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U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland ,Notorious Basher,NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted Fraud Felon

U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland ,Notorious Basher,NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted Fraud Felon

U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland ,Notorious Basher,NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted Fraud Felon,Confidential Informant

BELOW SEC  'Special Counsel' Steven G. Johnston TELLS ME TO CONTACT THE FBI WHEN IN FACT IT WAS MY VERY COMPLAINT TO THEM THAT HAS LED TO DEATH THREATS FROM THEIR CLIENTS BUD BURRELL AND PATRICK BYRNE IN THE FIRST PLACE ! And this is what I'm now requesting from U.S.Ambassador to Guatemala - an FBI investigation into their stock frauds and at the least an investigation into their death threats. - Tony Ryals

Bud Burrell's Front and Center
U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland ,Notorious
Basher,NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted Fraud
Felon,Confidential Informant
22 Written by: bburrell
2/22/2008 7:55 PM
AKA   Stephen G. McFarland has been rumored to be everything from a transexual
imposter, to a serial pervert and worse, to a member of NAMBLA (North
American Man Boy Love Association), to a convicted felon, to a roll
Confidential Informant (the USG never met a felon they didn't love if
he was a roll), and far worse.  These many malicious and vicious
rumors are unfortunate even if proven not precisely or completely
true.  That is no different than his stories....
I know many would love to have very rough conversation (look up this
in a dictionary) with him/her over about a week, or a month, but it
would be a waste of time in any event.  Besides, it would be too much
fun, very undisciplined.
Someday in the future, his/her veil will be ripped away, and the enemy
predators can feed on his/her liver.  That would be more fun than a
barrel of monkeys to watch.  The clock ticks every moment on this dirt
bag's very existence.....
Years ago, I developed a little Buddhist displacement concept called
"My Short List".  Being a rather high risk bet for an untimely death,
I took the names of the small number of people I have found to be
without redeeming human virtue, to be used in the last few weeks of my
time, with the plan to send some scouts on ahead to check out the
terrain.  Of the nine men and one woman on that list, only two
survive.  I can't claim credit for this, since God has beaten me to
them.  It is the nature of the physical risks faced by all really
negative borderline sociopaths (the 1% that are so broken they can't
be fixed) that their own bodies tend to turn on them very hard.
Enjoy your perversions while you can.  The clock is ticking on your
worthless existence.  You have chosen the worst enemy of all, God.
You can't win.  Where you are headed, they don't read wills.
Ms. Stephen , With hugs and kisses from all your admirers and detractors, ESAD.
Everyone re-post this link as many places as you can.  It is the key
to good search engine positioning/standing and we certainly want to
get to the empty bottom of this barrel of waste that represents McFartland's.'

