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Anti-Semitic Criminally Insane German-Israeli Angela Merkel Blames US For NSA Spying

Anti-Semitic German-Israeli War Criminal Angela Merkel Blames US  For NSA Spying

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Note below that  the last name of the Baltimore Sun's Snowden critic is ISRAEL.Just like the crook Kenneth Israel who ran the Utah SEC for decades and aided to cover up elite and government protected stock fraudsters and money launderers,or Israel of Bayou hedge fund fraud infamy or John Israel who translated Arabic for U.S.military and Titan Corp or Alexis Israel the Jewish girlfriend of Sandy Hook Newtown CT mass murder suspect Adam Lanza whose father Peter Lanza cxoincidentally is a Zionist money launderer for GE.

 Snowden leaks have permanently damaged the NSA [Commentary]
Baltimore Sun-Mar 3, 2014
NSA was a ghost town the afternoon of 9/11; employees were sent home in case ... Jack Israel is the former technical director for NSA's analysis ...

 The Israeli Criminals Behind the NSA Spy Scandal - Christopher ...
Two Israeli companies, Narus and Verint, are involved in the National Security Agency (NSA) spy scandal in which copies of our phone calls and email data are ...

Anti-Semitic German-Israeli War Criminal Blames US Rather Than Her Israeli Partners In Crime For NSA Spying

Just the anti-German Stasi Nazi war criminal Angela Merkel provides FREE nuclear capable submarines to her real political constituancy the fascist state of Israel and war criminal and financial criminal and international money launderer Benjamin Netenyahu - she blames us Americans or former Americans for NSA spying in Europe and most particularly on her as she doesn't give a damn if the German peasants are spyed upon anyways - it's all just an act.She continues the centuries old European lie and myth about white European 'Jews' being 'Semites' as well when in fact the German Jews of Israel or former Palestine who are the ones who are killinbg Semites while lying about themselves being Semites !

Germany offers to represent Israel

Press TV-Feb 21, 2014
The German leader is scheduled to visit al-Quds on February 24 with ... Israel's first three Dolphin-class submarines are believed to be some of ...
 Gernany(i.e.-Angela Merkel), has provided Israel with sophisticated weapons and military tools such as submarines in recent years.
In 2013, Israel launched its fifth Dolphin-class submarine, which was constructed to undertake long-range classified missions and carry missiles armed with nuclear warheads, at a shipyard in northern Germany.
Israel’s first three Dolphin-class submarines are believed to be some of the most sophisticated diesel-electric submarines in the world. The fourth submarine, the INS Tanin, the first of the new generation Dolphin II submarines, was delivered in May 2012.
Germany donated the first two submarines after the first Persian Gulf War and agreed to cover a third of the cost of the third one.
In March 2012, Israel signed a contract for a sixth Dolphin-class submarine, to be delivered in a few years...

I only wish she were serious about NSA spying because then she would finally habe to stand up to her murdering Non-Semitic 'Jewish' partners in crime !

IDF sees steep rise in submarine operations

The Times of Israel-Feb 25, 2014
Israel buys its top-of-the-line, nuclear warhead-capable (according to foreign reports) Dolphin submarines from Germany, and the navy expects ...
Record Figure of IDF's Submarine Activity
IsraelDefense-Feb 26, 2014

  1. Surveillance revelations: Angela Merkel proposes European ...

    The Independent-Feb 16, 2014
    Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has announced plans to set up a ... and political indignation over NSA and GCHQ spying in Europe, ...
    Merkel Pushes For NSA-Proof European Internet
    International Business Times UK-Feb 17, 2014
    'I expect Merkel's actions to follow her words'
    -Deutsche Welle-Feb 19, 2014
    Edward Snowden revelations prompt crisis of trust in Germany
    -South China Morning Post-Feb 16, 2014
    Germany, France to mastermind European data network - bypassing ...
    -RT (blog)-Feb 17, 2014
    Merkel targets Facebook in Euro-web privacy push
    -The 17, 2014
  2. Germany's Hypocrisy on NSA Surveillance

    Slate Magazine-Feb 25, 2014
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn't appreciate having her cellphone targeted by the NSA, but it's not like her country isn't engaged in ...
    NSA Chief Opens Door to Narrower Data Collection
    -Wall Street Journal-Feb 27, 2014

    wolfblitzzer0: Israel-NSA Spying and Lying Does Relate to 9/11,Air ...
    Dec 17, 2013 - Israel-NSA Spying and Lying Does Relate to 9/11,Air Force CIA,NSA ... that allegedly hit the WTC in NCY that day on September 11,2001 ....... .

    wolfblitzzer0: Israeli NSA spy program was to enable 9/11, protect ...
    Dec 11, 2013 - Israeli NSA spy program was to enable 9/11, protect the perpetrators, .... to warn Israelis to stay away from the World Trade Center on 9-11.

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