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Burnt Document Ties JFK Assassination to Rockefeller:CIA,Allen Dulles,Arlen Spector

Burnt Document Ties JFK Assassination to Rockefeller:CIA,Allen Dulles,Arlen Spector

Kennedy Assassination — 29 November 2013
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Burnt Document Ties JFK Assassination to Rockefeller
Original title: Did Allen Dulles draft Kennedy assassination directive in a covert MJ-12 coup?
June 20, 2009
Courtesy of the Examiner:  http://www.examiner.com/article/did-allen-dulles-draft-kennedy-assassination-directive-a-covert-mj-12-coup
Members of the original MJ-12 Special Studies Group
Editor’s addition: Wretched moles and spies, their job was to destroy and murder people for pay, never for the interest of the people of the country they represented. The call to eliminate high-level government officials, revealed through a carbon-copy of this burnt document, ties to Allen Dulles and, therefore, the Rockefeller cabal itself. This clearly explains the high position of Dulles as the Warren Commission cover-up mole, along with arch-Zionist mole and Jewish mobster apologist, Arlen Spector. Zionist zealot Allen Dulles was a second cousin to David Rockefeller.
At a lower level John Connally, LBJ, and Bobby Baker, all in potentially deep trouble for their financial dealings, were a part of this same assassination cabal.
A cryptic assassination directive found in a leaked document allegedly drafted by the Director of the CIA (DCI) was in response to President Kennedy’s inquiries into covert activities of the MJ-12 Special Studies Project. The document reveals that the DCI, at the time of its drafting, was also the head (MJ-1) of a covert group in charge of the highly classified MJ-12 Project. The document contained eight directives describing future MJ-12 policies. The first directive prevented access by the President, his National Security Council staff and Joint Chiefs of Staff to information concerning UFOs. The alleged assassination directive was the eighth directive and appeared to be a cryptic order to eliminate uncooperative U.S. federal officials. Though the document is undated and unsigned, forensic analysis on the original carbon version dates it to the 1960s. The political context dates it to the first year of President Kennedy’s term. This means that just before he retired on November 29, 1961, outgoing DCIAllen Dulles drafted a document that would deny his superior, President Kennedy, information that had been legitimately requested concerning MJ-12 activities. More importantly, the assassination directive constituted pre-authorization for the violent removal of a sitting President from office in a covert coup d’etat.
Dr Bob and Ryan Wood have conducted extensive forensic analysis of the burned document which was received in its original carbon version. It was on government issued watermarked paper and dated to the 1960s. Though the paper has still not been definitively traced to any government agency, it uses similar watermarks to other government documents. The text of the burned document clearly points to President Kennedy’s inquiries concerning MJ-12 Special Studies Project activities as the catalyst for it being drafted. In a cover letter by the Director of the CIA (DCI) to six other members of group response for the MJ-12 Project, the DCI said: “As you must know Lancer [Kennedy] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October.” More significantly, the document says that “continuance of the group” was at stake.
While Dulles name does not appear on the burned document other leaked documents reveal that he drafted it. On June 28, 1961, President Kennedy wrote the following  to Dulles:
National Security Memorandum
To: The Director, Central Intelligence Agency
Subject: Review of MJ-12 Intelligence Operations as they relate to Cold War Psychological Warfare Plans
I would like a brief summary from you at your earliest convenience
This leaked National Security Memorandum clearly shows that Kennedy in June of 1961, wanted to learn about MJ-12 activities and the relationship with psychological warfare. While the leaked June Memorandum has not been acknowledged by the CIA (it was classified TOP SECRET), other documents from the period support its authenticity. Early in his administration, President Kennedy showed that he desired to restructure the National Security Council and bring all intelligence and psychological warfare activities under direct Executive control. On February 19, 1961, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10920 which abolished the Operations Coordinating Board.  The Operations Coordinating Board was the primary interagency organization responsible for Cold War psychological warfare activities.   Its responsibilities were handed over to Kennedy’snational security advisorMcGeorge Bundy and the Department of State.
President Kennedy’s EO 10920 showed that he desired to gain control over all intelligence activities related to psychological warfare. Abolishing the Operations Coordinating Board shows he was willing to dismantle any government entity in order to bring its psychological warfare operations under the direct control of his national security team. EO 10920 helps substantiate his later June 28, 1961 National Security Memorandum concerning a review of MJ-12 activities that Kennedy had learned involved psychological warfare. EO 10920 also helps substantiate the very real concern expressed by the drafter of the burned document that the future of MJ-12 was at stake.
The authenticity of the June 28 Memorandum is also supported by a declassified set of three National Security Action Memorandums (NSAM) issued on the same day to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and also forwarded to Dulles. NSAM 55-57 placed Cold War operations firmly under the control of the Joint Chiefs. According to Col Fletcher Prouty, they were Kennedy’s main means of gaining control over covert CIA operations. This supports the content of the June 28 CIA Memorandum which involved Cold War operations by MJ-12. Furthermore, the three NSAMs help explain why the Joint Chiefs were included among the entities in the burned document’s first directive that would be excluded from UFO information.
Finally, three 1952 Top Secret memos titled: “Joint Logistic Plan for MAJESTIC” from the Joint Chiefs of Staff were declassified in 1976. One states: “The following plans in support of MAJESTIC are now under preparation: A psychological warfare plan.” Once again, this shows the relationship between MJ-12 (Majestic) operations and psychological warfare.Kennedy therefore had good reason to issue his June 28 1961 memorandum to Dulles asking him for a review of MJ-12 psychological warefare operations.