Copyright ©2008 Bud Burrell
If the FBI or Secret Service or the corrupt U.S.Securities Exchange
Commission or Barack Obama's U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder wished
to get hold of Bud Burrell they or Barack Obama need do little other
than give Barack's designated U.S.Ambassador to China,Republican
Mormon Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., a call and he could then either call
or email him directly at either Huntsman's biggest campaign
contributor,Overstock.con's Patrick Byrne's fraudulent 'stop naked
short selling' website thesanitycheck.con where stock frauds and death
threats emanate from........ - Tony Ryals , Barack Obama,U.S.China
Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr,Bud Burrell Death Threats,Stock Fraud
Dear Ambassador Stephen McFarland ,
The above post from thesanitycheck.com sponsored by Geico billionaire
Jack Byrne's monster son Patrick Byrne who sponsors this death threat
to me because I have pointed out that his illegal manipulation of his
own Overstock.con shares,including from his own offshore hedge fund, is
not as he and his fellow partners in offshore stock fraud and money laundering
such as Bud Burrell who lies and threatens my life,claim.Bud Burrell
are just some of the international criminals and penny stock money
launderers that SEC attorneys and ex SEC Chair Christopher Cox and
now Bernie Madoff connected SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro allow to run
mafiosi money laundering operations with unaudited stocks and steal
and launder Americans money in their and their associates offshore
accounts - and then to blame it on so-called 'naked shorting' !
The ex Chief  of the FBI Houston office Don Clark and deceased FBI,CIA mafiosi
Robert Maheu and recently convicted  UK Rothschild attorney Andrew Greystock
are just a few of the international war and stock criminals Bud Burrell is connected
with.A comment from Dallas Mavericks owner and Yahoo! pump and dump
billionaire,Mark Cuban himself,below,will show he was probably involved in and
with the boiler room Bellador Group out of Kuala Lumpur that was 'cold calling' shares
of Endovasc the Montgomery,Texas biotech fraud that ripped me off and other worthless 
penny stocks as well as the CIA's and U.S.government's own 'IT' contractor SRA International
until the Hong Kong Securities Commission put a stop to it. I remember that a few months ago you
warned Americans about cell phone crimes in Guatemala Mr.McFarland,so how do you feel about
Clarence Austin Bud Burrell threatening life and lying about me 24/7 on Geico insurance billionaire Jack Byrne's son's thesanitycheck.com that was set up for the exact purpose of promoting stock fraud with intent of stealing money from American investors and placing it in their own offshore accounts - just like Enron but on a much larger scale.
Both Bud Burrell and FBI Don Clark have been involved with Houston
attorneys Wes Christian and deceased John O'Quinn in lying about
numerous worthless penny stocks that they have profited from being
victims of so called 'naked short selling' when in fact they are just
old fashioned illegal pumps and dumps that the U.S.SEC protectes for
some reason.The fact that Jag Media was part of the FBI's own 'Bermuda
Shorts' sting operation pre 9/11 and that a Mr.Gary Valinoti and David
Patch of that fraud as well a Jag itself is still in operation does
not make the FBI look like the anti-crime fighting organization it
bills itself to be.The fact that ex FBI agent and
leader Don Clark is involved with penny stocks that his pal Wes Clark
profited while dumping for his family trust while lying about them
being 'naked shorted',a term virtually made up by Clinton and George
H.W.Bush briber and money launderer James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc
with its elite London money launderiung connections with Lord William
Rees-Mogg makes it clear to me that
Bud Burrell threatens my life not only at the pleasure of Patrick
Byrne but also for James Dale Davidson who removed his NAANSS or
National Association Against Naked Short Selling from the internety at
the same time Partrick Byrne, (who has bribed or given
'campaign contributions' to Barack Obama's ex Ambassador to China Utah
ex Governor Jon Huntsman,Jr. for lying about his stock frauds
particularly Overstock.com and Novastar Financial that ex Clinton and
Honduran coup regime attorney Lanny Davis represented being victims
of 'naked shorting'),was placing a $100,000+ ad in the Washington Post
in 2005 lying about 'naked short selling being the cause of drop in
share price of those stock frauds !
Also in 2005 I was contacted by email by Agora Inc.'s Porter
Stansberry,(who recently placed ads on Fox News,CNN and MSNBC
to promote his endofamerica2011.com (with Austin,Texas' Alex Jones of
Ron Paul and 9/11 disinfo fame as the voice in the video ),
as well as a Lila Rajiva who has a phony Wikipedia vanity bio and is
also coauthor of Agora Inc's Bill Bonner's scammy book,'Mobs,Markets
and Messiahs',to go to his  Baltimore Agora office full of CIA or ex
CIA employees so he could 'prove' to me that all the penny stock,real
estate and gold and silver scams they promote were really legit !
Obviously knowing how they defrauded myself and others and were
reponsible for massive seepage of dollars to their criminal friends
and clients  offshore accounts I didn't take them up on their
offer.Then a year later Agora Inc employee and ex 'friend' of Porter
Stansberry named Rey Rivera takes a 14 fall 'fall' from Belvedere
Hotel in Baltimore while coincidentally the video surveillance wasn't
working that day ! Stansberry who has also been the only American to
be editor of Lord William Rees-Mogg's Fleet Street publication in
London, had used Rey Rivera's name on the letterhead of Agora Inc's
here today gone tomorrow 'Rebound Report' that had received very bad
reviews from subscribers because non of the worthless penny stock
companies they promoted 'rebounded' anymore than did Rey Rivera after
his 14 floor fall from the Belvedere Hotel.......
In sum I have every reason to believe Bud Burrell who cobntinues to
threaten my life has connections with Agora as does Byrne and his
NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling that replaced
Agora and James Dale Davidson's NAANSS or National Association Against
Naked Short Selling in 2005.Burrell has been involved with CMKX
Diamonds with Robert Maheu of the Castro exploding cigar fiasco and of
course the paranoid oil billionaire Howard Hughes and his Mormon
entourage of decades past.And it appears Burrell  met with Major
Gordon Duff ,Editor of Veterans Today,(who told me he has direct
contact with ex CIA DIA George Tenet a while back when I criticized
his hiring of Lil Rajiva to write for his phony veterans online
digital rag ) in Arizona a while back
probably to discuss their mutual stock fraud and penny stock money
laundering operations that according to Duff would also have Swiss
banking connections even after IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman
claimed to have cleaned it up ! George Tenet is part of trhe Agora Inc
UK - American Washington,D.C. crime family as well by the way and met
with them in New Orleans at a penny stock money laundering get
together in New Orleans.
I have investigated penny stock frauds since at least 2003 when I
finally realized and accepted my Endovasc 'investment' through Charles
Schwab was in fact a fraud and a short time later Schwab in fact sold
their market making operation to UBS of Switzerland and so no doubt
Doug Shulman as well as Mary Schapiro now Chair of thew SEC know
exactly the massive stock fraud and money laundering they are
covering up by refusing to investigate Swiss bank accounts of American
international stock and war criminals they protect.They also before
being appointed to their positions by W Bush and Barack Obama were
execs of FINRA who enriched themselves for selling NASADAQ to offshore
owners,particularly 20% to Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktuom even
knowing that it was his country that sent $100,000+ to Mohamed Atta
from Kalid Sheik Mohamed that was cashed at Lebanese American Titan
employee Makram Chams Venice,Florida Kwik Check by Mohamed Atta pre
9/11/01 !
By the way Agora Inc.,with its CIA connections is part of the
manipulation and 2008
collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares and Porter Stansberry has admited
and bragged about it.The SEC did nothing about Agora Inc.'s Jim
Davidon 's and UK Lord
William Rees-Mogg's LOM of Bermuda and its collusion in massive
U.S.penny stock fraud  with
Charles Schwab and Tim Mahoney's Vfinance in the
early 2000's and there is every reason to believe that it also
manipulated and dumped Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac shares in collusion and orchestrated with the
Goldman Sachs crime family.
If I know this why didn't SEC Chair Christopher 'WMDS' Cox at the time
instead of his lying on the
sec.gov website in 2008,that is supposed to be an investor education
site,about Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,
even Goldman Sachs shares beting victims of so-called 'naked sghort
selling' as well ?! Particularly since
he'd just changed the stock 'uptick' rule a couple of years before
precisely for the purpose of making it easier
for his offshore hedge fund friends to short and loot U.S. stocks to
fill their offshore accounts with money defrauded
from the now non-existent U.S. middle class !?
I was mentioned in an article by NY Post's Christopher Byron in April
2006 in an article titled,'The CIA Stinks'.that also mentions your
boss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Barabara Boxer by the
way.Clinton and Boxer were mentioned because they voted to give $11
million of U.S.taxpayer money to the CIA and In-Q-Tel penny stock
fraud Ionatron,(that was also touted by Agora Inc and its CIA Mormon
'economist' Mark Skousen.The $11 million given by Hillary
Clinton,et.al. to the fraud that was Ionatron by the way was only the
tip of the tip of that CIA fraud and econmomic terrorism against
American investors by the way.The money allowed them to increase their
'credibility' with investors and promote the stock value up another
billion dollars that they stole from investors by dumping more of
their endless supply of worthless shares.I don't remember if they lyed
about their shares being 'naked shorted' or not but some CIA employees
should have gone to jail as well as members of the law firm involved
with the scam that botth Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer received
bribes I mean 'campaign contributions' from.
A British Israeli scumbag named Michael Zwebner who used some of his
chump change from hios many penny stock frauds located out of Miami
actually sued Wolf Blitzzer0 and CNN for $100 million because I warned
about his criminal activities of his penny stock
message board' on ragingbull.com in 2004,such as claiming American
Coalition forces in Iraq and Israeli army were buying his non existent
'air water machines' to provide water for their troops ! Later he got
together with Iraeli President Moshe Katsav and an Israeli woman
running some Israeli relief scam and claimed they were sending his
'air water machines' to tsunasmi victims in Asia ! Even the criminal
ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmeert got into the fraud and thanked Zwebner for
bringing 'business' to Jerusalem ! However Wolf Blitzer being the
Israeli foreign agent he is and CNN being their propaganda mouth piece
or one of them in America got the &100 million dollar litigation
neutralized by their attorney in Florida and didn't investigate are
expose Israeli government corporate sabatage and fraud against
Americasns that was UCSY or Air Water Corp. Shortly after my intenet
writing on the subjct several Israeli female government employees came
forward and accuded Israeli Prsident Katsav of rape of which he was
recently convicted.Of course yoiu all of the U.S.government and media
protected and covered up the stock fraud agaibnst your own
citizens.And at present Ehud Olmert is on trial in part for taking
bribes from Israeli American Morris Talansky whose IFEN stock fraud
that placed internet gambling on board Swissair 111 brough t it down
off the coast of Nova Scotia killing a couple hundred U.N.
employees.That's where they ,money came to bribe Olmert - from
Talansky's and the Wolfson family of NY's stock fraud against
Americans ! Aren't you proud ?
Wolf Blitzer who I emailed to inform that I was the wolfblitzzer0
alias on ragingbull.com
that led to Zwebner's $100 million litigation against himself and CNN
in Florida in 2005
remained silent because he knew Israel's ex Jerusalem Mayor and head
of Israel Ministry of
Industry at the time and soon to be Prime Minister was dirctly
involved in this fraud and theft of
money from American investors just as was Israeli President Moshe
Katsav who was accused
by several Israeli women and government employees of rape only months
after I began writing
about him in 2005.He wasrecently convicted of that charge and yet the
U.S.and Israeli governments
cover up their stock frauds and money laundering against American
citizens ! Why ?!
Hillary Clinton as you must know turned a thousand measley dollars
into around $100,000 in 1979 through Refco that brought many
Guatemalans to bankruptcy and some to suicide a few years ago  due to
its involvement with Bancafe..
Perhaps Hillary if she is so sorry over American government purposefully
infecting Guatemalans with VD in the 1940's should apply  her
'investment skills' with Refco to recoup all the money Guatemalans
lost through Refco and Bancafe wghich as I wrote about a few years
back also had BAWAG Bank of Austria connections and thus connections
to Autro-Israeli ex Stassi man and billionaire Martin Schlaff who has
also with the Israeli-Ukranian Grin brothers ran U.S.penny stocks
against Americans that therough their Laurus funds threads though just
about all the stock I mention above and MANY more.Goldman Sachs whose
shares ex SEC Chair Chris 'Naked Shorts' Cox lied about being victims
of 'naked short sellintg' when their price collapsed in 2008 along
with Fannie Mae Freddie Mac,AIG,UBS,Bank of America etc.,etc.
were all  blamed on 'naked shorting' on the SEC sec.gov website ! A
term, that started out being used to distract from illegal penny stock
pumps and dumps of U.S.penny stocks and money laundering in 2002 by
James Dale Davidson,David Patch and Canadian government protected
money launderers Grant Atkins and Brent Pierce in 2002 with their
nakedshortselling.com website and NANNSS eventually became the lie of
choice of the corrupt porn website loving SEC attorneys in 2008 thanks
to Christopher Cox himself who allowed untold amounts of dollars
from the shorting he helped orchestrate,go to innnumerabnle offshore
accounts from LOM of Bermuda to Switzerland and Israel and points in
between as Fannie Mae and other shares were dumped in mass,almost as
if on cue ! And as Yahoo! pump and dump billionaire Mark Cuban himself
pointed out he could not short much less 'naked short' Patrick Byrne's
Overstock.com shares without paying interest to have shares to short -
so NO 'naked shorting'.Also both he and I pointed out that stocks that
paid interst such as Byrne's and Lanny Davis' NFI or Novastar wre more
like ponzi schemes and they did indeed pay interest on ALL shares
ourstanding until the collapse of the ponzi scheme.
Sure the recent unexplained flash crashes almost makes one believe
crashes can be result of digitally created non ewxistent shares
but this is because of the Bernie Madoff type criminals that are the
securities overseers such as Madoff connected Mary Schapiro who
orchestrated the recent sell of the NYSE to German jurisdiction
without ever attempting to solve the crime.
Ambassador McFarland ,I have been patient for too many years and my
complaints to the U.S.SEC according to them have been 'lost'.They seem
to take the death threats to me from Bud Burrell and what would appear
to be James Dale Davidson's Agora Inc associates as a joke.They refuse
to take these threats to the DOJ or to the FBI and insist on
investigation and prosecution for either stock fraud or the death
threats that they are.I requesting you to ask an FBI investigation as formally as I can to get this
nightmare to end and if not to respect my right to protest these
threats outside your or whoever's U.S.Embassy when I finally can take
it no longer,which may well be very soon.
Finally in regards to your boss Hillary Clinton,what do you think of her use of the Gulfstream II
in her Presidetial campaign associated not only with what appear to be either Russian or Israeli
mafia figures,billionaires or not,but also to the Guantanamo rendition flights ? And if that Gulfstream II
landed in Guantanamo,(by way of Europe and probably Afghanistan), before flying off to pick up over 3
tons of cocaine in South America before flying over your head and crashing in Mexico's Yucatan,then does
this mean that Guantanamo is perhaps being used as a base for opium or heroine trans shipments from Afghanistan
as well ? Just a question......Also in light of her and or your apparent intention of importing Mexico's and the U.S. government's
drug war here I thought to ask you,'Of the tens of thousands of innocent Mexican's who died in Mexico in that 'war' in
the last couple of years how many died of drug over doses and how many died of illegal arms smuggled into Mexico including
guns apparently being smuggled by U.S.federal agents ?

Weapons smuggled in US sting linked to deaths: report‎
AFP - 15 Jun 2011
WASHINGTON — Weapons smuggled into Mexico as part of a US sting operation ...
(ATF) lost track of the weapons after allowing them to be smuggled into Mexico ...

