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U.S.SEC,FBI,CIA,NSA,Google,Yahoo, Guilty Of Penny Stock Frauds

U.S.SEC,FBI,CIA,NSA,Google,Yahoo, Guilty Of Penny Stock Frauds

And so is the mainstream media.Gawd knows I've complained and denounced U.S.incorporated penny stocks since 2003 including many or most with Israeli or Israeli government connections and CIA and Washington,D,C. connections just as the 'Wolf On Wall Street' had Beltway or D.C. connections and the internet has been the source of theft for many formerly middle class Americans whose former wealth are now in Israeli and CIA accounts around the world !
The Utah office of the SEC as well as Nevada,Delaware,Florida and Texas are notorious NOT for fighting and ending these easily stoppable frauds but for aiding and abetting them !The Canadian government as well as the UK government it is part of help Israelis and 'intelligence' agents defraud you and protect them,Now why can't the Israeli controlled U.S.NSA do something about it when they can listen and record complete phone converssations of entire nations ?They can but they are part of the international financial criminal network !
I would be glad to contact NSA Air General Keith Alexander or whoever else in the NSA as well as to Google ,Yahho etc. and report these frauds so they can be removed from the internet ASAP but they don't won't to know or they want to pretend they don't know.The SEC has many of my complaints including about the lie called 'naked short selling' used by Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson of 'Clinton killed Vince Foster' fame and also one of Clinton's biggest baccklers and bundlers but they don't want to hear it or do anything about it ! And the 'naked short selling' lie went around the world from Davidson and his Vancouver Canada paertners in crime Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins to the world wide internet and the lie was also promoted by sheister Max Keiser who although Jewish or a whiote guy who claims to be a Semite was given full use of the Emir or Qatar's and CIA's Al Jazeera to promote the lie in their english edition.However when I asked how they said 'naked short selling' in Arabic I was met with silence.
And to make it worse the SEC Chairman Chris Cox who oversaw the 2008 collapse of the and subsequent massive theft of the former American middle classes life saving blamed the whole thing on the website on 'naked short selling'.I appears our own government and its City of London and Israeli government allies are exactly what they warned us about when they said our enemy was Saddam Hussein and Iraq.While I have seen many Israelis and Zionists robbing and liooting the American pubklic I ha ve not seen any Iraqis wetc. sdoing so.On the other hand Israel's and the Bush and Obama's pals in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and Dubai Qatar etc have been giving full reign to rob and loot the American public using the world wide internet and numerous offshore accounts.It is Israeli who still dominate the NASDAQ that is now also not an American but an offshore entity greatly owned and controlled by Dubai Shek Mohamed Al Rashsid bin Maktoum and who CEOs are mainly Israelis or German Jews who are allied with and to the most repressive governments of the Middle Est who REALLY ARE 'Islamofascists' which is why the Israeli religious police state and its U.S.and City of London etc. allies befriend them while we get screwed.

Newly uncovered NSA surveillance program records all calls in ...

New York Daily News-11 hours ago
The U.S. National Security Agency has created a surveillance system that can record all phone calls in a targeted foreign nation, allowing it to ...

Mysterious Canadian’s life in the fast lane fuelled by penny stock scam: SEC

The 700,000 emails were sent at about 2:30 p.m. EDT on Feb. 23, 2012. The senders were and, a pair of affiliated stock promotion websites that touted penny stocks to potential investors.
The must-buy on this day was America West Resources Inc., a small coal-mining outfit headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its shares typically traded for about 29 cents each. The company seldom attracted much investor interest.
YouTube John Babikian
But Feb. 23, 2012, was different, according to documents filed last week by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in a federal court in Manhattan. The America West promo was an alleged scam. Its mastermind: John Babikian, a 26-year-old Montrealer with multiple passports and whose whereabouts, at present, are unknown.
Mr. Babikian, a scourge among regulators, revenue collectors, investors and securities watchdogs, was, among stock promoters, something of a celebrity, albeit a mysterious one.
The young stock pusher fled Canada in 2012 after being charged with tax evasion. He is believed to possess passports from Guatemala, Lebanon and Nevis and was last reported — by his wife’s divorce lawyer — to be in Monaco.
His now-frozen U.S. assets include two houses, one in Los Angeles he reportedly purchased for $2.2-million, an agricultural property in Oregon and an ownership stake in a private airplane. His luxury car collection, meanwhile, consisted of a Bugatti Veyron — a million-dollar sports car capable of accelerating from zero to 96.6 km/h in 2.5 seconds — a Lamborghini and a Bentley. (Revenue Quebec previously obtained a court judgment to seize some of Mr. Babikian’s assets relating to a claim he owed them close to $5-million in unpaid taxes.)
Mr. Babikian got rich, authorities allege, by what is known in the business as pumping-and-dumping stocks. He was behind the websites and the 700,000 email push hyping America West.
That Feb. 23, 2012, electronic sales promotion triggered a trading frenzy around the obscure mining stock, pushing America West’s share price to $1.38 — an all-time high — within 90 minutes. It is a window of time, the court documents state, that Mr. Babikian used to sell his 1.4 million shares in the company through a Swiss bank, pocketing a tidy $1.9-million profit for his efforts all the while neglecting to disclose to other potential investors that he was the man behind the promotion — and a major shareholder in America West.
‘We have had an AWESOME run over the last few years … However, there comes a time when all things come to an end’
“In the immediate aftermath of Babikian’s email launch more than 7.8 million shares of America West stock was traded as America West’s share price hit an all-time high,” the SEC stated in a March 14 media release outlining a U.S. federal court’s decision to freeze Mr. Babikian’s assets.
“Absent the fraudulent touts, Babikian could not have sold more than a few thousand shares at an extremely lower share price.”
(America West was not accused of any wrongdoing in the Babikian case)
Mr. Babikian, allegedly, was an old hand at pumping-and-dumping stocks. Pump-and-dump is market shorthand for a stock promoter who aggressively hypes a stock to investors, transforming an ugly duckling into a surefire moneymaker. The stock price balloons. The promoter sells his stock. The stock, worthless in reality or thereabouts, crashes back to Earth.
(Stock promotion is not a crime in the U.S. Manipulating the stock market is).
A Bloomberg News investigation tracked America West and 38 other penny stocks Awesome Penny Stocks promoted over a five-year span and found the buzz generated by Mr. Babikian’s email blasts boosted the “combined value of the stocks by as much as $3-billion.”
Most of the stocks Mr. Babikian touted, which briefly rocketed to great heights, relatively speaking, are now worth pennies.
Rival promoters marveled at the volume of business Awesome Penny Stocks was able to generate while never knowing who was actually behind the site.
“It was always kind of a mystery,” Peter Nicosia, a stock promoter, told Bloomberg. “They had the market cornered.”
Awesome Penny Stocks posted a notice on its website in October, 2013.
“Together, we have had an AWESOME run over the last few years,” the notice said. “We have seen multiple picks soar dramatically from our initial alerts…
“However, there comes a time when all things come to an end. Now is that time.”
Mr. Babikian’s illegal stock pumping schemes reportedly netted him $100-million.
National Post with files from news services
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