Dulles response to Kennedy’s June 28 Memorandum was an alleged letter marked TOP SECRET that was issued on November 5, 1961. Dulles’ letter gives an overview of the MJ-12 activities with regard to psychological activities. It describes UFOs as part of “Soviet propaganda” designed “to spread distrust of the government.”  Dulles’ letter acknowledged that while it was possible some “UFO cases are of non-terrestrial origin,” these did not “constitute a physical threat to national defense.” Most significantly, the letter said: “For reasons of security, I cannot divulge pertinent data on some of the more sensitive aspects of MJ-12 activities” If genuine, Dulles’ letter was giving President Kennedy only minimal information in response to his June 1961 NSAM request for a brief summary of MJ-12 activities.
Consequently, the leaked June 28, 1961 Memorandum, EO 10920 and NSAM’s 55-57 reveal that a power struggle was occurring over Executive control of Cold War psychological warfare programs and the covert activities of MJ-12.  This struggle is reflected in the Burned Document which requests others involved in running MJ-12 to respond by October. The response of other MJ-12 members presumably led to Dulles November 5 letter to Kennedy. The letter firmly suggests that MJ-12 had decided not to cooperate with Kennedy and authorized the set of directives drafted by Dulles. Thus Kennedy’s efforts to incorporate MJ-12 psychological warfare activities under the direct control of his National Security Advisor were dismissed.
In conclusion, documents reveal that in 1961 President Kennedy was attempting to gain control over intelligence activities related to Cold War psychological warfare operations. This is confirmed in Executive Order 10920 that placed interagency psychological warfare plans under the control of McGeorge Bundy. It is further supported by declassified 1952 memos from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide logistic support for MAJESTIC (MJ-12) psychological warfare programs, and three NSAM’s issued on June 28, 1961 to place covert Cold War activities under the control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On the same day, June 28, Kennedy contacted Allen Dulles to request a summary about MJ-12’s psychological warfare activities. Dulles November 5 response highlighted that these activities involved the UFO issue but declined to release sensitive information. These events are consistent with the content of the burned document comprising eight directives restricting access to UFO information from the President, his National Security Council Staff, including Bundy, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It can therefore be concluded thatAllen Dulles was the official who drafted the document including the cryptic assassination directive. Some time shortly before his alleged November 5, 1961 letter to Kennedy, Dulles draft set of directives had been responded to and approved by six other members of MJ-12.  The implementation of the assassination directive on November 22, 1963 therefore constituted a covert coup d’etat by MJ-12.
[Author and Event Note : I wish to thank Ryan Wood for sharing his own research on the burned document with me, and both Dr Robert and Ryan Wood for making the MJ-12 documents available through their website: www.MajesticDocuments.com. They will be organizing the 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, November 6-8, 2009 where I will discuss the Kennedy Administration and the MJ-12 documents. ]
Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination
Kennedy Assassination — 29 November 2013
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John Connally’s Inane Guilt-Ridden 1964 Interview
Regarding the Kennedy assassination watch Mr. Connally, here, babbling like a rambling buffoon, making about as much sense as a drunken sailor. Just as mean-spirited as that murderous mole LBJ, watch him stumble over himself in his own devilish stupor.
He may not feel the guilt or remorse. Yet, it is there, buried in his subconscious mind which is clearly evident in his body language, voice inflections, and facial expressions.
According to information produced, according to William Torbitt, by Customs and DEA agents, Connally was an “active participant” in the assassination plot. For more detail see William Torbitt’s unpublished Internet version, Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal.
He talks a good story: or does he?
Does anyone really believe he was shot and nearly mortally wounded in that car? At nodisinfo.com it is believed that he faked his injuries.
‘I think the hit made the nation better. We can get through this.’ Talk about beady eyed: not trustworthy.
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.24.51 PM
A relatively low level mole, Connally was instructed by the cabal to commit certain acts of espionage and possibly even violence itself. Regarding espionage according to well-placed Customs/DEA agents his main role was to act as a manipulator and controller of local Dallas Police and Sheriff agencies to prevent any truth-seeking investigations from being established. He was to block it all, and block, as well as corrupt, it did.
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.23.23 PM
Does anyone really trust the actions and claims made by this self-serving man? Watch his body language in the video and how he almost comes out of his seat at one point, that is when reflecting on the consequences to the nation of the slaughter of a sitting President:
Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.23.28 PM
Here is a phone call between the two. Connally wasn’t always so incoherent; he forced it for a good put on. Was he trapped in his own mind, that he had no choice but to participate in that murder? The evidence would indicate not. In fact, he was actively plotting it, meeting with other cabalists in 1962 through 1963 for precisely that purpose.
They discuss the resistance of the town to the Democratic ticket.
Kennedy: “I don’t know why we do anything for Dallas.”
Connally: I’m just telling you, they just murdered us. We gonna change that, now.”
Is that a Freudian slip or something far more diabolical? Was it an attempt to induce Kennedy also into the thinking that he had to come down to Dallas to do something about that “murdering?” Was it then bait, so Dallas could really show its murderous ways?
Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination

Lyndon Johnson and the JFK Assassination

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  1. George Herbert Walker Bush should be hung up by his balls in Federal Prison for closing the Kennedy assassination investigation. He and the CIA and Johnson worked for Rockefeller who wanted Kennedy dead because JFK wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank. This removal would interfere with Rothschild's global domination and the CIA's MJ-12 Project.