Also the recent deaths of innocent peasants in the Peten reminded me of the modus operendi of the CIA HERE A COUPLE OF
Hillary Clinton stated the already known fact that the U.S.government created Al Qaeda,is it possible that you all have perhaps created
the Zetas as well ? If not directly,there is no doubt that your policies have and having a Secretary of State who doesn't have to apologise for
making use of a Gulfstream II that is connected to Guantanmamo rendition flights that also run cocaine from South America on the side and
thus raise suspicion that Guantanamo is a drug transshipment point,but argues that drugs can't be legalized 'because there's too much money in it' !
BELOW SEC  'Special Counsel' Steven G. Johnston TELLS ME TO CONTACT THE FBI WHEN IN FACT IT WAS MY VERY COMPLAINT TO THEM THAT HAS LED TO DEATH THREATS FROM THEIR CLIENTS BUD BURRELL AND PATRICK BYRNE IN THE FIRST PLACE ! And this is what I'm now requesting from U.S.Ambassador to Guatemala - an FBI investigation into their stock frauds and at the least an investigation into their death threats.
Are they trying to pressure me into buying Geico insurance from Patrick Byrne's father Jack Byrne !? I am as officially as possible taking this time to request an investigation into the death threatrs to me by Mr.Bud Burrell and also a few more that have been made by aliases associated with Byrne's Overstock.com and Nova Star Finanacial and various penny manipulations that Bud Burrell and others have been involved in and beneficiaries of.I would be glad to speak to the FBI or even Interpol or whoever is concerned and do something about international organized crime and stock fraud defrauding mtyself and fellow Americans - a theft many times larger that Enron.And SEC attorneys present and former appear to bve involved in the stock fraud cover up.
Tony Ryals
The 'communication' from SEC attorney Steven G. Johnston below is in
repopnse to my query for the proof of ex SEC Chairman Chris Cox's
claim on their sec.gov 'investor educatrion' website that Fannie
Mae,Freddie Mac,AIG,Bank of America even Goldman Sachs shares had been
'naked shorted' and by whom or what.Clearly for the SEC to make the
outrageous claim and then say the evidence is 'non-public information'
is fraud on the part of the SEC itself on investors and protecting
offshore criminals and money launderers who did indeed 'short' but not
'naked short' investor shares to fill their own opffshore
accounts.Note also they refuse to locate my SEC comnplaint that Utah
SEC attorney Brent Baker replied to in 2003 before removing all
charges against Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson and before resigning
to become an attorney for naked short selling liar Patrick Byrbne,a
clear conflict of interest.:
Thank you for your additional communication.
If you filed a complaint online using one of our online forms, the
complaint would either come to our office, the Office of Investor
Education and Advocacy, or to our Division of Enforcement.  It sounds
like your complaint went to our Division of Enforcement, since we have
no record of the complaint.
Regarding the additional information you are seeking, it appears that
you are seeking information that is non-public.  Requests for
non-public information are handled by our Freedom or Information Act
office.  For further information, please click on FOIA at the bottom
of the SEC homepage, www.sec.gov.
I hope this information is helpful.
Steven G. Johnston
Special Counsel
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
HOUSTON, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to numerous listener requests, Tim Connolly's Winning Strategies www.winningstrategies.net will rebroadcast "Naked Short Selling by International Crime Syndicates." The show features Don Clark, a  25 year veteran of the FBI and former Special Agent in Charge of the Houston FBI Office and securities fraud litigation specialist attorney Wes Christian, this Friday June 11th at 10:00 a.m. ET. The show will feature cases involving the international criminal elements conspiring in naked short selling throughout the world. The German government's recent ban of naked short selling has ignited international concerns of billions in shareholder losses and the overall negative effects of naked shorting on the world economic recovery. Tim Connolly's guests will discuss specific cases of criminal conspiracy ranging from the USA to offshore money havens, through Russia and beyond.
BELOW SEC  'Special Counsel' Steven G. Johnston TELLS ME TO CONTACT
FIRST PLACE ! And this is what I'm now requesting from U.S.Ambassador
to Guatemala - an FBI investigation into their stock frauds and at the
least an investigation into their death threats.Are they trying tom
pressure me into buying Geico insurance from Patrick Byrne's father
Jack Byrne !?
Thank you for your additional communication.
If you have additional allegations of securities fraud, you should
send them directly to our Division of Enforcement at
enforcement@sec.gov.  Regarding any allegations of criminal activity,
you may wish to report these to the FBI.  The website is www.fbi.gov.
I hope this information is helpful.
Steven G. Johnston
Special Counsel
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
From Lanny Davis'(attorney for NFI),Patrick Byrne's,James Dale Davidson's,Bud Burrell's,et.al.'s
Nova Star Financial Yahoo! message board 2005:
Re: Tony Reveals...
by: ncansd3
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 07/04/05 11:35 pm
Msg: 319891 of 342767
Guatemala? Tikal is OK. The rest of the place is a mosquito infested
hellhole where you can have someone taken out for $500 bucks to the
right cabby. Come to think of it, Tikal has a ton of mosquitos, too.
And it's rainy season.
Guatemala is the punchline for jolks in Honduras and El Salvador. No
offense to Guatemalans, who are generally very simpatico and genuine.
And you don't even want to see the winner of a machete fight.
Enjoy the Dengue and Malaria and Typhoid and Yellow Fever, Tony. Good
move. Nice choices. Bravo.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 319884 by short_bag_holder
Also this from another of Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne's lying
'anti-naked short selling'
websites of which he has had many but nevr as many fraudulent websites
as he role model James
Dale Davidson of Agora Inc and the National Taxpayers Union a few
blocks from the main SEC headquarter
in Alexandria,Virginia.The deepcapture 'reporter' is named Mark
Mitchell who contacted me years ago while
working for the Wall Street Journal or Columbia School of
Journalism.He is a liar and fraud and prostitute for
Patrick Byrne and thus probably James Dale Davidson with their far
right money laundering and even CIA connections.
He purposely misconstrues both Christopher Byron who was about the
only real penny stock fraud reporter in NY before Rupert Murdoch
bought the NY Post in the 1980's.SHORTLY AFTER WRITING 'THE CIA
STINKS',in April 2006 that mentions Hillary Clinton's voting to give
money to a CIA stock fraud called Ionatron and me who points out a
penny stock 'boiler room' in Kuala Lumpur called Bellador Group is
'cold calling' worthless penny stocks in Hong Kong including shares of
Endovasc that ripped me off and the CIA and U.S.government's largest
'IT' companies stock,caled SRA International!Note Mitchell below makes
no mention of that inconvenient truth.And he tracks me for the same
group that includes Bud Burrel that threaten my life ! No mention of
that inconvenient fact below either.
Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva who wrote an Abu Graib torture disinfo book
for some reason as well as a scam stock market book with Agora's Bill
Bonner called 'Mobs,Markets and Messiahs', promoted by The Christian
Science Monitor and the NY Times has also
been part of Byrne's deepcapture.com group and on one hand accuses me
of being part of Amr Elgindy’s  short selling gang that bribed FBI
agents and then at the same time dismisssing me as living in poverty
ME.If I am living in poverty in Guatemala how could I bribe the FBI as
 Elgindy did and the Agora Inc and NCANS goup of Byrne probably have?!
There are a few journalists whom we have not yet mentioned.
One is Chris Byron, a columnist for The New York Post. Byron has
insisted that phantom stock is not a problem. He has accused Patrick
of being a conspiracy theorist. And he has written a column, “Gagging
the Market,” in which he argues that Amr Elgindy’s prosecution for
bribing FBI officials and manipulating stocks is a threat to the free
speech of short-sellers and their media allies.
In April 2006, while the Media Mob is at the height of its
anti-Patrick Byrne hysterics, Byron publishes a story alleging that a
“CIA front operation continues to funnel agency money into penny stock
and micro-cap companies in Wall Street’s murkiest back alleys.”
The only source Byron names in his story is the “tireless
complainant,” Tony Ryals.
Tony Ryals lives in a hut in Guatemala. On most mornings, he walks to
a nearby internet café and begins writing – sometimes for stretches of
more than 24 hours. He has, indeed, become one of the most widely
published human beings on the planet. It seems almost impossible to
achieve such prolificacy – thousands of long-winded screeds, most of
them posted on Indymedia, a collection of websites that publish
anything by anybody.
The vast majority of Ryal’s rants concern Patrick Byrne. Depending on
his mood, he writes that Patrick is linked to stock frauds, boiler
room operations, the death of Vince Foster, Skull & Bones, Osama bin
Laden, or the Israeli government.
“To see my latest,” Ryals says in a recent message board post, “You
can google ‘israeli prime minister ehud olmert stock fraud orthodox
jews gay prostitutes.’” -Mark Mitchell paid propagandist,(liar),for
Geico billionaire Jack Byrne's son,Patrick Byrne.
(Huh,I don't remember ever writing about,'Skull and Crossbones',but
then my subject matter in certain limited areas is  broad....
Hee,Hee -Tony Ryals)
Comments about me from CIA connected Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva where
her fellow employee Rey Rivera of Porter Stansberry's
penny stock promotion 'newsletter' the Rebound Report took a 14 floor
'fall' from Belvedere Hotel inb 2006 conveniently at a time video
surveillence cameras weren't functioning.......:There are many more
such comments at the link I provide.:
Lila at The Daily Reckoning
Libels About Me Repeated By Tony Ryals Since 2007
1. I am a penny stock “fraudster”
1.  False. The truth is  I have never sold a stock or a penny stock
ever. Any investment advice I ever gave professionally can be found in
notes in the Daily Reckoning that can be found below.  I edited the
Daily Reckoning column, did some real estate research (looking for
property that Mr. Bonner might be interested in purchasing, researched
real estate and market conditions, and wrote ONE investment report on
Goldman Sachs. Most of my time was spent on writing and editing “Mobs,
Messiahs and Markets.” I was hired for 4 hours PT work in January 2007
and signed a book contract the following summer (May 2007).  Do you
really think that I could have found time to tout stocks when I was
editing 4 hours per day, researching and co-writing the book (that was
originally 1000 pages before it was cut down. All in exactly one year
flat, while writing my own articles, traveling around the world with a
laptop, house-hunting for myself and doing my own (very small time)
trading? ..........
2. I have a George Tenet connection.
2. False. I have never met, spoken to, or even seen George Tenet in my
life. I don’t think I’ve even read or written much about him.  Senior
people at Agora Inc. might know him. How does it follow that I know
him? Bogus, rubbish. I was at Agora from January 2006 - October 2007
and wrote the book from May 2007 - August 2007. In other words, I was
there solely for the purpose of writing, not selling stocks and that
is a documented fact........
6. My boss was James Dale Davidson,  notorious for front-running
stocks and promoting the “Vince Foster murder” theory on various
right-wing sites.
6. False. Davidson had been bought out of Agora Inc. by the time I was
hired (Dec 2005- Jan 2006), so neither directly nor indirectly was he
ever a supervisor or boss in any way, shape, or form.  I have never
corresponded with him or seen him. In fact, I first heard of him from
Ryals who, when I was hired, asked me to ask if he was still there. I
did and was told he wasn’t.
This is Ryals’ broad-brush smear-by-numbers technique. He hates
Davidson, because he  (Ryals) bought Endovasc on the recommendation of
Davidson and lost his inheritance in it. Therefore, anyone even
remotely associated with Agora, which Davidson originally formed, must
be equally hate-worthy. This is insanity, not truth-telling.
What’s more, if you read up a bit more on Endovasc and Ryals’
investment in it, you’ll find that Ryals accusations against Davidson,
at least in the matter of Endovasc, are ill-founded or confused.  One
businessman who analyzed the story came to the conclusion that Ryals
lost his money through his own stupidity and that Endovasc was done to
death by naked short-selling and not pump-and-dump.......
7.  I am “covering up” for Agora  in some way.
7.  False. Actually, Ryals’ knowledge about Goldcor and other matters
is is taken from my site. Apparently, despite obsessing about Agora
from 2002 onward (some nine years of non-stop fixation), he was unable
to do the simple research that would have pulled up the
I did not feel that I was the appropriate person to address the issue,
precisely because I am an immigrant and NOT related to intelligence. I
felt it was better some native-born American outfit working with
government (such as Deep Capture) take a look at it...... -Lila Rajiva
Deep Capture is Patrick Byrne's own 'naked short selling lie'
website and she says he's(and thus BUD Burrell,Mark Mitchell,et.al.
are a ,' native-born American outfit working with government'.Who's
government ? Israel's ? The UK royal's 'government' that Americans fought
a war to be free of ?! If correct Lila Rjiva is saying our own
government is colluding with international government criminals to
steal our moey using our own or formally our own stock exchanges ! -
Tony Ryals
Naked Short Lie:Agora Inc.,Lila Rajiva,Walter Block:Vancouver
Libertarian Paul Geddes brings CIA racist stock fraud money launderers
to Vancouver...
''And the programs it supports,(Agora Inc.),  are usually social-welfare busting.
I’ve also noted connections between Agora and the CIA, including the
employment of former CIA agents, and the appearance of former CIA
director William Casey’s Colby’s name on an Agora newsletter. But it’s
not unheard of for financial newsletters/ tip-sheets to use former
government employees or intelligence officers to ferret out economic
tips.'' - Lila Rajiva

