Huffington to Carlyle's Rubenstein

Well, well, Huffington vs. Carlyle Group and David Rubenstein (and Huffington's $20 million in losses at the hands of Carlyle) are going to give us a look into how these guys operate. Here's NYT with the first peek:

Mr. Huffington said he met Mr. Rubenstein through former President George H.W. Bush, once a senior adviser to Carlyle. Mr. Bush introduced the two men at a July 4, 2006, dinner in Iceland honoring Mr. Bush, the complaint said. The two men allegedly discussed private-equity investing, and Mr. Huffington said it didn't interest him, that he wanted something "more conservative." Mr. Rubenstein said he would "look for something more appropriate," said the complaint.

In Oct. 2006, according to the lawsuit, Mr. Rubenstein met with Mr. Huffington, the ex-husband of media personality Arianna Huffington, at his Boston apartment to pitch Carlyle Capital, a newly created hedge-fund vehicle that would invest in mortgage securities. Mr. Rubenstein followed up with a letter stating the "downside is very limited," according to the complaint.
In Feb. 2007, Mr. Huffington invested $20 million in the fund, which he said was more than he had ever invested in a single fund, other than a money market." He said in the complaint he was emboldened by the fact that Carlyle co-founder and one-time associate William Conway was investing $20 million in the fund.

By March 2008, in the midst of the credit crunch, Carlyle Capital, whose assets had ballooned to $22.7 billion by heavily borrowing against its mortgage holdings, blew up when skittish banks issued margin calls and seized the fund assets.

After the fund collapsed, Mr. Huffington claims that Mr. Rubenstein visited him in Boston to personally apologize. According to the complaint, Mr. Rubenstein assured him that over the next several years he would be able to invest in other Carlyle deal without paying fees. In a follow-up call the next day, Mr. Rubenstein allegedly said, "I guarantee you will get your money back."
"Mr. Huffington did not get his money back," said the complaint.
Note to David: You wrote in a letter that the "downside is limited"? Are you a f#@&ing idiot? This is really amateur night.

Oh, not to put anymore pressure on your mind, but the Bushies know when to cut and run. Does the name Kenny Boy ring any bells?

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