Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mossad Clique Busted in Malaysian Airlines Hoax.

CORRECTED: Mossad Clique Busted in Malaysian Airlines Hoax.

Updated March 17, 2014, 6:00 EST
Filthy Mossad: either it perpetrates real terror or as is the case with the Malaysian Airlines scam it fakes it. In either case it always has its goat, usually ‘Arabs,’ Islaam, or Islaamic people. Yet, incredibly, in this new but also standard methodology of this scamming and terrorizing entity fake identities are used, as well as real ones, to create for the first time in history a jet airliner ‘vanishing act.’ This clique of falsifiers is hereby fully revealed. A Mossad cell is thoroughly busted, consisting of arch-Zionist Sayanim agents stationed in both the United States and Beijing, China, possibly also Mongolia.
How convenient: the majority of the phony passengers on the non-existent flight were listed as Chinese, the main arena from which these Sayanim moles operate.
It knows that if it really murders people, the world will pin those murders to it. Is this now a motive for the cabal’s role in faking those killings and murders? Clearly and categorically, this is a Mossad operation, and it is proven by the operatives themselves.
These are rabid Zionist moles who are posing as fake passengers as well as phony relatives. Incredibly, there are other cohorts themselves, including people of the Islamic faith and Chinese nationals. Yet, the primary perpetrators are arch-Zionist roles, many of whom operate at the heavier level of giving actual interviews with the Zionist-controlled media.
One such operative is Sarah Bajc, posing as the wife of yet another Zionist mole, Phillip Woods. So, it is one group of Sayanim Jews which then covers for the other. That’s Mr. Bajc in the background, with Sarah Bajc in the foreground, black dress. Next to her in the white dress is Madison Bajc (formerly thought possibly to be the woman posing as Danica Weeks; this is not correct; it’s Madison Bajc).
This photo is proof of the reliance by the Mossad on a clique, that is that group of individuals working as a closely-knit espionage unit. In this picture, real or contrived, there are three Malaysian Airlines hoaxers: Stephen Bajc, Sarah Bajc, and support agent Madison Bajc.
As pointed out by researchers she is not Wood’s wife, not in a million years. Rather, she is married to a man of her given name, Stephen Bajc. Moreover, this is no conspiracy, as it is proven by postings likely issued by the Bajc’s themselves:

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