A copy of Christopher Byron's,' The CIA Stinks', may be found at this
link.Rupert Murdoh's NY Post that printed it has since censored it. :
Endovasc,Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud
by Tony Ryals Sunday, May. 21, 2006 at 8:51 PM
May 15, 2006 -- IF former National Security Agency chief Michael
Hayden hangs in there as President Bush's nominee to head the CIA and
makes it to a Senate confirmation hearing, one of the panel's members
should ask him this:
"Sir, please tell the committee how much further you anticipate
allowing the CIA to expand its presence on Wall Street via the private
venture capital firm known as In-Q-Tel, Inc."
Hayden came under withering fire in Washington last week as word
spread that the ex-NSA chief had presided over the White House's
post-9/11 surveillance program of monitoring domestic U.S. telephone
calls. The White House, politically weakened from a year of setbacks
both at home and abroad, may decide to withdraw Hayden from
consideration and submit an alternative nominee burdened with less
civil liberties baggage.
Yet whoever winds up in the CIA's top job will inherit a developing
mess involving In-Q-Tel that was largely ignored by the agency's
departing director, Porter Goss. Hints that all is not well with
In-Q-Tel have begun seeping into view as this little-known domestic
CIA front operation continues to funnel agency money into penny stock
and micro-cap companies in Wall Street's murkiest back
Launched in 1999 by CIA director George Tenet as a Wall Street venture
fund to finance new technologies for the spy world, In-Q-Tel quickly
found friends on Capitol Hill, where policymakers seized on the fund
as a way to remind constituents that the ghost of Vietnam no longer
walked the land. The attacks of 9/11 gave In-Q-Tel even more stature
in Congress, where the fund came to be seen as an essential element in
the war effort.
Yet the public's visceral reaction to last week's NSA revelations
suggests that war or no war, a backlash against government snooping
may be starting. And that in turn promises to crank up the heat under
In-Q-Tel, where at least some of the fund's investments raise
questions of judgment regarding how taxpayer money is being spent by
the organization, as well as who it is choosing for business partners.
A year ago, this column drew back the curtain on a fishy In-Q-Tel in
vestment, financed out of the black box budget of the CIA, in a
defense-sector start-up called Ionatron Inc.
Run by a longtime Wall Street regulatory violator named Robert Howard,
Ionatron used a cash infusion from In-Q-Tel to promote itself around
Washington as the developer of a laser-equipped, remotely controlled
device the size of a golf cart that could patrol the highways of Iraq,
ferreting out and detonating insurgent land mines ahead of troop
movements. ......
We warned in this space that the technology being trumpeted by
Ionatron was not only unproven, but had been obtained by Howard and
some midlevel researchers at Raytheon Corp. under highly irregular
circumstances designed to persuade a West Coast laser researcher into
turning over his research to Howard's group.
Nonetheless, Sen. Hillary Clinton and her Democratic colleague from
California, Barbara Boxer, quickly embraced the Ionatron program,
which eventually devoured more than $12 million in government funding
before the Pentagon finally concluded last week that the devices are
not reliable and cancelled plans to deploy them. ...........
Last week, one left-leaning Web site reported that SEC investigators
think the CIA-backed venture fund has been steering money into penny
stock "pump and dump" firms in Israel, Dubai and Malaysia.
But a day's worth of phoning around traces these claims to a tireless
complainant named Tony Ryals, who has been bombarding the SEC and
Internet message boards for years with claims that he has uncovered a
submerged world of In-Q-Tel-linked fraud stretching for Kuala Lumpur
to the Middle East.
The alleged linkages are bewildering in their complexity and typically
impossible to follow, but conspiracy buffs find them irresistible,
since they seem to echo some of the CIA's worst excesses from 30 to 40
years ago, and by their nature, they can never be entirely disproved.
WHETHER the SEC has looked into Ryals' charges and found them baseless
isn't known, but thanks to In-Q-Tel and the lengthening shadow of the
CIA on Wall Street, the most improbable of such claims once again have
a whiff of credibility.
Bottom line: There are many sensible ways the CIA could have gone
about developing the technologies it needs, but funneling money into
Wall Street via an outfit like In-Q-Tel was never one of them. So it
will be a good thing for Wall Street - and for America, too - if the
CIA's next spymaster simply shuts the operation down.
cbyron (at) nypost.com
In-Q-Tel downplays chatter about the spy agency’s venture arm
The Post column also flagged comments by frequent Internet poster Tony
Ryals, who accuses In-Q-Tel, variously, of participating in penny
stock “pump and dump” schemes in a variety of countries, including
Dubai, Malaysia, and Israel, with the blogger adding an allegation
that the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating

Mr. Tighe said In-Q-Tel does not invest in public companies, and had
no involvement in any of those countries mentioned. “That simply isn’t
accurate. We’re open to innovation wherever it is coming from in the
world, but we have no activity in those regions,” he said.

