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Sandy Hook:Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 all a Fake Incident ?Australian 'Kiwi' Paul Weeks Really Zionist Bruce Leigh?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 all a Fake Incident ?Austraian 'Kiwi' Paul Weeks Really Zionist Bruce Leigh?

Yet another angle as plausible as any is that taken by that claims Malaysia flight was a hoax and no plane ever took off.I have seen it speculated maybe even somewhere on this thread that the time of flight itself may not even correspond to a regular flight from Malaysia to China which would if true make the hoax theory a fact.
Does anyone one know if this is so or not and that even the depature date was made up ?Not saying just asking......
Yet like Sandy Hook where alleged  daddy Peter Lanza works for GE Capital and mommy dearest Nancy was supposedly employed in well known financial firms like John Hancock,(which did indeed hold shares of the very real Israeli ICTS International that has caused so much tragedy and terror from 9/11 to  Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber' to Amsterdam Shiphol Airport's Mutallab the 'Islamic crotch bomber',etc.), it is strangethat Carlyle's Blackstone's's Austin based Freescale
Semiconductor  supposedly loses employees and that this strange 'Kiwi' Australian Weeks etc. are allegedly on board.
It seemed strange to me that all these Malaysian and Chinese that are employees of Freescale Austin were flying such an around aboyut route to China but Freescale claims they have 'work at facilities in their respective countries that manufacture semiconductor chips' in Malaysia and China.
Nonetheless view that the flight itself is a hoax
and anyone else propsing this possiblity  deserve a fair hearing as well so here are links.

Australia’s Missing Malaysian Airlines Passengers are Photoshop Fakes

Desperate Zionists Publish Cover-Up Article, Insist Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was Hijacked

Fake Malaysian Airlines Passenger Kiwi Paul Weeks is Actually Zionist Extremist Bruce Leigh

Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 20 March 2014
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Fake Malaysian Airlines Passenger Kiwi Paul Weeks is Actually Zionist Extremist Bruce Leigh

Revelation due exclusively to the poster known as Cowboy, a major and significant finding.
Regarding the Malaysian Airlines disappearance hoax it has already been established that the identity, Kiwi Paul Weeks, is an absolute fake and that there is no one in existence by that name who is associated with a vanishing airline. It has also been established that his purported wife, Danica Weeks, is a fraudster and that this name is, her fake husband, is a fraud. poster, known as “Cowboy,” exclusively revealed this case, finding through research who is really playing (through corrupted pictures) the fake Weeks individual. It is a job well done, completely accurate, in fact, indisputable.
The comparison which our poster revealed is absolute. The man pictured as Weeks is clearly and categorically Bruce Leigh.
They just used a variety of prior pictures of this fraudster and manipulated the majority of them through Photoshop. It was all to create the fake identity of an airline ‘disappearance’ victim, all endorsed by the CIA and the Mossad. Furthermore, no doubt, the Australian secret services and spy agencies are fully aware of this scam and are running cover for it.

This is a 1000% match by Cowboy. Now, the tactics used by the Zionist cabal can be fully revealed. It warrants further investigation into their scams and frauds, especially this most current hoax, that is the fake Boeing 777 vanishing act.
The hair is the give-away, as is the chin and mouth. There can be no two such men in Perth, Australia.
The glasses were added via Photoshop. The image is corrupted; notice how long is his neck. However, the face was used and attached to the neck. The head is too small for the size of the neck, as is demonstrated by real, uncorrupted photos of Leigh.
A picture was published on the Internet of a construction person given the name “Paul Weeks.” It is not Weeks but is, rather, arch-Zionist mole Leigh:
It’s merely Leigh in his younger years, possibly in New Zealand.  Note the breadth of the chin. Also, compare the nose with the above picture, left screen (front-facing view). They are the same.
Not possible that there are two people of this appearance with the same hair, nose, chin (especially), and more in Perth, Australia. Note the former residence in New Zealand, which matches the Zionist-orchestrated story line of their moving from New Zealand exactly.
A more current version in the LinkedIn photograph. Notice the patch of hair on the forehead, just like the alias Paul Weeks.
There is no such person named Danica Weeks. She is a fraudster, too, a Zionist mole hired to fake the airliner disappearance.

This woman is not Danica Weeks. It is believed, here, that she is Susan Maxwell, merely an older version of this individual, whose on-line photo bears numerous resemblances. The original assessment, now removed from other posts, that she really is Maxwell may well hold true.
Regardless, a single fake passenger holds a great bearing in this issue. It means that the entire claim of missing passengers and a vanishing airline is a diabolical fraud.
Obviously, then, like the other hoaxes there was no actual passenger plane disappearance. Thus, it is all a fake, where no one died and no one is missing.
To be updated as soon as possible. Preliminary post.

Hard Proof of the Use of Photoshop in Malaysian Airlines Victims Photos

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