He also denied the firm is under investigation by the SEC. Calls to
the SEC on the topic drew the expected “no comment.”
SRA International,Mantas Inc.,CIA and Bellador Group
Tony Ryals | 24.12.2005 01:54 | Analysis | Globalisation | Technology
Should the CIA be allowed to both invest in U.S. securities and
'anti-money laundering' technology or a company involved in 'AML' that
could be used both to detect unusual activities in stocks but also to
cover it up ? Note,Mantas was in charge of Charles Schwab's anti-money
laundering ops when James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc.,Baltimore and
the Beltway's far right National Taxpayers Union promoted the
fraudulent Endovasc penny stock 'pump and dump' of Montgomery,Texas
through Agora inc.'s 'Vantage Point' and millions of shares were
dumped from a Schwab account.(i.e.illegal pump and dump scam.)
Does CIA have a stake in Mantas ? It certainly has an investment in
its parent company SRA International and its 'NetOwl' web search
“If I were operating some sort of mafia in the United States, I would
be only too delighted to have the leading voices of the news media
insist to the public that many of my crimes could never have happened.
It might even be worth hiring some goofballs to spread preposterous
theories about nonexistent conspiracies in order to discredit persons
who might stumble upon evidence of the real thing.” — James Dale
Davidson, Strategic Investment Newsletter, 7/25/95, commenting on the
Susan Schmidt article in the Washington Post of 7/4/95
Note Ambassador Stepen McFarland's crime boss,Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton,whose husband Bill
received campaign funding from James Dale Davidson  before Davidson
turned on him and  accused him of
killing  his childhood friend Vince Foster,could have, as NY Senator
in 2005, have
had James Dale Davidson and his Agora Inc. of Baltimore  investigated
for making
making fraudulent
claims about 'naked short selling' when members of his organized crime
gang began
spamming her and other members of Congress with fraudulent claims
about stocks they
held shares in and were dumping themselves,were victims of 'naked
short selling',but she
didn't.I wrote to her office myself warning her James Dale Davidson
was behind it but in
retrospect it is clear that she and Bill and James Dale Davidson are
part of the same international
cleptocracy that have looted and raped Americans savings to fuill
their own offshore accounts and you
and  I as common American citizens or peasants are obviously not a
part of their kind of people that includes
Eastern European Jewish crime familiewes or Russian Mafia and European
elites such as the Lords of
London who also rape and loot their own people and call it 'naked
shorting' as in the case of UK mortgage
giant Northern Rock that was manipulated just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Bill Clinton like James Dale Davidson are both Rhodes schiolars and
owe an allegiance to British royals and
BP not to America or the U.S.Constitution that they despise.
The following material that I forward to U.S.Guatemala Ambassador Stephen
McFarland for his action or lack thereof comes from major U.S.penny
stock criminal and SEC protected money launderer presumably residing
in Arizona whose international connections to money launderers and
stock manipulators is vast.He is connected to the ex head of FBI
headquarters Don Clark,who was principle investigator or cover up
agent at the first 1993 WTC bombing in New York).Both Burrell and FBI
Don Clark are connected by way of Houston attorney Wes Christian and
the deceased billionaire attorney John O'Quinn in making numerous
fraudulent court litigations claiming a vast number of worthless penny
stocks were victims of 'naked short selling' or 'counterfeiting' from
some unidentified brokers or market makers when in that they
themselves were beneficiciaries of illegal pumping and dumping of many
of these woprthless companies shares themselves ! If I were to name
all of their well heeled connections here it might take a chapter of a
book to do so.
However the death and torture threat is found on thesanitycheck.com
sponsored by Warren Buffet's ex employee Patrick Byrne of
Overstock.com who is son of Buffet's old pal Geico billionaire Jack
Byrne and who also has funded a number of other fraudulent websites
since 2005 claiming stocks he himself has manipulated and pumped and
dumped are really victims of 'naked short selling' by a 'Sith Lord !
Really ! You can't make this stuff up or least if you did out thin
thin air you couldn't verify it as I have many times in the last
several years.Ex Utah Republican Moron Governor and until recently
Barack Barry Soetero Obama's Ambassador to China was also bribed or
given 'campaign donations by them to lie about Overstock.com shartes
manipulated from Byrne's own offshore hedge fund really being a victim
of 'naked shorting' as well.And Patrick Byrne replaced NTU or National
Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc penny stock holding,(and
dumping'),'company founder,James Dale Davidson's NAANSS or National
Association Against Naked Short Selling with his NCANS or National
Coaltion Against Naked Shorting in 2005 although the anonymous 'Bob
O'Brien' who is part of this criminal gang of major robbers of
American middle class stock investors wrote on Yahoo!'s NFI or Nova
Star Financial,(that Clinton Honduras coup adviser was Lanny Davis
attorney for),that James Dale Davidson is also part of NCANS as well.
Note that Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul with his Guatemala Maya land raping
and gold grubbing Goldcorp investments is also part of the CIA connected Agora
Inc crime family where their employee Rey Rivera died from a 14 floor
fall from Belvedere
Hotel in 2006,one year after his boss Porter Stansberry asked me to
visit there so he could '
prove' their stock,real estate and commoditities oil and gold scams
and stock frauds were 'legit.His stock holdings disclosure  that was
recently required by law for
his Presidential campaign disclosed that he still held one penny stock
fraud against investors called
Petrol Oil and Gas or POIG that he had not liquidated or dumped all
his worthless shares of.A quick
check verified that it also lyed about itas myriad unreported and
unaudited shares being victims of
'naked short selling' !
James Dale Davidson who was a behind the scenes money launderer for
daddy or 'Poppy' or George Herbert Walker Bush and then a major
contributer to Bill Clinton's first Presidential campaign is also the
person who started the rumor that Clinton murdered his childhood
friend Vince Foster a few years later in his penny stock newsletter
that was called Strategic Investments and used ex CIA Chief William
Colby's name on its letterhead at that time.Unfortunately CIA Colby
died in a mysterious drowning a short time after that and so made no
statem,ent as to whether he really believed his employer James Dale
Davidson's claim that Clinton killed Foster.However he dis tell a
friend before he died not to believe anything Davidson and his
coauthor UK Lord William Rees-Moff wrote in Agora Inc.'s Stataegic
Investments newletter,particlry their stock advise I presume.
So U.S.Ambassador to Guatemala Stephen McFarland's boss Hillary
Clinton,who used a Gulfstream II private jet owned by Guatanamo
rendirtion Gulfstream II owners whose plane crashed in Yucatan Mexico
with over 3 tons of cocaine aboard in 2007 shortly after making a
rendition dropp off at Guantanamo knows James Dale Davidson quite well
just as I presume that Bud Burrell who threatens my life apparently at
the pleasure of both Hillary and Ambassador McFarland do.I am taking
this opportunity to officially request that Ambassador McFarland who
is so concerned about drug trafficking and threats to Americans
security in Guatemala to formally contact the FBI in Wshington,D.C. or
in El SDalvador or whereever and begin a formal investigation into
this death and torture threat against me by Bud Burrell as well as his
many penny stock and money laundering operations.You will also note
below that Mr.Clarence Austin Bud Burrell is connected with UK
Rothschild attorney Andrew Greystoke who was recently convicted of a
stock fraud on the London Stock Exchange that Burrell was a direct
part and CEO of himself and yet the U.S.SEC or FBI does nothing !
What Private Trading Systems SEC filing did not say is that T.P.
Ramsden is Terry Ramsden, once a highflying British bond trader, who
pleaded guilty to investment fraud in the 1990s and later was
convicted of bankruptcy fraud. He was sentenced to 21 months in
prison, and served 10.
 Ramsden is making a comeback of sorts, and has raised eyebrows in
British investment circles by taking positions in several small public
companies whose shares have moved upward after his arrival (Hansard
Group is one example).
 I offer this tale as yet another example of the kinds of
activities that members of the anti-naked shorting coalition have been
engaging in, while claiming that it is their detractors who are
involved in dishonest undertakings.-Mark Cuban
'Dr.' David P Summers or Washington,D.C. BANKSTER David P Summers
fraudulently posed as a biotech CEO of the Endovasc fraud that ripped me off
and ultimately led to the death threats against me for complaning was actually
a Beltway,Virginia,Maryland banker all along and you in government all knew it
and your SEC knew it as well !And the Utah SEC ATTORNEYS BRENT BAKER
emailed me in 2003 in regards to the formal complaint I made about his lying
regarding Endovasc being 'naked shorted' by my broker Charles Schwab when in fact it was just another illegal
pump and dump money laundering operation ! And yes Charles Schwab knew and profited from the fraud as well !
Beltway bankster David P Summers presently operates a NASDAQ BANK SCAM CALLED VIRGINIA
YEARS AGO.And NASDAQ and the SEC has allowed them to lie in press releases I informed them about
made my complaint re the fraudulent naked short selling claim in 2003 he either lost sole my complaint
from the main office because the SEC main office
claims they can't find it !

From: Clem_Kadiddlehopper       5/13/2010 9:57:53 AM
Read Replies (1)  of 111361
May 13 (Bloomberg) -- The founding partner of a London law firm will
be fined 400,000 pounds ($591,000) for aiding a multimillion-pound
illegal share scam, Britain’s Financial Services Authority said today
in a statement.
Andrew Greystock, a former investment banker at NM Rothschild & Sons
Ltd. and senior partner of Atlantic Law LLP, will also be banned by
the FSA from working in financial services for signing off on
advertising from four Spanish firms that were boiler rooms, the FSA
said. Around 130 British consumers lost a total of 3 million pounds in
the scam, according to the regulator.
The Directors of Private Trading Systems Plc accept responsibility for this
- ends -
Private Trading Systems:
Lindsay Smith Tel: 07967 646 662
C. Austin Burrell Tel: 00 1 480 951 4897
Atlantic Law Llp: email: Andrew.Greystoke@atlantic-law.com
Andrew Greystoke Tel: 020 7616 2888
Emerson Gerard Associates:
Jerry Jennings Tel: 001- 561-881-7318
Lawyer Fined $591,000 for Helping Boiler Room Scam, FSA Says
May 13, 2010, 8:37 AM EDT
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to Business Exchange By Caroline Binham
May 13 (Bloomberg) -- The founding partner of a London law firm will
be fined 400,000 pounds ($591,000) for aiding a multimillion-pound
illegal share scam, Britain’s Financial Services Authority said today
in a statement.
Andrew Greystock, a former investment banker at NM Rothschild & Sons
Ltd. and senior partner of Atlantic Law LLP, will also be banned by
the FSA from working in financial services for signing off on
advertising from four Spanish firms that were boiler rooms, the FSA
said. Around 130 British consumers lost a total of 3 million pounds in
the scam, according to the regulator.
“Firms and individuals that assist boiler room operators should be
brought to task,” said Margaret Cole, the FSA’s enforcement director.
“It will send a strong message of deterrence to other firms and
individuals that may be tempted to turn a blind eye to the legitimacy
of their clients in exchange for fees or commission.”
The U.K. has been trying to crack down on boiler rooms, which defraud
Britons out of at least 200 million pounds a year, according to FSA
data. Boiler rooms are illegal brokerages, often based overseas and
beyond the reach of the regulators, which target investors with
high-pressure sales pitches to buy risky and typically worthless
The FSA is able to levy the penalty after Greystock lost a legal
challenge at a London tribunal. Greystock wasn’t immediately available
to comment.
Fox Hayes, a century-old law firm now in administration, had to pay a
954,770-pound fine last year in a separate case after the FSA found it
approved promotions linked to a $21 million share scam.
--Editors: Christopher Scinta, Anthony Aarons.
To contact the reporters on this story: Caroline Binham in London at
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Anthony Aarons at
Naked Shorting – The Real Bad Guys
Feb 15th 2006 12:49AM
I got a very interesting email a few minutes ago. I cant say I have
fact checked it exhaustively. I havent. Im sure the Naked Shorting
Sithmeisters will weigh in with their comments about any perceived or
real inaccuracies. Facts can never get in the way of a war, so every
side and every word will be spun by all those with something at stake.
Personally, the only thing I have at stake is the ongoing
entertainment value of all of this. My 20k shares short of Overstock
will continueto do just fine.( Patrick Byrne, if you want to lend me
any of the shares you own and have taken possession of, I would be
happy to borrow them and short them).
But I digress. Here is the information I received. You can do your own
research before coming to any conlusions. Im sure the comments to this
blogpost will be very, very interesting.
 Ive been following your blog and have been particularly amused by
your postings about Patrick Byrne, Overstock.com and the mysterious
people behind the anti-naked shorting movement.
 Ive spent quite a bit of time tracking a vast network of corrupt
executives, financiers and brokers who route discounted shares of
obscure U.S. companies overseas through sham private placements and
venture capital deals and then resell them to foreign investors at
marked up prices, through unlicensed securities boiler rooms
 A few weeks ago, I learned that shares of one such company,
Private Trading Systems Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz. (Pink sheets: PVTM),
were being offered to European investors by an apparently fictitious
brokerage calling itself Anglo Swiss Consulting (fictitious in the
sense that it is not registered with any nations regulatory agency and
that its Internet site is something of a Potemkin storefront.)
 When I looked into Private Trading Systems, I noted that its
chairman, chief executive, treasurer and corporate secretary is none
other than C. Austin Bud Burrell, whose dire warnings about naked
shorting have been featured at NCANS.net, on the Bob OBrien blog and
similar Internet sites.
 Burrell also has been a litigation consultant for John OQuinn, the
Texas lawyer representing Overstock.com in its suit against Rocker
Partners, Gradient Analytics and other defendants who allegedly
undermined the companys stock through nefarious shorting activities.
 Its worth noting that shares of Endovasc Inc., another company
that is part of the anti-naked shorting coalition, also were sold by a
foreign boiler room known as Bellador Advisory Services.
 Theres another interesting aspect to Private Trading Systems.
According to the Form 10-12 that Private Trading filed earlier this
month with the SEC, its biggest shareholder, with a 43.2 percent
equity stake, is T.P. Ramsden.
 The filing said Ramsden controlled the rights to the technology
behind the trading system that the company is developing to allow
institutional investors to privately trade securities, instruments, or
any financial asset that is capable of being converted to electronic
 What Private Trading Systems SEC filing did not say is that T.P.
Ramsden is Terry Ramsden, once a highflying British bond trader, who
pleaded guilty to investment fraud in the 1990s and later was
convicted of bankruptcy fraud. He was sentenced to 21 months in
prison, and served 10.
 Ramsden is making a comeback of sorts, and has raised eyebrows in
British investment circles by taking positions in several small public
companies whose shares have moved upward after his arrival (Hansard
Group is one example).
 I offer this tale as yet another example of the kinds of
activities that members of the anti-naked shorting coalition have been
engaging in, while claiming that it is their detractors who are
involved in dishonest undertakings.
 Feel free to use this information as the basis for a new blog post
Let the comments begin........
Below comment from Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Union founder
James Dale Davidson who started the 'naked short selling' or 'share
counterfeiting' lie in 2002 to distract from his illegal pumping and
dumping of unaudited shares of Endovasc and
James Dale Davidson proud of securities frauds:
By tony ryals on 3/25/2004 5:23:40 PM
E-mail: tryals@angelfire.com
Dear Mr. Ryals,
Needless to say, I regret that you lost money in Endovasc or, indeed,
in any investment. That said, your fixation on exploring this issue
with me is entirely misplaced. By your own admission, you did not
invest in Endovasc on my say-so. In the somewhat patchy account of
your complaint that emerges between the lines of your demanding and
unpleasant communication, I find no logical nexus between your losses
and any action of mine. In pure logic, I cannot see how applying for a
patent could have destroyed your investment, or exposed it to any
material harm whatever. In the absence of any disclosure on your part,
I owe you none. And none you will get. If you think you have a claim
against me, contact my lawyer, whose e-mail address is listed above.
Otherwise, I will treat your further communications as spam in the
same category as a certificate for a $10 savings on any Teddy Bear
purchased in April, notice of a free poetry contest, something about
"Ronald Reagan's greatest laughs," and the inevitable promise to
enlarge my penis by "up to five inches guaranteed." Att is sending
through a lot of malarkey, including too much from you. You have not
behaved as a gentleman in any respect in our correspondence. I won't
miss hearing from you.
James Davidson

Note James Dale Davidson founded 'NAANSS'to mask his own share dumping
after illegally using his many internet websites and use of the mail
to send out his fraudulent promotions of his many penny stock
scams.Note he continues to blather on and on about electronic trading
creating counterfit shares.And it's all a lie to mask his share-money
laundering operation.
James Dale Davidson replies:
By tony ryals on 3/20/2004 8:10:43 PM
E-mail: tryals@angelfire.com
'James Dale Davidson' answers,or avoids answering,as the case may be,
Ryals email:
Dear Mr. Ryals,
Who are you? I infer from your rantings below that you are delusional.
But perhaps more than that? Perhaps you are malicious, and in the
employ of electronic counterfeiters who have feasted on the corpses of
small public companies ever since the advent of electronic clearing? I
can think of no other motivation that would explain your letter. By
and large, normal people do not sit around inventing malicious
fantasies about someone they don't even know.
Obviously, you have your own agenda, so you are unlikely to be swayed
by anything I might say. I recognize that. But for what it's worth, I
have never been involved in any "pump and dump" exercise. For the
record, you have been warned. I would advise you not to repeat your
malicious slanders in a public forum, or I shall be obliged to take
legal action for redress.
James Davidson
P.S. By the way, your search for a company I have been involved with
which was a success for its investors could not have been very
diligent. As it happens, there was a long op ed piece in the
Washington Post this week by a small investor who made so much money
following my advice that filing his taxes had become a burden for him.

Wikileaks Guatemala: “Collapsing” Rule of Law
March 7, 2011
tags: guatemala, Mexico, wikileaks, United States, Central America, Los Zetas, Alta Verapaz Department, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Ambassador McFarlandby Rachel Hatcher
.Newspapers in Guatemala exploded with a discussion of the WikiLeaks cables the week of 13 February 2011. Newspapers first reported on cables sent from the US Embassy in Guatemala that spoke to the level of control drug cartels have over parts of the country. The most significant cable, 09GUATEMALA106, was sent by Ambassador McFarland to the State Department on 6 February 2009. The cable included a great deal of information about the state of affairs in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, and concluded that the rule of law is “collapsing” and that the city’s law enforcement and judicial institutions are overwhelmed and insufficient. The cable states that the state is quickly losing control in Cobán, a process which has already taken place in Zacapa and Izabal, as well as portions of Jutiapa, Chiquimula, San Marcos and Petén. The Embassy recommended that action be taken immediately, because “[w]ithout outside intervention, Cobán will join the growing list of areas lost to narcotraffickers.”......
my reply
Tony Ryals permalink
March 8, 2011 11:47 pm
It appears to me that U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala Stephen G.
McFarland, like his boss Hillary Clinton, lost President Nixon’s ‘war
on drugs’ decades ago.I’d say that McFarland’s boss, Hillary Clinton’s
undeniable free airplane rides aboard the cocaine trafficker’s
Guantanamo rendition plane with tail number N216RR, should be proof
enough for both of them of that.Duh.
The only question is is Hillary really as stupid as she pretends or
did she know the
Gulfstream II she was riding on had ties to the cocaine traffickers’
Guantanamo rendition plane ? Or does she now take the view so many
years after resumed political enemy,Richard Nixon, kicked off her and
his unending ‘war on drugs’,that ‘if you can’t beat em join em ?’It
sure looks like she has, but what does that say about Ambassador
McFarland ? When will the sheep look up ?
I was looking for an article from around 2009 in which Hillary Clinton
actually put pressure on the Mexican government to cover up the
investigation of the plane that crashed with over 3 tons of cocaine
aboard coming from South America with that coke after doing a
rendition flight to Guantanamo.Both Bill and Hillary went from legal
huge debts to huge unexplained offshore accounts after their stay at
the White House.In truth their offshore accounts in the Caymans and
probably in terrorist money laundering Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin
Maktoum’s Dubai or whwerever else should be confiscated
and an investigation of their criminal activities
undertaken.Unfortunately Barack Osama Obama is part of their and the
CIA’s and Israel’s criminal gang and until they are ousted it will
only get worse.
After all how much heroine was being produced in Afghanistan under the
Taliban and how much is being produced and sent to Europe and the
U.S.under W Bush CIA and now UNDER Barack Osama and Hillary Clinton
and the CIA’s reign of terror !?
Their cover up of the rendition plane as well as the Jeb Bush and
Homeland Security connected Skyway Communications of Lakeland,Florida
and Royal Sons holding company continues to be covered up.
Hillary promises or lies about bringing traffickers to justice but
unfortunately it appears that she is one.Skyway Communications is also
a stock fraud against American investors that bought those DC 9s with
[cia-drugs] Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to
CIA renditions and organized crime
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:10:13 -0700
Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA
renditions and organized crime publication date: Oct 15, 2007 Previous
| Next October 15, 2007 — Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by
company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime On September 24,
2007, a Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA) crashed landed in Yucatan,
Mexico with 3.3 metric tons (3.7 tons) of cocaine on board.
The plane had recently been sold to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. of
Coconut Creek, Florida, a firm owned by two Brazilians, and re-sold,
shortly before the crash, to two Florida businessmen. N987SA had also
flown patterns to and from Guantanamo Bay similar to those flown by
CIA rendition aircraft Before being sold to Donna Blue, the Gulfstream
had been owned by Air Rutter International, a firm with offices in
Garden City, New York; Long Beach and Irvine, California, whose owner
is Arik Kislin, the son of Sam Kislin. N987SA was owned by Kislin’s
business partner, William Achenbaum, an owner, along with Arik Kislin,
of Manhattan’s Hotel Gansevoort.
Air Rutter leased out the aircraft. WMR has learned that another Air
Rutter Gulfstream II (tail number N216RR) has flown presidential
candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, including a January 2007 stop in Des
Moines, Iowa. The plane, which has a crew of 3, including a jump seat
for a flight attendant, and can handle up to 13 passengers, has a
fully galley, a private lavatory, plush leather seats, conference
seats and table, CD/DVD entertainment system, a 21 inch monitor,
satellite telephone system, and even an espresso machine.
On October 9, 2007, WMR reported: Arik’s uncle, Semyon (Sam) Kislin, a
member of the New York City Economic Development Board and immigrant
from Odessa, has poured substantial political donations into the past
campaigns in New York of Hillary Clinton and [Rudolph] Giuliani. He
has also contributed to past campaigns of New York Senator Charles
Schumer, former Republican Senator Alphonse D’Amato, and President
Bill Clinton. The Center for Public Integrity has previously reported
that a 1996 Interpol report connected Sam Kislin’s Trans Commodities,
Inc. to two reputed Uzbek mobsters, Lev and Mikhail Chernoy.
The Interpol connected Kislin’s firm to the Chernoys’ fraud and
embezzlement schemes. Kislin confirmed that Mikhail Chernoy had been
employed by his Trans Commodities firm. The Chernoy brothers are
citizens of Israel. [The Chenoys have been linked to a worldwide
empire of front companies and corporate shells in Monaco, the Bahamas,
Cyprus, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, the Cayman Islands,
Western Samoa, London, Isle of Man, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands,
Brighton Beach (Brooklyn), Liechtenstein, and Vanuatu].
Between 1994 and 1997, Sam Kislin and his wife Ludmila, gave Giuliani
$14,250 in contributions. In 1997, after Giuliani maxed out on his GOP
contributions, $9.7 million, Kislin donated $30,000 to Giuliani
through the Liberal Party, the other ticket on which Giuliani was
running for re-election as mayor. In May 1999, Sam Kislin co-chaired a
Giuliani Senate race fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in
New York. The gathering raised $2.1 million for Giuliani’s aborted
senate campaign. Arik Kislin contributed $1000 to Giuliani’s 1995
mayoral campaign and his Blonde Management shared office space with
Sam Kislin’s Trans Commodities. Sam Kislin, his wife Ludmila, their
son David, and daughter Regina gave $2000 to Schumer’s 1998 Senate
Sam also gave Schumer’s opponent, D’Amato, $1000. Sam Kislin is also a
prominent supporter of the United Jewish Appeal and Israel. Arik
Kislin gave Hillary Clinton $4000 in 2006, specifically on Sept. 12,
2006. That same day an Olya Kislin also donated $4000 to Hillary
Clinton. On October 1, 2007, the New York Post reported that an
ex-employee of Air Rutter, Mark Billey, subsequently arrested on
federal child sex charges, said he noted a number of armed U.S.
Marshals at Air Rutter’s facilities in Long Beach, however, given the
connection between the firm and Clinton, the federal agents may have
been part of Senator Clinton’s Secret Service detail.
Clinton has made several fundraising visits to the Los Angeles area
over the past year. On October 9, WMR also reported that Arik Kislin
is associated with another airline company, Skookum Air, Inc.
Government records indicate that Clinton’s N216RR was owned by Skookum
Air, as well as Air Rutter International, with the actual registered
owner listed as GS-II Holdings, LLC, a firm registered in Delaware
with offices listed at 35 E. 21st St. Suite 500, New York, NY. On
October 4, 2007, when Senator Clinton visited Chicago to attend a
“Republicans for Hillary” fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency, N216RR was
parked at Chicago Midway Airport.
Recently, N216RR has been put up for sale.
”Increasing suspicion even more was the suggestion, in a report of a
committee of the European Parliament, that in addition to having been
used in drug trafficking the Gulfstream II had flown CIA rendition
flights to Guantanamo.” – Daniel Hopsicker , madcowprod.com
Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland ‘Security’
”Increasing suspicion even more was the suggestion, in a report of a
committee of the European Parliament, that in addition to having been
used in drug trafficking the Gulfstream II had flown CIA rendition
flights to Guantanamo.” – Daniel Hopsicker , madcowprod.com
Subject : rendition,cocaine plane, guantanamo, yucatan
Republicans,Drugs and Money: Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine,
Homeland ‘Security’,Money Laundering,Stock Fraud by Tony Ryals
In April,2006 it was revealed that a plane owned by Skyway
Communications of Lakeland,Florida and Royal Sons holding company
using Huffman Aviation(where Mohamed Atta trained before 9/11),as its
address and paradoxically rented by the Howard Dean’s Democrat
presidential campaign of 2004 had been busted by the Mexican army at
the Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche airport on the Yucatan Peninsula with
over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.
Below are messages or threats taken from Yahoo NFI
and OSTK boards and reposted on offshorebusiness.com for the record
just as I do again here.This also includes my email to Yahoo who
removed my messages and deleted my email account all because I was
warning others a scam was going down by an orgainzed criminal gang on
Yahoo paid for in part by Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com.
Unfortunately threats to me or not taken as seriously by Wall Street
Journal or Barrons or Reuters as are threats to well known hedge fund
managers and the SEC at best doesn't care.
The threats of 'Bob O'Brien' and his ncans.net mafia.
By Byrne of Overstock.com should be ashamed. on 9/10/2005 8:04:23 PM
E-mail: wolfblitzzer0@lycos.com
I'm posting my communication with Yahoo who deleted my account,(all
email and posts), again to appease the 'ncans mafia' who dominate the
Yahoo NFI and OSTK boards there.
I'm posting the two threatening messages from the ncans.net
gang,(ncansd3 is or was 'Bob O'Brien),in part because I fear Yahoo
will,at most, delete those messages to protect the guilty.As I aleady
mentioned here previously,on the thread relating to removal of the
diligizer board and all its voluminous research contributed by
posters,even Eliot Spitzer's spitzer2006 has removed all of my posts
that was titled 'ss funds in manipulated markets' and other
discussions started by individuals there.
This included very interesting chatter from the Yahoo NFI message
board including the 'Tony
reveals' post immediately below.
Re: Tony Reveals...
by: ncansd3
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 07/04/05 11:35 pm
Msg: 319891 of 342767
Guatemala? Tikal is OK. The rest of the place is a mosquito infested
hellhole where you can have someone taken out for $500 bucks to the
right cabby. Come to think of it, Tikal has a ton of mosquitos, too.
And it's rainy season.
Guatemala is the punchline for jolks in Honduras and El Salvador. No
offense to Guatemalans, who are generally very simpatico and genuine.
And you don't even want to see the winner of a machete fight.
Enjoy the Dengue and Malaria and Typhoid and Yellow Fever, Tony. Good
move. Nice choices. Bravo.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 319884 by short_bag_holder

RE Jesse Eisinger,WSJ,and ncans.net
phones,donation, and boat named "James
Davidson" :
Tony Reveals,ncansd3 subtle threats :

Tony Ryals is playing with fire
"by: ftd_is_a_criminal_offense "
"Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 08/29/05 "
12:12 am
"Msg: 339114 of 340847 "
Tony said
"I do know you are a stock fraud"
You seem to be going over the line.
That type degradation of a man's honor
is not looked upon favorably by the US
court system.
Your claim of no assets does not give
you the right to use a public message
board to make claims that you know are
Your current walk on the wild side
should have educated you to the fact
that some folks are not as relaxed and
honorable as Mr. Hill.
Please be more careful in your
unfounded accusations - and good luck
in any forthcoming prison time.
Naked shorting is the name.
RICO is the game.
"Posted as a reply to: Msg 339045 by "
"Subj: Re: Tony Ryals is playing with "
"By: easter_bunny_d3 "
"Date : 08/29/05 12:17 am "
Tony is posting from Guatemala, which
he thinks insulates him from most
It kind of does, the only problem is
that you have to live in Guatemala.
"Subj: Re: Tony Ryals is playing with "
"By: ftd_is_a_criminal_offense "
"Date: 08/29/05 12:39 am "
Easter Bunny,
You are so right.
Tony thinks that moving to an overseas
address will insulate him from
honorable folks.
I wonder what Tony would do if a
retired stockholder of any of the
companies that he is currently
slamming paid him a personal visit?
You know all longs don't necessarily
live in the US. Most retirees have
plenty of time on their hands and
might enjoy educating Tony to the
benefits of owning OSTK, NFI, and SCH.
Tony is also very free in calling
people "frauds".
0&sid=70812 80
A quick check of Yahoo's message
boards shows 957 posts by the infamous
Tony. I have still not found a message
of substance.
Oh well, he has plenty of time on his
hands now. We can only hope that his
free time on the outside is replaced
by free time with Bubba soon.
Naked shorting is the name
RICO is the game
9/11,SwissAir 111 Crash:Israel PM Olmert Money Launderers Menachem
Atzmon,Morris Talansky
by Tony Ryals Friday, May. 16, 2008 at 2:27 PM

What the NY Post and the New York Times failed to mention among other
things was Morris Talansky's coincidental investment in Global
Technologies Ltd in the 1990's whose Entertainment Network(purchased
from another failed NASDAQ 'company' called INTERACTIVE FLIGHT
TECHNOLOGIES, INC.) was blamed for Swissair 111 crash of September
2,1998. What is even stranger is the coincidence of another Israeli
controlled U.S. or NASDAQ penny stock,ICTS International, that guarded
Logan Airport,Boston on 9/11, was controlled and managed by Menachem
Atzmon who was also convicted of money laundering for his and
Netanyahu's and Ehud Olmert's Likud Party.......
Was 911 paid for with U.S. penny stock fraud ? Why did the NASDAQ
decide to delist ICTS International on June 5 of this year when they
announced they were going to do so last year ? Was it because of
ICTS's appeal of the decision ? Both the U.S. SEC of now Chairman
Christopher Cox(who lied about 'WMDS' in Iraq and 'naked short
selling' of U.S. penny stocks)as well as NASDAQ have been negligent to
a point of treason or criminal negligence in my opinion in allowing
these worthless criminal penny stocks to continue and defraud
investors as a reward for their incompetence,(at best),on 911.
Quote from early post 9/11 SEC Filing with link:
Icts International NV · 20-F/A · For 12/31/03
Filed On 7/22/04 10:10am ET · SEC File 0-28542 · Accession Number 1012118-4-20
We face significant potential liability claims.
As a result of the September 11th terrorists attacks numerous lawsuits
have been commenced against us and our U.S. subsidiary. The cases
arise out of airport security services provided for United Flight 175
out of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts which crashed into the
World Trade Center. In
addition, to the present claims additional claims may be asserted. The
outcome of these or additional cases is uncertain. If there is an
adverse outcome with respect to any of these claims which is not
covered by insurance, then there may be a significant adverse impact
on us.
IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman covered up for both ICTS
International stock tax fraud as well as offshore accounts of
international war and satock criminals.Both he and present SEC Chair
Mary Schapiro self dealt and further illicitly enriched themselves by
selling NASDAQ to 9/11 crimiunals such as Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin
Maktoum who allowed over $100,000
to be sent to Mohamed Atta at Jeb Bush and Wally Hilliard's terrorist
flight training school at Huffman Aviation in Venice,Florida
ICTS International N.V. - Investigation of Possible Tax Violations by
a Subsidiary
BusinessWire News ReleasesPublished: 08/18/06 12:00 PM EDTRating:
Related Stocks:
ICTS International N.V. (ICTS), today reported that the principal
reason the Company is delayed in the filing of its annual report on
Form 20-F is as follows. Last year the Company's subsidiary ICTS USA,
Inc. filed a refund claim with the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") in
an amount in excess of $2 million which was to be reflected on the
December 31, 2005 year end financial statements as a receivable. The
refund was not received and the Company made a demand to the IRS for
the refund. Thereafter, by letter dated August 15, 2006, the Company
was advised that a criminal investigation by the United States
Department of Justice, Tax Division is ongoing by a grand jury
regarding possible criminal tax violations by the subsidiary for the
tax years 2002 and 2003 regarding certain royalty payment made to the
Company. As a result of the investigation the Company believes that
the refund had been put on hold.
Mr. Menachem Atzmon, the Chairman of the Company's Supervisory Board
stated that, "The Company is unaware of any wrong doing by its
subsidiary. The subject matter of the investigation, the royalties,
was dealt with great care, and was subject to a study prepared by the
Company's auditors, being one of the big five. The Company adopted the
auditors recommendation and recorded the royalties accordingly. The
process was fully transparent and was reviewed by the government
agencies for which it was providing services. The Company has filed
its tax returns in full compliance with law, under the guidance of its
auditors. The Company will take all the necessary steps to collect the
sums due under the terms of the law. I wonder if there is any
connection between these events and the Company's claims against the
government, which are due to be heard in November?"
Republicans,Drugs and Money: Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine,
Homeland 'Security',Money Laundering,Stock Fraud
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg,Fox News,Xybernaut Israeli U.S. Penny Stock Fraud
California Scheming:Rudy Giuliani,Paul Singer, Vulture Funds
Africa,Adnan Khashoggi,W Bush
9/11,WTC,Tanya Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik, Naked
Securities Fraud
9/11:CIA,Daily Kos,Jerome Arnstrong,Markos Moulitsas Zúniga,ICTS
Israel, Securacom Kuwait,ragingbull Fraud
Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.,Securities Fraud,Stormy Simon
Striptease and Bloody Murder
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals,a Georgetown University Penny Stock Fraud
Pluristem Placentas,James Dale Davidson,Leumi Bank Israel Holocaust
Victims,U.S.Penny Stock Fraud
WTC,9/11,Logan Airport, Boston:Israeli ICTS 'Security':Barney
Frank,Ted Kennedy, John F. Kerry Face Psych Crisis
Reuters on Security Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox's
Terrorist List
Boston Logan Airport,9/11,WTC,Barney Frank,SEC,Israeli Penny Stock
Scam and Bloody Murder
Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud
SEC'S Christopher'WMDS'Cox:Georgetown University James Angel Pimps
Pink Sheet Penny Stock
Ex U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow,Michael Moore, Cerberus,Bawag
Austria and Cuba
Charles Schwab,Mantas 'AML':Did The CIA's SRA International Eat George
W Bush's E-mail ?
U.S. Ambassador Sam Fox:From Swift Boat War Fraud to Brussels,Belgium
SWIFT Finance Fraud
Israeli pResident Moshe Katsav's Penny Stock Partner Michael Zwebner
loses in U.S. Court
Cryptometrics:New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?
David Grin,Tel Aviv University,Laurus Capital Management and Union
Bank of Israel
FOIA,Alberto Gonzales and SEC'S Chris Cox Enron,Merrill Lych,Latham &
Watkins conflict
Tim Mahoney,vFinance,Venus Methodist Church,Florida,Sayed Mustafa and
Islamic Usury
Charles Schwab:vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B.
Gonzalez award !?
Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc
penny stock frauds
James Dale Davidson,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM and penny
stock share money laundering
Ireland Indymedia bans criticism of Lord Rees Mogg,James Dale Davidson
Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange
Virginia:Marvin Bush,Securacom,9/11,U.S. Senator George Allen,Bawag
U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob
Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?
Asa Hutchinson,Charlie Crist,Jeb Bush,Republican stock fraud and drug
Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist
flight school ?
Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?
Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator
Shelby 'a gangster'
Does NY Times censor 9/11 Venice,Florida connection ?
NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud
NY WTC 'protected' by Kuwaiti company and Marvin Bush on 9/11
Asa Hutchinson,Richard Rainwater,George W Bush,Tom DeLay & 5.6 Ton
cocaine bust in Mexico
SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S
In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud
Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?
Cocaina,Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Abril 10,CIA,Republicanos Y PAN
Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?
Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid,
Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?
Israeli President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud
Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?
SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S
In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud
Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.
SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks
Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian
and John O'Quinn
John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic
fraud Cyber fraud
Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?
Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?
D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief
Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen
Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore
money laundering
To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock
fraud money laundering
Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International
CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest
Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

Agora Inc. Bill Bonner Bud Burrell Charles Schwab CIA Cocaine Fannie Mae FBI Freddie Mac Goldman Sachs Guantanamo James Dale Davidson Lila Rajiva LOM of Bermuda Mark Cuban NAANSS Naked Short Selling Lie NCANS Overstock.com Patrick Byrne SEC Secretary of State Hillary Clinton U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland