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Paul Wellstone Award ?:Hillary Clinton,U.S.Mexico Ambassador Anthony Wayne,Sex Orgies, Afghanistan Heroin and Slave Prostitution

 Paul Wellstone Award ?:Hillary Clinton,U.S.Mexico Ambassador Anthony Wayne,Afghanistan Sex Orgies,  Heroin and Slave Prostitution

 Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crash

Published in the May 27, 2002 issue of The Nation
Paul Wellstone, Fighter by John Nichols

Paul Wellstone is a hunted man. Minnesota's senior senator is not just another Democrat on White House political czar Karl Rove's target list, in an election year when the Senate balance of power could be decided by the voters of a single state. Rather, getting rid of Wellstone is a passion for Rove, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the special-interest lobbies that fund the most sophisticated political operation ever assembled by a presidential administration. "There are people in the White House who wake up in the morning thinking about how they will defeat Paul Wellstone," a senior Republican aide confides. "This one is political and personal for them." ....
"This race is going to be a case study of whether you can maintain liberal, progressive positions and win in this country in 2002," says Wellstone

ad sent by Republicans to Minnesota voters just before Wellstone's death, it resembles a death notice from the Mafia, not a campaign ad

I couldn't  believe it when I read that W Bush regime and Hillary Clinton call boy Anthony Wayne of Afghanistan Kabul Embassy sex slave and heroin trafficking infamy had won the 'Paul Wellstone Anti-Slavery Award' and considered writing that organization a letter of protest until I realized I'd be addressing it to his and his crime boss Hillary Clinton's own U.S. State Department - part of the very U.S. and CIA government fascists WHO MANY SUSPECT PLAYED A ROLE IN HIS DEATH !
The sleazy ex U.S. Ambassador to Argentina and more recently a sub Ambassador,(Vice Ambassador would certainly be an appropriate title), and now U.S.Ambassador to Mexico, represents everything that
Paul Wellstone stood against and fought against even receiving threats from the W Bush administration that Anthony Wayne proudly and perversely represented !

  Bush 41's Opinion Of Paul Wellstone: A 'Chicken Shit'?
By Wayne Madsen
Before we all get sucked into George W. Bush's eulogies of the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone let us not forget what his father, Bush 41, called the Senator at a White House reception for newly-elected members of Congress in 1991.
Wellstone, who ran on a progressive platform, did not think Bush 41 cared one wit about education, health care, and workers' safety issues.
So when Wellstone met Bush in a typical White House pro forma reception line, he used the occasion to urge Bush on three different occasions to spend more time on issues like education and cautioning him against the Persian Gulf War. Of course, Bush was more concerned about fighting the war against Iraq (sound familiar?) and could care less about Wellstone's issues.
After Wellstone violated Bush 41's sanctimonious White House protocol, Bush was overheard saying, "Who is this chicken shit?"
Now after Senator Wellstone was tragically killed in a plane crash and "General" Karl Rove is obviously busy trying to figure out how the tragedy can benefit the GOP's chances of winning control of the Senate, I think it's time to answer old man Bush's question.
Far from being a chicken shit, Wellstone actually cared for people, unlike your pathetic son who could not even find a few minutes to attend one or two funerals of his Washington, DC area neighbors who were tragically shot and killed by a couple of snipers. No, Mr. Bush 41, Paul Wellstone was not a chicken shit, that epitaph is better reserved for you and your moronic son.
Bush was entertaining a brutal dictator at his awful Texas ranch while a group of Democratic leaders -- Governors Glendening and Warner, Senators Sarbanes and Mikulski, DC Mayor Williams, County Executives Duncan and Curry were celebrating the capture of the snipers and consoling the families of their victims. And then we were told that Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash with his wife, daughter, staffers, and pilots. First confirmation of the tragedy came not from the Senator's office or that of Minnesota's governor, but from the scruffy Crawford Ranch. I wanted to puke right then and there on the spot.
Mr. Bush 43: are you the President of the United States or the President of a corporate America resident in Texas? Senator Wellstone certainly knew the answer to that question.
The best memorial for Senator Wellstone is for Democrats, moderate Republicans, and progressives everywhere to turn out the vote on Election Day and keep the Senate Democratic and give the gavel in the House back to Richard Gephardt. It is the best tribute to the late and much-admired "boat rocker" from Minnesota.

Ambassador Anthony Wayne knows all of this as well as the subtle and not so subtle threats that Paul Wellstone received for opposing the 'Masters of War' to paraphrase poetry from his fellow Minnesotan Bob Dylan.And while Paul Wellstone was born 'Jewish' he did not judge nor favor anyone based upon
racial or religious background and set an example that anyone could be proud of as I know his non-Jewish wife and daughter who died with him on that tragic day most certainly were.Perhaps besides the love between his wife and  himself he was attracted to a relationship with a woman who was not' Jewish',(generally meaning a  white woman of Eastern European origin who is taught or conditioned or brainwashed ,(like her male counterparts),to erroneously believe they  are 'Semites' and directly related to old testament biblical characters which we now  know is a complete lie and myth),for the very reason that if he found that ideal intellect  that resonated with his own in a 'Jewish' woman any child produced from such a marriage would be subject  to targeting by Zionists who would try to use those roots for ill,such as supporting the religio-police state of Israel,just as they did to secular German Jews with cooperation and collution of the Nazis in Germany and Eastern Europe in the Nazi era,rather than the  counrty he had grown up in and grown to love,the Midwest of the United States, with its  Constitution that called for separation of church and state and by that also separation between  state and synagogue and state and mosque as well,something Zionists as well as fundamentalist Christians and even some fundie Jews often oppose,possibly in the end,to their own and their children's detriment.:

Denying Nazi-Zionist CollusionPaul


When facts first emerged in the 1950s about Zionist-Nazi collusion, it caused considerable scandal in Israel and led to the fall of the Israeli government of the time. A number of books are dedicated to this subject and it is discussed in numerous others, almost all by Jewish and/or Israeli authors. The topic inspired novels by well-known Israeli writers Amos Elon and Neil Gordon, was the subject of a 1987 British play, and was portrayed in a 1994 Israeli docudrama. It’s surprising that Steinberg and the Board of Rabbis make no indication of ever having heard anything about this.
Popular American playwright and fervent Zionist Ben Hecht wrote the first book on the subject, “Perfidy,” relating the history of a Hungarian Zionist leader who arranged for his family and several hundred prominent Jews to escape while facilitating the movement of the rest of Hungarian Jews to Nazi concentration camps.
Hannah Arendt, in her 1960 book “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report in the Banality of Evil,” writes: “To a Jew this role of the Jewish leaders in the destruction of their own people is undoubtedly the darkest chapter of the whole dark story.”
In “The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine” (containing an afterword by ADL head Abe Foxman), pro-Israel writer Edwin Black reports that in 1933 Zionist leaders concluded a secret pact with the Third Reich that transferred 60,000 Jews and $100,000 to Palestine, Zionists promising in return that they would halt the worldwide boycott “that threatened to topple the Hitler regime in its first year.”
Author-researcher Lenni Brenner wrote of Zionist-Nazi collusion in “Zionism in the Age of Dictators,” of which the London Times stated: “Brenner is able to cite numerous cases where Zionists collaborated with anti-Semitic regimes, including Hitler’s.”
Brenner’s second book on the topic, “51 Documents, Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis,” includes a 1940 letter from underground Zionist terrorist leader Avraham Stern proposing that Jewish militias would fight on Germany’s side in exchange for Nazi help in creating an “historic Jewish state.”
In “What Price Israel,” American Council for Judaism member Alfred Lilienthal describes FDR’s efforts to set up a program to rescue refugees, only to find Zionists sabotaging it. Roosevelt explained: “The Zionist movement knows that Palestine is, and will be for some time, a remittance society. They know that they can raise vast sums for Palestine by saying to donors, ‘There is no other place this poor Jew can go.’”.......

Paul Wellstone  would be turning in his grave to know an Ambassador representing the very war criminals of  the W Bush and now CIA and Zionist prostitute Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro regimes,with the help of terrorist Zionists such as Homeland Securiy 'Czars' such as Michael Chertoff and now Janet Napolitano who have hijacked and virtually destroyed the U.S.Constitution he loved and replaced with the Un-Constitutional Patriot Act, were now using his name in a place where they have committed war crimes,allowed heroin and opium to flourish for their  personal use to illicitly enrich themselves or fund unending worldwide terrorism even against our own people,American,hide behind Wellstone's good name because they have tarnished their own so badly !
The  W Bush and Dick Cheney regime along with Zionist agent Saboteurs such as Michael Chertoff  who staged a coup  against the American Costiturion itself and overnight brought us back to a religious dark age  Paul Wellstone,  who loved freedom and the U.S.Constitution, who received threats from scum like also threatened Paul Wellstone's life before he died in that plane crash in Minnesots under still controversial and inexplicable circumstances.Fascist Zionist CIA plants in the U.S.Supreme Court itself continue to ignore the U.S.Constitution and place more credence on the Israeli Patriot Act of Zionist terrorist and war and terrorism profiteer Michael Chertoff and like State Department prostitute Hillary Clinton  cynically use Guantanamo itself and 'rendition' flights to run flights to South America for their personal cocaine trafficking and probably based on that fact and the huge growth of heroin cultivation since the U.S.occupation, also use Guantanamo to traffic Afghanistan heroin from as well !(This,including the airplanes and  their tail numbers was documented in my last blog and elsewhere.)This also illicitly enriches the Russian-Israeli Jewish, or better put ,the international Zionist mafia who helped put them in power with political donations and fuels further terrorism in Latin America as well by narco terrorists such as Zetas that we now know have been funded by the U.S.government itself that these criminals have usurped - now with collusion of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro ! If I had nor spent ten years investigating and observing I would find it hard to believe what I myself am writing !

CIA,HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking Cocaine


We know that before his tragic death that Paul Wellstone was the only real opposition in Congress to this whole 'conspiracy',(this is why we have or had 'anti-conspiracy laws before 9/11),and thus was for them a relatively easy target after the complexity of 9/11 and he did receive threats from this overt and subvert intenational criminal conspiracy before his unexplained airplane crash.His was both the crucial  and most eloquent voice opposing the unending world, and particularly Middle East, war the fascists who have taken over our government pre-meditated and continue to wage while even the European far right controls their own cowed citizens with NATO and the EU bureaucracy simultaneouly !
And now it appears that a friend speaking from his hospital bed, Pat O’Reilly,who I have never heard of and until now know nothing about,comes forh to tell us,for the first time that,early on,Paul Wellstone was not only putting the most vocal and almost sole political opposition to the wars that were already prepared pre 9/11
by traitors and foreign agents within the U.S. and outside it,but he had expressed a desire to have a real 9/11
investigation,(something sleazy cowards and prostitutes like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul always dodged),but that Dick Cheney had personally and directly threatened him prior to his death to specifically back away from calling for a real 9/11 investigation !While I am always skeptical of the as a source as well as Alex Jones although he ofen lies by ommision rather than by what he releases and knowing he is himself involved like Ron Paul with CIA and London Zionists connected stock fraudsters of Agora Inc.,I believe that the maker of the video documentary at link below and the   quote and interview of witnesses to the crash as well as the person, Pat O'Reilly, who states he was a friend of Paul Wellstone is certainly new news and a new angle on Wellstone's intent of a real 9/11/01 investigation just before his mysterious death.:

[Very Heavy Video Preview] Senator Paul Wellstone: They Killed Him For 9/11 Questions — Although warned by Dick Cheney to “tow the line”, Senator Paul Wellstone questioned the official version of 9/11. For that he paid with his life. What follows are interviews with eyewitnesses, first responders and friends on his fatal “air crash”…

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Now we know why — Senator Paul Wellstone, good guy!!!
– –
From: BeforeItIsNews
by Julius Sequerra
“There are so many things going on re 9/11 that just don’t make sense”.
– Senator Paul Wellstone
“I asked him how his week had been. He said, ‘it’s been tough. Vice President Cheney called me in and told me to get on their bandwagon or there would be serious ramifications in Minnesota. ‘And stop sticking your nose into 9/11; there are some rumors going around, but we are going to get to the bottom of this.’ When Paul made this statement, there were about 10 military veterans standing around us, and he spoke to them about 9/11…’There are so many things going on about 9/11 that just don’t make sense…’ Wellstone knew 9/11 was staged. Wellstone was after 9/11.”
–Pat O’Reilly, Wellstone’s close friend.
Although warned by Dick Cheney to “tow the line”, Senator Paul Wellstone questioned the official version of 9/11. For that he paid with his life. What follows are interviews with eyewitnesses, first responders and friends on his fatal “air crash”…
“The Joint Operations Command (JSOC): It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on.”

It would certainly be good if Minnesotans and other Americans who don't want Paul Wellstone's name tarnished and associated  with Hillary Clinton's Kabul U.S.Embassy with its history of  Armorguard 'security guard' perverted orgies, sex trafficking or 'human trafficking' and even sex slavery and threats to 'fuck' subserviant male Afghanistan employees and forcing alcohol upon them against their religious beliefs,etc.,etc.,that the State Department of  Hillary Clinton represents and that so generously lent Paul Wellstone's name to the scumbag Tony Wayne that he could use it to pretend he is something he isn't - i.e.- a
decent ethical human being,then just little human dignity however small might be saved from that Whore of Babylon Hillary Clinton and her Israeli Russian Jewish mafia she allows free reign to traffic humans and drugs into and out of Guantanamo and from South America to Mexico to the U.S. and parts in between including apparently through Europe while its decadent 'leaders' pretend not to see !
Although Paul Wellstone was born 'Jewish',(meaning a white person of usually Eastern European ethnic
origen and NOT of Semitic or Middle Estern origen as Zionists and religious fundies who wish us to return to their religious dark age would have us erroneoulsy believe),he was NOT a Zionist nor did he prostitute himself to them as does the cheap call boy Anthony Wayne and his drug trafficking crime boss Hillary Clinton and by association,Barack Obama whose step father,Indonesian Colonel Lolo Soetoro,besides being in the Indonesian military at the time of historic massacre of Indonesian citizens with the U.S.government involved behind the scenes, appears to have had U.S. 'intelligence' connections to enter the school in Hawaii that he attended at the time he met Obama's unwed mother in Hawaii.And there is little doubt that Obama or Barry Soetoro would have turned up in Pakistan of all places in the 1980's in the mid of daddy Bush's,'s Al Qaeda training and creation days to fight the Russians without having inherited these contacts from his mother dearest Anne Dunham who appers to have had U.S. 'intelligence' and official U.S.government and U.S. Indonesian Embassy connections of her own..
Nonetheless in remaining silent on Guantanamo rendition planes running cocaine that  can be directly connected to Hillary Clinton's Russian Jewish campaign contributers and those who gave to her NY Senatorial political campaigns,etc.,etc. says as much for Barack Obama as it does about Hillary Clinton herself !
And no Paul Wellstone does not want his name associated with that either nor any low life call boy like Anthony Wayne who has profited by representing the very war crimes and illegal occupations of other nations that he himself  opposed, possibly at the price of his life!
I have already posted above a link to my last blog that discusses the Guatanamo cocaine trafficking
scandal linked to Hillary's Russian Israeli Jewish mafia 'friends' that  implicates the U.S. military or whoever controls the out of control Guantanamo fiasco that should be returned to its proper  owners, the Cuban people,who could not possibly do more harm with it than than fascists who slander Paul Wellstone's name who opposed them to his grave.

Why did AnthonyWayne go to the U.S.State Department's infamous 'human trafficking' Kabul Embassy in the first place if he opposed 'human trafficking' as he lyingly claims to the Mexican people and why has opium production actually increased from its record levels in Afghanistan since his vacation there  !? Is this the kind of 'ethics' that Paul Wellstone would have approved of ? I don't think so !

Ambassador Wayne Receives 2008 Paul Wellstone Anti-Slavery
4 Dec 2008 – Ambassador Wayne Receives 2008 Paul Wellstone
Anti-Slavery ... Ambassador Wayne honored by the US Department of
State as the 2008 Paul ... E. Anthony Wayne today has been honored by
the U.S. Department of State ...

 Wayne has experience with drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, money laundering, terrorism....(I'll bet he does,ha ha)

5 Aug 2011 – Earl Anthony "Tony" Wayne, confirmed this week to be the new U.S. ambassador ... Of human trafficking, Wayne said, "It will be a priority for me.

 (SBU) Deputy Minister Ibrahim Azbar noted that the import of precursor chemicals (used to turned opium paste into heroin) was one of the biggest counternarcotics problems currently facing Afghanistan, asking whether it would be possible to obtain assistance from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Ambassador Wayne agreed that better control of precursor chemicals was needed, and pointed to the recent (Afghan) Presidential decree banning ammonium nitrate as a good example of using the National Security Council structure as a way to address cross-cutting issues that have national security implications. .......

Thanks to Ambassadors like W Bush's and Hillary Clinton's prostitute Anthony Wayne ,'Afghan Heroin Production Up 61% in the Past Year Alone'.Obviously as far as heroin production and trafficking is concerned in U.S.military and CIA controlled Afghanistan,we as world citizens would be much better off if the Taliban were in control rather than the same  W Bush regime people who created the Al Qaedawho also
still control Barack Obama behind the scene which includes the decadent Lords of London and their Zionist masters with the Rothschild octopus still manipulating with its international Israeli and Russian Jewish mafia tentacles.:

The West is losing the heroin war in Afghanistan – ten years after Tony Blair pledged that wiping out the drug was one of the main reasons for invading the country.
Despite spending £18billion and a conflict which has so far cost the lives of almost 400 British troops, production of the class-A drug by Afghan farmers rose between 2001 and 2011 from just 185 tons to a staggering 5,800 tons.
It increased by 61 per cent last year alone........

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted today heroin production in Afghanistan has risen 61 per cent in the past year despite billions of pounds being spent by Britain and others to crack down on the Taliban.

It takes a lot of nerve,most of it not in the brain,for the new U.S.Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne to
tell the Mexican people,who would really just like not to be gunned down in the streets by the narco traffickers the U.S.has trained and armed there,that he has come to put a halt to 'human trafficking' on the U.S.-Mexico border in light of the fact that he has just comme from overseeing the largest slave prostitution
market in the world in Afghanistan !
Wonder what U.S Ambassador to Mexico,Anthony Wayne's, strategy was  for ending the Afghanistan sex slavery that was pioneered out of Hillary Clinton's State Department and his Kabul Embassy for a looong time by the ArmourGuard Embassy 'sex slavery' perverts,(who still 'guard' U.S. nuclear plants by the way just as Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops of Israeli 9/11 WTC mass murder suspect Menachem Atzmon's ICTS Internation STILL 'GUARD' U.S. AIRPORTS!)....Did he ban condoms ? And he says he will end 'human trafficking' on the U.S.-Mexican border after coming from the Kabul U.S. Embassy that is infamous for running sex slavery out of !:

The brothels in Kabul are euphemistically referred to as “Chinese restaurants.”
They acquired this name because Chinese government operatives helped to create some of them, in the shadow of legitimate Chinese restaurants, as part of their intelligence-gathering network. Many of these non-Afghan prostitutes have been trafficked into the country. A June 23, 2008, report from a prominent UK feminist web site ( entitled: Women trafficked to Afghanistan to meet demand from Westerners by Jess McCabe, details how Chinese women are tricked into moving to Afghanistan under the belief that they will be working in a legitimate restaurant.
In Kabul Cat Houses Are No Secret (September 17, 2009), Bill Roggio in reported that: A U.S. Embassy subcontractor named RA International was actually running one of the Kabul brothels.
Mr. Roggio discovered that RA was a subcontractor to the U.S. Embassy’s prime security contractor – ArmorGroup. Wayne Madsen, writing for Online Journal on September 15, 2009, reported that a senior RA official was actually living at one of the Chinese brothels, called the “Light House.” Mr. Madsen reported on objections lodged by the Afghan government about RA; objections which were ignored by the U.S. Embassy. Richard Lardner, reporting for the Huffington Post on November 10, 2009, recounted the testimony of James Gordon, former director of operations for ArmorGroup. Gordon stated that Congress had been misled about whether ArmorGroup employees frequented brothels known to house trafficked women. He detailed his briefings to State Department officials regarding security risks created by his company, but was ignored. In response to these events, there is silence and inaction from Hillary Clinton and her Embassy in Kabul. This silence and inaction are not limited to sex trafficking, but extends to other Western vices that have reappeared in Kabul, including alcohol abuse at the U.S. Embassy. To this reporter’s knowledge, no State Department officials have been disciplined for any of these matters.
The State Department is not alone in its tolerance regarding the victimization of Afghan women. The British newspaper The Sun ran a story on April 7, 2008 entitled: “NATO Men Romp in Afghan Brothels”
Sun Defense Editor Tom Newton Dunn detailed how NATO troops were observed drinking contraband alcohol and heading off to rooms with prostitutes. It quoted a NATO official as stating that one out of every five NATO civilians in Afghanistan frequent these brothels. The official feared that such conduct and the public reaction to it would eventually derail the NATO security mission. The report quoted Afghan Member of Parliament Shukria Barakzai as stating that if this conduct continues: “They will undermine their reason for being here.”
Secretary Clinton’s silence and the silence of her regional Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to the sexual abuse of women is not new.
As detailed in a chilling book: Rape Warfare – The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia by Beverly Allen, there were numerous sightings during the 1980’s of U.N. personnel and UNPROFOR troops at Serbian rape locations, including Sonja’s Kin Tiki restaurant/rape camp in Vogosca and the Park Hotel also in Vogosca.
“Visitors” to these locations allegedly included the U.N. Protection Force Commander in Sarajevo, Canadian Major General Lewis MacKenzie, along with senior military observer Richard Grey. Witnesses observed New Zealand, French, Ukrainian and African peacekeepers at these locations. These criminal acts have apparently not ceased. On May 6, 2004, the BBC headline was Kosovo UN Troops ‘fuel sex’ trade......

 apparently there were no prosecutions of these men. This was followed on October 19, 2005, by The New York Times headline:
“Report Finds U.N. Isn’t Moving to End Sex Abuse by Peacekeepers.”
The Report revealed that the United Nations remains unimpressed and unconcerned regarding the crimes of sexual assault and rape. Likewise, the UN’s war crimes tribunal at The Hague, for political reasons, declined to prosecute any of the victors for these offenses. Only the losers get prosecuted. First Lady (and now Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Administration’s Special Ambassador to Yugoslavia Richard Holbrooke were then, and remain today, conspicuously silent regarding what occurred to women in Bosnia and Kosovo, just as they remain so today about Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan 'Liberation':Barack Obama,Joe Lieberman Protect U.S. Kabul Embassy Wackenhut slave prostituton traffickers,vodka orgies

 I had meant to post my thought and opinion about Wackenhut 'security' guards at the U.S.Embassy in Kabul,Aghanistan in 2009 as news was breaking although the Israeli 'news' agencies of Wolf Blitzer's CNN and Rupert Murdoch's Fox  News of course weren't reporting it.Why isn't Wolf Blitzer in jail with his pal Jonathan Pollard by now for working as an agent  for a foreign government anyways ?! 
Recent Taliban attacks in the center of Kabul made me decide to blog some of these past scandals that make Taliban treatment of women seem moderate by comparison........

 Whistleblowers vs. the 101st Tequila BrigadeBy
Email Author
September 11, 2009
Last week, allegations surfaced that the contracted guard force at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul had descended into a booze-soaked debauch. The drunken antics weren’t the worst part: An investigation by the Project on Government Oversight and previous congressional testimony raised larger concerns about the State Department’s management of its private security guards in Afghanistan, and ArmorGroup, which holds the $187 million embassy security contract, was accused of cutting corners to put in the winning bid.
 Now the whistleblowers are coming forward. This week, two former employees of ArmorGroup fired a lawsuit against the firm claiming they were forced out for blowing the whistle on employee misconduct and other problems. But the most shocking allegation was raised by whistleblower James Gordon, former director of operations at ArmorGroup, who claimed that the firm quashed an investigation into employees frequenting brothels in Kabul that housed trafficked women.
Above U.S.State Department's and Major Drug Trafficker Hillary Clinton's Kabul,Afghanistan Embassy  'Security Guards who also bought and importeed Chinese women as sex slaves !That who U.S.Mexico Ambassador Anthony Wayne and Arnold 'Swartzenegger' Chacon represent ! Yech !.....

See Also:
  Below is one paragraph with link to entire letter addessed to  South and Central America's perhaps
largest drug trafficker,Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,from POGO or Project On Government Oversight:

OGO Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding U.S. Embassy in Kabul

September 1, 2009

The Honorable Hillary Clinton
Secretary, Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Clinton:

 As you know, last month eight rockets were fired into Kabul, two landing near the U.S. Embassy.1  Not long after, at least seven people were killed and 91 wounded, including children, when a suicide bomber struck close to the Embassy......
 In light of this increasingly violent and uncertain environment, effective security of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and the nearly one thousand U.S. diplomats, staff, and Afghan nationals who work there 4 is paramount. Security for the Embassy is provided under a Department of State contract with ArmorGroup, North America (AGNA), which is now owned by Wackenhut Services, Inc. (Wackenhut).5 Some 450 guards and their supervisors protect the Embassy and are quartered at Camp Sullivan, a few miles from the Embassy...
 Failed management of security contractors by the Department of State is not new, and since the 2007 Iraqi Mansour Square massacre involving five Blackwater personnel, the State Department has promised repeatedly to strengthen its oversight.8 Yet, as in Iraq, the Department of State has utterly failed to properly manage another contractor, this time at the U.S. Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan.....
 Numerous emails, photographs, and videos portray a Lord of the Flies environment. One email from a current guard describes scenes in which guards and supervisors are "peeing on people, eating potato chips out of [buttock] cracks, vodka shots out of [buttock] cracks (there is video of that one), broken doors after drnken [sic] brawls, threats and intimidation from those leaders participating in this activity…." 
 Multiple guards say this deviant hazing has created a climate of fear and coercion, with those who declined to participate often ridiculed, humiliated, demoted, or even fired. The result is an environment that is dangerous and volatile. Some guards have reported barricading themselves in their rooms for fear that those carrying out the hazing will harm them physically. Others have reported that AGNA management has begun to conduct a witch hunt to identify employees who have provided information about this atmosphere to POGO.....
 There is also evidence that members of the guard force and their supervisors have drawn Afghan nationals into behavior forbidden for Muslims. For example, photographs show guards posing with Afghan nationals at the U.S. facility at Camp Sullivan as both the guards and nationals consume alcoholic beverages in scenes that suggest drunkenness, and one photo shows a near-naked U.S. guard who appears to have urinated on himself and splashed an Afghan national. Afghanistan is a conservative Muslim country where alcohol consumption and public nudity are considered offensive and, in some instances, prohibited by law......
 Numerous guards raised concerns to POGO about a Spring 2009 extended reconnaissance mission outside the Embassy perimeter for which guard force supervisors took weapons, night vision goggles, and other equipment from Embassy stores. Photographs posted on the internet show Embassy guards hiding in abandoned buildings in Kabul, armed, dressed as Afghans (despite contractual requirements that they be in uniform when on duty), engaged in a mission for which they had never trained. AGNA guards train for their mission of static security of the Embassy, not for reconnaissance exercises away from the Embassy.....
 According to many guards, another situation in which Embassy security may have been compromised is when, on at least one occasion, supervisors brought prostitutes in to Camp Sullivan. This is a breach of security and discipline made worse because the prostitutes were escorted to the facility by some guard force supervisors themselves. Some interviewees recalled that two AGNA guard force supervisors made no secret that, to celebrate a birthday, they brought prostitutes into Camp Sullivan, which maintains a sign-in log. Women believed to be prostitutes were observed attending the birthday party.........
Alleged Victimization of Afghan NationalsAn Afghan national employed as a food service worker at the guard corps' base at Camp Sullivan submitted a signed statement dated August 16, 2009, attesting that a guard force supervisor and four others entered a dining facility on August 1, 2009, wearing only short underwear and brandishing bottles of alcohol. Upon leaving the facility, the guard force supervisor allegedly grabbed the Afghan national by the face and began abusing him with foul language, saying, "You are very good for fXXXing." The Afghan national reported that he "was too afraid of them I could not tell them any thing." (Attachment 4)


U.S. protecting opium farms in Afghanistan
Author: Jeremy D Hoover
The U.S. military protects opium fields in Afghanistan and has fueled a massive increase in opium production since 2001.
Our U.S. soldiers are told they must protect the farms because it is a staple crop for the economy.
But what they aren’t told is opium production was virtually eliminated by 2001 and has increased dramatically since our invasion.
The drug dealers down the street are not growing heroin, you have to ask yourself how and why so much is on our streets.

Afghanistan's opium cultivation 1994-2010.
In 2010 Geraldo Rivera reported the protection was for the best interest of the local population, and that we needed to protect to crop to avoid an uprising.
“We are tolerating the cultivation of the opium because we know that if we were to destroy it now, the population would turn against the Marines and it would be a real security risk. … We can’t eradicate these crops for security reasons.”
Wait, so it’s not a security risk to invade a country and destroy thousands of homes, libraries, schools, but it is a threat to security to stop opium production?
Why don’t we just allow them to do it if it’s so vital to their economy, and not encourage it by providing protection for farmers?

This is not the only time in U.S. history that our government and the CIA have been involved with international drug trade. It was proven by the late 1980s Oliver North, Donald Greg (CIA), George H.W. Bush and dozens more from our government, military or CIA had ties to the cocaine, heroin and the arms trade.
For its entire existence the CIA has had ties to drug trade, among other illegal activities, and we have to realize it’s no different today.

This is part of a larger problem with our foreign policy. The government says we are the policemen of the world, but it imposes ideals on people rather than allowing them to practice self-determination.
Furthermore, the current policy fuels the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us to keep under control during his farewell address in 1961. And, apparently, it allows groups like the CIA to profit from foreign resources.
Among the current presidential candidates Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has the most sensible foreign policy, and this new information should help put that into perspective. We need to be the most well defended nation in the world, but we don’t need to be growing opium and imposing our ideals on foreign people.
Listen to what Rep. Paul said in 1988 on the CIA and drug trafficking.

(So called 'libertarians are not be trusted either,they have their own right wing agenda and Ron Paul has lied about stocks being 'naked shorted' which is a scam to cover up for elite stock manipulators and scammers including Ron Paul who is alied with CIA and uk Lords of London in stock scams and money laundering ops against you and me.However,what hew says here in his younger years at time of Iran-Contra including about Georgwe Bush is quite interesting and he should know.-Tony Ryals)


Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

For our government to maintain its credibility, we need an open and acccountable independent investigation into the death of Paul Wellstone.
 Paul Wellstone was the only progressive in the U.S. Senate. Mother Jones magazine once described him as, "The first 1960s radical elected to the U.S. senate." He was also the last. Since defeating incumbent Republican Rudy Boschowitz 12 years ago in a grassroots upset, Wellstone emerged as the strongest, most persistent, most articulate and most vocal Senate opponent of the Bush administration.
In a senate that is one heartbeat away from Republican control, Wellstone was more than just another Democrat. He was often the lone voice standing firm against the status-quo policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans. As such, he earned the special ire of the Bush administration and the Republican Party, who made Wellstone's defeat that party's number one priority this year.
Various White House figures made numerous recent campaign stops in Minnesota to stump for the ailing campaign of Wellstone's Republican opponent, Norm Coleman. Despite being outspent and outgunned, however, polls show that Wellstone's popularity surged after he voted to oppose the Senate resolution authorizing George Bush to wage war in Iraq. He was pulling ahead of Coleman and moving toward a victory that would both be an embarrassment to the Bush administration and to Democratic Quislings such as Hillary Clinton who voted to support "the president."
Then he died.
Wellstone now joins the ranks of other American politicians who died in small plane crashes. Another recent victim was Missouri's former Democratic governor, Mel Carnahan, who lost his life in 2000, three weeks before Election Day, during his Senatorial race against John Ashcroft. Carnahan went on to become the first dead man to win a Senatorial race, humiliating and defeating the unpopular Ashcroft posthumously. Ashcroft, despite his unpopularity, went on to be appointed Attorney General by George W. Bush. Investigators determined that Carnahan's plane went down due to "poor visibility."
Carnahan was the second Missouri politician to die in a small plane crash. The first was Democratic Representative Jerry Litton, whose plane crashed the night he won the Democratic nomination for senate in 1976. His Republican opponent ultimately captured the seat from his successor in November.
While an article in the New York Times on Saturday pointed out the danger politicians face due to their heavy air travel schedules, the death of a senator or member of Congress is still relatively rare, with only one other sitting U.S. Senator, liberal Republican John Heinz, dying in a plane crash since World War II. Heinz, who entered office as an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, later emerged as a strong proponent of health care, social services, public transportation and the environment. He also urged reconciliation with Cuba. He died when the landing gear on his small plane failed to function, and a helicopter dispatched to survey the problem crashed into his plane.
One former senator, John Tower, also died in a small plane crash. Tower was best known as the chair of the Tower Commission, which investigated the Reagan/Bush era Iran/Contra scandal.
Another member of a prominent government commission who died in a small plane crash was former Democratic representative and House Majority Leader Hale Boggs. Boggs was best known as one of the seven members of the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The commission found that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone when he killed the president. Boggs, it turns out, had "strong doubts" that Oswald acted alone, but went along with the commission findings. Later, in 1971 and 1972, he went public with his doubts. He was presumed dead after the small plane carrying him and Democratic Representative Nicholas Begich disappeared in 1972.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

,HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking Cocaine

In light of the FACT that Hillary Clinton conducted her 2008 U.S.Presidential campaign in a Gulfstream II belonging to the same offshore shell companies that also owned the Gulfstream II that landed in Guantanamo perhaps with more prisoners of the Middle East or Europe for 'rendition' or torture or whatever the U.S. military  and apparently international Russian-Israeli-Jewish mafia  who run Guantanamo do with - or perhaps with the sole purpose of using Guantanamo for Afghanistan opium and or heroin 'rendition' there ! If the U.S. is serious about Central America and Latin America cracking down on drug trafficking then it would appear Hillary Clinton and many other U.S. and Israeli,(I consider the Jewish Russian oligarchs whose Gulfstream II  landed in Guantamo.possibly carrying Afghanistan heroin and definitely trafficking in cocaine immediately after whatever or whomever the 'rendered' in Guantanamo to be as much  citizen of Israel as of Russia itself.Yes even Vladmir Putin has some blame here as well.)and perhaps European officials must be arrested on her next trip there.And Ambassador Chacon and all U.S.Embassadors throughout Latin America must need be called to to offices of the heads of state around Latin America and taken to task for using Guantanamo,Cuba and virtually all countries thoughout Latin America for drug trafficking operations !
Is this what the U.S.government of Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama want ? It appears to be what he and Jioe Biden and U.S. Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano are demanding and it sounds like a good idea to me.

Avión CIA con Coca + mafia ruso-judía + Giuliani + ¿Cardoen?AutorMensaje Isra-hell

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Siguiendo la caída de un avión de la CIA con 4 toneladas de coca, nos encontramos que estaba relacionado con la mafia ruso-judía y estos con donativos a las campañas de Rudy Giuliani y la Hillary Clinton.
Sigiendo a Rudy Gugliani, nos encontramos con relaciones con ¡¡¡ Carlos Cardoen !!!; ¡¡ qué vueltas tiene la vida !!

MEXICO: Jet plane that crashed with 4 tons of cocaine tied to the CIA and the Russian MafiaOn September 24 a Grumman Gulfstream II jet airplane crashed near Cancun, Mexico with 4 tons of cocaine. The jet plane had been circling around the town of Tixkokob when it apparently ran out of fuel. Citizens of Tixkokob called authorities and Mexican army helicopters arrived to find the jet plane in three pieces and with 4 tons of high grade cocaine.
Mexican authorities have determined that the shipment of cocaine was to be delivered to Mexican drug cartels and have now focused on who owned the jet plane. Their preliminary findings of who owned the Gulfstream II jet plane with, tail number N987SA, now threatens to open up another Iran/Contra - CIA Crack Cocaine type scandal.
Apparently the same jet plane N987SA was used by the CIA to transport Muslim prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The CIA is known to use a number of front corporate entities to hide their operations. Also, when registering their planes, they utilize a complex series of "change of ownership" filings with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to make it very difficult to trace the true owner of the planes they use in their operations.
The Gulfstream II jet plane with tail number N987SA was initially traced to William Achenbaum, a wealthy New York real estate tycoon. Mr. Achenbaum says that the jet plane was being managed by Air Rutter International that according to the New York Post is owned by Arik Kislin of Long Island in New York (See New York Post 'CRASH JET HAD AIR OF MYSTERY' ). Kislin and Achenbaum are principals of the Hotel Gansevoort in New York. (See New York Post 'SHADY 'INN' CROWD') Arik Kislin is the nephew of Semyon Kislin that the Center for Public Integrity alleges is a powerful Russian Mafia member. (See ) The Kislin family have made very large contributions to the political campaigns of Rudy Giuliani.
William Achenbaum says that he sold the plane in August to a Florida company called Donna Blue Aircraft run by Brazilians Joao Luiz Malago and Eduardo Dias Guimaraes. The two Brazilians in turn say that they sold the jet plane on September 16 to Clyde O’Connor and Greg Smith of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Federal Aviation Administration however is saying that it was never informed of the sales and that they never issued any certificates. (Update: The FAA has now posted a temporary registration certificate to Donna Blue Aircraft dated 08/31/2007 that was to expire on 09/30/2007 but still no certificate for Clyde O’Connor or Greg Smith )
Two days after the alleged purchase, the Gulfstream II left Fort Lauderdale to Cancun, Mexico and then to Río Negro, Colombia. The jet plane loaded with the 4 tons of cocaine than left to Cancun where it crashed on September 24.

The Gulfstream II jet plane (tail number N987SA) travels to and from Guantanamo, Cuba:
30.05.03 from Oxford, CT (USA) to Guantanamo
30.05.03 from Guantanamo to Washington
12.04.04 from Washington to Guantanamo
20.01.05 from Washington to Guantanamo
20.01.05 from Guantanamo to Washington

[cia-drugs] Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:10:13 -0700 Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime publication date: Oct 15, 2007 Previous | Next   October 15, 2007 -- Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime On September 24, 2007, a Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA) crashed landed in Yucatan, Mexico with 3.3 metric tons (3.7 tons) of cocaine on board.

The plane had recently been sold to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida, a firm owned by two Brazilians, and re-sold, shortly before the crash, to two Florida businessmen. N987SA had also flown patterns to and from Guantanamo Bay similar to those flown by CIA rendition aircraft Before being sold to Donna Blue, the Gulfstream had been owned by Air Rutter International, a firm with offices in Garden City, New York; Long Beach and Irvine, California, whose owner is Arik Kislin, the son of Sam Kislin. N987SA was owned by Kislin's business partner, William Achenbaum, an owner, along with Arik Kislin, of Manhattan's Hotel Gansevoort. 

Air Rutter leased out the aircraft. WMR has learned that another Air Rutter Gulfstream II (tail number N216RR) has flown presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, including a January 2007 stop in Des Moines, Iowa. The plane, which has a crew of 3, including a jump seat for a flight attendant, and can handle up to 13 passengers, has a fully galley, a private lavatory, plush leather seats, conference seats and table, CD/DVD entertainment system, a 21 inch monitor, satellite telephone system, and even an espresso machine. 

On October 9, 2007, WMR reported: Arik's uncle, Semyon (Sam) Kislin, a member of the New York City Economic Development Board and immigrant from Odessa, has poured substantial political donations into the past campaigns in New York of Hillary Clinton and [Rudolph] Giuliani. He has also contributed to past campaigns of New York Senator Charles Schumer, former Republican Senator Alphonse D'Amato, and President Bill Clinton. The Center for Public Integrity has previously reported that a 1996 Interpol report connected Sam Kislin's Trans Commodities, Inc. to two reputed Uzbek mobsters, Lev and Mikhail Chernoy. 

The Interpol connected Kislin's firm to the Chernoys' fraud and embezzlement schemes. Kislin confirmed that Mikhail Chernoy had been employed by his Trans Commodities firm. The Chernoy brothers are citizens of Israel. [The Chenoys have been linked to a worldwide empire of front companies and corporate shells in Monaco, the Bahamas, Cyprus, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, the Cayman Islands, Western Samoa, London, Isle of Man, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Brighton Beach (Brooklyn), Liechtenstein, and Vanuatu]. 

Between 1994 and 1997, Sam Kislin and his wife Ludmila, gave Giuliani $14,250 in contributions. In 1997, after Giuliani maxed out on his GOP contributions, $9.7 million, Kislin donated $30,000 to Giuliani through the Liberal Party, the other ticket on which Giuliani was running for re-election as mayor. In May 1999, Sam Kislin co-chaired a Giuliani Senate race fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York. The gathering raised $2.1 million for Giuliani's aborted senate campaign. Arik Kislin contributed $1000 to Giuliani's 1995 mayoral campaign and his Blonde Management shared office space with Sam Kislin's Trans Commodities. Sam Kislin, his wife Ludmila, their son David, and daughter Regina gave $2000 to Schumer's 1998 Senate campaign. 

Sam also gave Schumer's opponent, D'Amato, $1000. Sam Kislin is also a prominent supporter of the United Jewish Appeal and Israel. Arik Kislin gave Hillary Clinton $4000 in 2006, specifically on Sept. 12, 2006. That same day an Olya Kislin also donated $4000 to Hillary Clinton. On October 1, 2007, the New York Post reported that an ex-employee of Air Rutter, Mark Billey, subsequently arrested on federal child sex charges, said he noted a number of armed U.S. Marshals at Air Rutter's facilities in Long Beach, however, given the connection between the firm and Clinton, the federal agents may have been part of Senator Clinton's Secret Service detail. 

Clinton has made several fundraising visits to the Los Angeles area over the past year. On October 9, WMR also reported that Arik Kislin is associated with another airline company, Skookum Air, Inc. Government records indicate that Clinton's N216RR was owned by Skookum Air, as well as Air Rutter International, with the actual registered owner listed as GS-II Holdings, LLC, a firm registered in Delaware with offices listed at 35 E. 21st St. Suite 500, New York, NY. On October 4, 2007, when Senator Clinton visited Chicago to attend a "Republicans for Hillary" fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency, N216RR was parked at Chicago Midway Airport. 

Recently, N216RR has been put up for sale.


In the early hours of Wednesday morning, two large pieces of cloth were hung in prominent places in the provincial capital Flores, with variations on the following message, reports Prensa Libre:
To all the civil and military authorities and the general population ... stop persecuting the clan or we will start to kill, we are going to launch grenades in the discos and shopping malls of Peten ... this is Z territory, we don't want a war against the government, this is the warning. Sincerely, Z-200"

Mexican cartel’s founding members trained at Fort Bragg: report

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Friday, October 22, 2010 16:38 EDT
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The US military may have inadvertently taught one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels advanced military tactics, an al-Jazeera investigation alleges.
In the early 1990s, members of an elite Mexican military squad were trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics techniques. Ironically, somewhere between 30 and 200 of the approximately 500 Mexican soldiers who trained there went on to form the Zetas drug cartel, al-Jazeera reports.
Craig Deare, whom al-Jazeera describes as “a former US special operations commander,” told the news network that the Mexican soldiers “were given map reading courses, communications, standard special forces training, light to heavy weapons, machine guns and automatic weapons.”
Al-Jazeera reports:
The Mexican personnel who received US training and later formed the Zetas came from the Airmobile Special Forces Group (GAFE), which is considered an elite division of the Mexican military….
After US training, GAFE operatives defected from the Mexican military to become hired guns, providing security to the Gulf cartel, a well established trafficking organization, according to Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas program of the International Relations Center.
“They split from the Gulf cartel and formed as a cartel in their own right,” Carlsen, based in Mexico City, told Al Jazeera.
The Zetas’ alleged current leaders, Heriberto Lazcano, known as Z-3 and Miguel Trevino, or Z-40, were first recruited by Osiel Cardenas, the now-jailed leader of the Gulf cartel. The name “Zetas” originates from the radio code “Z” used by top military commanders in Mexico.
“Military forces from around the world train at Ft. Bragg, so there is nothing unique about Mexican operatives learning counter-insurgency tactics at the facility,” the news network notes. “However, critics say the specific skills learned by the Zetas primed them for careers as contract killers and drug dealers.”
An estimated 29,000 people have been killed since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the cartels in 2006.
In recent months the war has been marked with increasingly brazen and violent attacks, such as the slaughter of 72 migrants on the US-Mexico border in August. Police say the massacre may have been related to a dispute between the Zetas cartel and the group they spawned from, the Gulf Cartel.
In September, 27 gunmen believed to have links to cartels were found dead in Ciudad Mier. They were on property owned by the Zetas.
Last year, gunmen believed to be working for the Zetas broke 53 people out of a prison, part of a pattern of prison break-puts allegedly orchestrated by the group.

Could the CIA plane captured by and covered up by the Nicaraguan government in part explain Mr.Daniel Ortega's dissent from Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina's desire to end illegal drug trafficking and thus drug terrorism and profits that appear to benefit international fascists connected to te U.S.government more so then to Latin American traffickers?
Could it be Mr.Ortega is cashing in on his former reputation as a 'communist' enemy of U.S. imperialism to gain from CIA cocaine trafficking in and through Nicaragua ? I think he should definitely be asked by his fellow Central American Presidents what he knows about  the 4 tons or so of cocaine captured in Nicaragua on the Beechcraft King mentioned in narconews below and when he knew of  its CIA connections.....Also note link to and mention of Skyway Communications DC-9 that was captured brazenly landing at the Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico airport in April of 2006 carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine aboard,not HIDDEN!, but sitting in plane view on the otherwise empty passenger seats !It should actually be added that the CIA coneected Kovars actually had direct access to the White House as well as convicted ex U.S.Republican House Majority member Tom DeLay.I know little about  aviation flight patterns but I presume the DC-9 as well as the Guantanamo' rendition cocaine plane connected to U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew in Guatemalan airspace before crashing in the Yucatan with its estimited 3+ tons of South American cocaine.I only hope Latin American leaders take seriously Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's and U.S.President of Vice's mandate to crack down on them ! Note that I have personally complained to the U.S.SEC or Securities Exchange Commission about Skyways Communications to no avail.Note also that Titan Corporation torturors at Abu Graib, Iraq,(who also hired Israelis to as Arabic translators to the Iraqis they tortured and raped there),is also involved as a major investor in the Skyways Communications DC-9 captured by the Mexican army in Ciudad DAel Carmen with its 5.5 tons of cocaine.And worse yet if that's possible is the fact that the head of the DEA appointed by Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama is a Ms.Michelle Leonhart,a former executive of Titran Corporation.In other words Obama's choice to head the DEA is herself implicated in and directly tied to the DC-9 and its 5.5 tons of Mexican army confiscated cocaine !She needs to be arrested in Latin America according to the orders of U.S. pResident Obama and his President of Vice Joseph Biden ! :

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07 - SEC
28 Jan 2008 – the Skyway Communications penny stock 'pump and dump' scam. ... million all because I,(Tony Ryals) ,used the alias 'wolfblitzzer0' to post on the ..... Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator ...


Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture and Bush's Bloody Murder
by Tony Ryals
Friday May 12th, 2006 

Our Securities Exchange Commission should be investigated for allowing even encouraging money laundering,drug trafficking and probable terrorism with U.S. 'securities' or stock shares they allow to be used for cocaine trafficking and money laundering with shares of worthless U.S. companies they refuse to audit or close down.Skyway Communications is just one of many of those.

Tom DeLay should pay for his underworld connections to not only lobbyist and murder suspect Abramoff but also for aiding Skyway Communications' Brent Kovar.But then it was also the Republican party itself that aided Mr.Kovar as well as Abhu Ghraibe torturers and butchers at Titan Corp itself.Apparently all the pork barrel deals they have received from the corrupt W Busholini administration was still not enough to quench their blood thirsty greed and thus the 5.5 tons of cocaine busted last month in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico really is a Republican scandal to put it mildly............

Why did Obama Appoint Bush holdover Michele Leonhart to head the DEA?

(Daniel Hopsicker)   In a much-criticized move, Acting DEA administrator Michele Leonhart spent more than $123,000 to charter a private jet, instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes, to fly to Colombia two years ago.
The level of disapproval would have been even higher if it had been known that the DEA chartered the jet from a contractor with a major investment in a shell company in Florida  that owned a DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico.
“Just as the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades, with the national debt climbing toward $10 trillion, Leonhart chose an expensive outside jet charter company instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes for her trip to Bogotá, Colombia last fall,” reported Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers.
In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined DEA official’s private charter cost $123,000,” Taylor reported that the DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart’s trip from L-3 Communications, which bills itself as the nation’s sixth largest defense contractor, and which made more than $32 million from the DEA  in 2008 for transportation services, while the company’s largest subsidiary, “Titan Group of L-3 Communications,” had a $70,000 investment in a shell company in Miami with no employees, no earnings and no prospects, but which somehow wound up as the true and legal owner of a DC9 carrying a cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine.
Some might suggest that had been the purpose of the investment all along........


What Hillary Clinton's State Department CIA call boy and unrepetent Zetas representative U.S. Ambassador Arnold 'Ahole' Chacon has to say about another Chacon - i.e. Carme Chacon Secretaria Del Defensa De Espana:


Un experimentado oficial de la CIA como futuro embajador norteamericano en Guatemala

La suspicacia de algunos, rumores a viva voz y especulaciones basada en informaciones filtradas por diversas fuentes, corroboran que entre cielo y tierra no existe secreto alguno: el hasta este momento segundo jefe de la misión diplomática norteamericana en España, Arnold A. Chacón, será nombrado embajador de Estados Unidos en Guatemala en sustitución del demagogo Stephen McFarland. Todo parece haberse cocinado tras bambalinas en Washington entre la Secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton y el presidente Obama, y anunciado, en el más absoluto secreto, el pasado 24 de mayo de 2011, en una reunión que tuvo el Secretario de Estado Adjunto para Asuntos del Hemisferio Occidental, Arturo Valenzuela, en costa Rica y en que participaron los embajadores estadounidenses en Centroamérica: Anne Andrew (Costa Rica), Vinai K. Thummalapally (Belice), Mari Carmen Aponte (El Salvador), Stephen McFarland (Guatemala), Hugo Llorens (Honduras) y Phyllis Powers (Panamá). El oscuro motivo de esta reunión, en la que además de anunciar el arribo de Chacón, tuvo como finalidad analizar las medidas más eficaces para que EE UU fortalezca su hegemonismo y protagonismo en la región. No en balde, acompañaron a Valenzuela en esta cita, además del ministro consejero interino de Estados Unidos en Nicaragua, Matthew Roth, otros funcionarios de alto rango como la Subsecretaria Adjunta de Estado, Julissa Reynoso, el Subadministrador de la Agencia de Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID), Mark Lopes, y el asesor del Departamento de Estado, Daniel Erickson.
El aumento de la violencia en Centroamérica, el inusitado repunte del narcotráfico, el trasiego incontrolado de drogas y armamento de todo tipo, el aumento de los niveles de organización de las fuerzas populares y su búsqueda de alternativas novedosas en su enfrentamiento a las oligarquías tradicionales, preocupan seriamente a la casa Blanca y la movida táctica de sustituir al “benevolente y carismático” Stephen McFarland y colocar a un agresivo funcionario diplomático como Chacón, sospechosamente coligado a la CIA, hacen que las fuerzas democráticas y de izquierda en Guatemala deban albergar serios recelos sobre lo que se avecina.
No es un secreto para nadie la existencia de un obcecado interés norteamericano de cuidar su traspatio centroamericano, llegando incluso a promover invasiones como la de Panamá, golpes de estado como en Guatemala, Honduras y otras naciones, guerras sucias como la librada contra Nicaragua, así como todo tipo de tropelías en nombre de la “democracia”. Han contado con el consentimiento de las oligarquías tradicionales y de las grandes transnacionales que operan y explotan impunemente, en un saqueo permanente, los recursos naturales de esos países y semi esclavizan a los pobres, hundiéndolos en un destino en que el futuro es, simplemente, un agujero negro, cargado de incertidumbre y miserias.
Todo el tinglado represivo de la nación norteña, encabezado por la CIA, el FBI y la USAID, ha actuado en esa dirección. Este aparato del crimen institucionalizado se ha encargado de la capacitación de los principales represores, de la organización y financiamiento de escuadrones de la muerte, del abastecimiento ilimitado de armamento y, particularmente, de propiciar la desaparición selectiva de los mejores y más valiosos dirigentes revolucionarios, intelectuales, líderes obreros, estudiantiles y campesinos, así como la persecución de periodistas y comunicadores cuyo único delito es la búsqueda de la verdad. Prueba de ello, en su momento, fue el Programa Internacional de Asistencia y Entrenamiento para la Investigación Criminal (ICITAP), mediante el cual Departamento de Estado destinó fondos para capacitar policías represores en Guatemala y otras naciones. Esto volvería a ocurrir durante la administración Reagan y, últimamente, con George W. Busch, cuando se logró que la USAID volviera a involucrarse en el sostenimiento de los órganos represivos en Latinoamérica a partir del 2002. El Plan Mérida abrió las puertas a una mayor injerencia norteamericana en la articulación de la represión, lo que alcanzó su clímax con la Iniciativa Interagencial de Contrainsurgencia de Estados Unidos, un engendro creado en el 2009 entre la CIA y el State Department, que hace de la USAID la humanitaria fachada de un criminal propósito represor. Las nuevas intenciones de militarizar la región centroamericana so pretexto de combatir el narcotráfico y la violencia, las expuso con claridad el propio Jefe del Comando Sur de las Fuerzas Armadas norteamericanas, general Douglas Fraser, al declarar: “El Triángulo norteño de Guatemala, El Salvador y Honduras es la zona más letal del mundo fuera de las zonas de guerras activas”.
Según el sitio de la embajada de los EE UU en España: Arnold A. Chacón es el Ministro Consejero de la Embajada de Estados Unidos de América en Madrid, desde el 11 de agosto de 2008. Anteriormente, laboraba como Director para Asuntos Andinos, responsabilizado con los temas de Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Venezuela, dentro de la Oficina de Asuntos del Hemisferio Occidental en Washington, DC. Antes de eso, entre los años 2005 y 2007 fue Vicesecretario Ejecutivo del Departamento de Estado. Cumplió misión como Ministro Consejero en la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Quito.”
Su amplia carrera cobertura diplomática, que empleó como fachada para su trabajo como jefe de Estación de la CIA, lo ubicaron también en la Oficina de Asuntos de Europa Occidental, el Centro de Operaciones y la Misión de Estados Unidos ante la ONU en Nueva York, sí como en Honduras, Chile, México, Italia y Perú. Reclutar experto de agentes para la CIA y la DIA norteamericanas, laboró en el programa de becas de la Asociación de Ciencia Política de Estados Unidos, adscrita a la Comisión de Servicios Armados de la Cámara de Representantes.
Arnold Chacón es oriundo de Denver (Colorado). Se tituló en Asuntos Internacionales en la Universidad de Colorado y estudió Derecho en la Universidad de Michigan. Su esposa, Alida, también pertenece al Servicio Exterior de Estados Unidos. Son padres de tres hijos.
Se sabe, sin lugar a dudas, que Arnold Chacón, como Director de Asuntos Andinos y sucesor de otros como Descazo y Shapiro, mantuvo una acritud manifiesta, como sus antecesores en el cargo, contra la Revolución Bolivariana.
Detrás de esta descripción hay toda una vida dedicada a las oscuras confabulaciones, al más burdo espionaje, a la manipulación de gobiernos, a desarrollar conflictos artificiales, a la compra de voluntades, a preparar a aquellos que criminalizarán las políticas gubernamentales, a fortalecer e implementar los planes hegemonistas imperiales, a tapar embrollos y ocultar violaciones a la legalidad internacional y, sobre todo, a confundir a aquellos que ingenuamente creen que Estados Unidos combate realmente al terrorismo y busca soluciones verdaderamente democráticas en el mundo.
Hace algunos días, específicamente el 3 de mayo de 2011, Chacón concedió una entrevista a la televisión Española (TVE) en que se regocijaba sobre la supuesta eliminación física de Osama Bin Laden. Toda su declaración estaba dirigida a contrarrestar las serias dudas que levantó el operativo realizado por los Seals en Pakistán. Para congraciarse con los dirigentes españoles, declaró: “Es un gran día para EEUU y damos las gracias a aliados como España que ha estado con nosotros desde el inicio en la lucha contra el terrorismo, que es tan importante”.
Varios cables secretos sacados a la luz pública por Wikileaks denunciaron la labor de Chacón como jefe de la estación CIA en Madrid. Apenas tomó su cargo de Ministro Consejero de la embajada norteamericana, Chacón se dedicó a buscar información según lo demuestran varios cables de Wikileaks, como el cable sobre la cúpula militar nombrada por España, identificado con el número 173674 y emitido el 14 de octubre de 2010, donde realiza una caracterización sobre los principales mandos militares españoles. En otro cable, identificado como 171424, emitido el 25 de septiembre de 2008, Chacón repasa, con representantes españoles, varios aspectos de la actualidad militar y de la lucha contra el terrorismo, para evaluar la disposición de España a mantener su apoyo en las guerras que libra EE UU en Irak y Afganistán. Otros temas tocados con Luis Cuesta, del Ministerio de Defensa Español, fueron la política española hacia la OTAN, Rusia, la piratería de somalíes, los vuelos ilegales a Guantánamo y otros. Otra de sus fuentes ha sido la propia Ministra de Defensa de España, Carme Chacón, de quien ha recibido el favorecimiento frente a su rival dentro del Consejo de Ministros español, el ministro del Interior, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. Estados Unidos vio en esos momentos a la inexperta Carme Chacón como una aliada en sus políticas militaristas en Europa y el Medio Oriente.
Experto en realizar recepciones diplomáticas para acceder a informaciones confidenciales, en las que sabiamente sonsaca a militares y altos jefes gubernamentales, Arnold Chacón declaró el 2 de julio de 2009, en una recepción con motivo de la fiesta nacional norteamericana: “El reto de nuestro país es la lucha eterna para alinear nuestras acciones con nuestros ideales, unir nuestros sueños con nuestras realidades. Como ha dicho el propio Presidente Obama: “Esa es la verdadera genialidad de América, la fe en los sueños sencillos de su pueblo, la insistencia en los pequeños milagros”.
“Un nuevo Presidente y Administración en Washington ofrece oportunidades para hacer frente conjuntamente a retos de política internacional -- como son Irak, Afganistán, Irán, la no proliferación nuclear, la crisis financiera -- imagínense cómo podremos aprovechar nuestra ya fuerte hermandad y aún mejorarla.”
Vinculado con la política anticubana y anti bolivariana de su gobierno, aunque cauto ante la prensa, cuando en una entre vista concedida a La, el 2 de abril de 2009, se le preguntó sobre Cuba, respondió con evasión: “Ciertamente es importante pero los canales diplomáticos han estado hasta ahora más ocupados con Afganistán-Pakistán y Kosovo-los Balcanes.” Era una manera deliberada de ocultar todo el entarimado de guerra mediática contra estas naciones y de no comprometerse al respecto.
Tal vez uno de los momentos más álgidos para Arnold Chacón fue la implicación directa de su persona, denunciada por Wikileaks en varios cables sacados a la luz, en los que se presenta como continuador de la labor de zapa de la embajada norteamericana para torpedear procesos legales en curso relacionados con las causas ‘Guantánamo’, la muerte del camarógrafo José Couso y las denuncias sobre los vuelos de la CIA sobre territorio español. En un artículo firmado por Carlos Yarnoz el 30 de noviembre de 2010 y titulado “Políticos y fiscales españoles colaboraron en la estrategia”, el periodista declara: “La Embajada de Estados Unidos en Madrid ha desplegado en los últimos años importantes recursos para frenar o boicotear las causas judiciales abiertas en España contra políticos y militares estadounidenses presuntamente involucrados en casos de torturas en Guantánamo, crímenes de guerra en Irak o secuestros en los vuelos de la CIA. La legación diplomática estadounidense ha dejado constancia escrita de esa actividad en algunos de sus miles de documentos secretos, clasificados o reservados a los que ha tenido acceso EL PAÍS.”
Arnold Chacón fue uno de los artífices de esa labor de penetración que le permitió disponer de amplia información sobre la marcha de las causas judiciales y contó con la colaboración de autoridades del Gobierno, entre ellos fiscales, para bloquear o dilatar cualquier acusación o proceso en marcha. Una prueba de ello es el Informe confidencial elaborado por Chacón el 17 de abril de 2009, en que se dice: “El adjunto al embajador les puso de relieve que el asunto era muy grave para el Gobierno de EE UU y les pidió que tuvieran informada a la embajada de cualquier novedad”.
Chacón usó el chantaje con funcionarios gubernamentales españoles tal como lo demuestra uno de los cables de Wikileaks firmado por él, el número 200357, en donde recomienda al se recomienda al Departamento de Estado usar como ventaja la preocupación del gobierno español por perder su nivel de alianza con EE UU.
Sin embargo, Chacón paso tragos amargos en algunos momentos, tal como ocurrió cuando el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España, a través de la Dirección General para Norteamérica, le solicitó aclaraciones sobre la publicación del retrato robot de Osama Bin Laden, sobre la base de una foto del diputado de la Izquierda Unida (IU) Gaspar Llamazares. Chacón Buscó a Llamazares y se disculpó ante él, prometiéndole que se realizaría una exhaustiva investigación.
Los escándalos en los que se ha visto involucrado Arnold Chacón no solo han sucedido en España. Ecuador fue escenario de un escándalo ocurrido por un Acuerdo firmado por Chacón como Jefe Adjunto de Misión de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en ese país, el 5 de septiembre de 2003, con el entonces canciller ecuatoriano Patricio Zuquilanda, el que tuvo lugar sin conocimiento público. El secreto y oneroso acuerdo otorgó al Comando Sur norteamericano el derecho de construir y dirigir tres centros de acopio en las costas del Pacífico, supuestamente para estudiar el fenómeno natural de “El Niño”. Chacón se valió de las fuertes influencias de la CIA y la US Army en Ecuador en esos momentos, para lograr este acuerdo a las espaldas del Congreso Ecuatoriano, en franca violación del Artículo 161 de la Constitución de Ecuador. Esta violación, tal como ocurrió con la instalación de la base de Manta, fue una de las genialidades de Chacón como comprador de voluntades, ya que se sabe que en esa etapa, como jefe de la estación de la CIA, fue el encargado de repartir altas sumas de dinero a las instituciones policiales y militares de ese país, cosa que ya es una costumbre y cuyos montos han aumentado hasta el 2011. Los famosos tres centros de acopio eran, en realidad, estaciones de monitoreo y espionaje puestas a mano de los militares norteamericanos.
Un año antes, el 6 de noviembre de 2002, Chacón firmo otro dudoso tratado con Jaime Santillán Pesantes, entonces Director General de la Corporación Aduanera Ecuatoriana, conocido como Acuerdo de la Ayuda Mutua Aduanera (CMAA), el 6 de noviembre de 2002, con la clara intención de vulnerar el acceso de armamento y otros medios de espionaje, con la supuesta intención de prevenir el contrabando y la violaciones aduanales.
Para el 1 de febrero de 2001 Arnold Chacón actuó como Consejero Político de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Perú y se encargó de la estación de la CIA en ese país.
Mucho se desconoce todavía sobre el futuro embajador de Estados Unidos en Guatemala, pero los secretos de su vida como oficial de los cuerpos de inteligencia norteamericana ya no son un secreto. Su presencia en Guatemala constituye un peligro en la medida en que, mediante una pretendida ayuda para combatir a la violencia y al narcotráfico, se utilice a este artífice de conspiraciones para planificar, organizar y dirigir la persecución y represión de las fuerzas de izquierda, para actualizar al odiado y añejo Plan Cóndor en el país chapín, que traigan solo desapariciones selectivas, salvaje represión contra aldeas enteras y luto para ese valioso pueblo.
Rebelión ha publicado este artículo con el permiso del autor mediante una licencia de Creative Commons, respetando su libertad para publicarlo en otras fuentes.

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Chacón contra Chacón: Las críticas de EEUU a la actuación en Libia

Censuran que los F18 españoles no participen en los ataques contra objetivos estratégicos de Gadafi.

Carmen Chacón y Arnold Chacón.

J. Arias Borque 5
La pasada semana, los ministros de Defensa de los países miembros de la Alianza Atlántica se reunieron en Bruselas para reformar su estructura de mando. El objetivo era retocarla para hacerla "más eficiente, más eficaz, más desplegable y más económica". El resultado: la reducción de los cuarteles generales, que pasaron de once a siete, y las agencias de actuación, que se redujeron de catorce a tres.
España fue uno de los países directamente afectados por esa reducción de la estructura, al perder el cuartel general de la OTAN que estaba en la base de Retamares, situada en la localidad madrileña de Pozuelo de Alarcón. Como contraprestación, obtuvo la sede de uno de los dos Centros Combinados de Operaciones Aéreas (CAOC).
Durante esos encuentros, el secretario de Estado norteamericano, Robert Gates, solicitó a tres de los socios de la Alianza, cuyos cazas participan únicamente en misiones de control del espacio aéreo libio, que se sumasen a los equipos que atacan objetivos militares estratégicos del ejército de Muamar el Gadafi. Como no podía ser de otro modo, uno de esos países nombrados fue España.
Estas críticas norteamericanas a la actuación española en la guerra de Libia no sólo se han escuchado en Bruselas. Esta misma semana, el ministro consejero y portavoz de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en España, Arnold A. Chacón, continuaba la senda iniciada por Gates y consideraba inaceptable que en la OTAN haya dos grupos de países: los que sólo aceptan tareas leves, de tipo humanitario, y los que llevan a cabo "la parte dura de las misiones de combate".
Sus palabras llegaron durante su intervención en el XXIII Seminario Internacional de Seguridad y Defensa, organizado por la Asociación de Periodistas Europeos en el Parador de Toledo, en un momento en el que compartía mesa redonda con el secretario general de Política de Defensa, Luis Manuel Cuesta. Precisamente, la propia ministra de Defensa, Carmen Chacón, había sido la encargada de inaugurar el acto horas antes.
Pero, ¿quién es Arnold A. Chacón? El diplomático norteamericano no es un cargo medio o intermedio de la delegación diplomática norteamericana en nuestro país, sino el número dos de la embajada, lo que le ha hecho ocupar el puesto de embajador en funciones cuando el máximo representante de Estados Unidos en España se ha ausentado de nuestro país.
Destacado siempre en países de habla hispana, también ha cumplido funciones diplomáticas en Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Honduras y México. Además, entre 2007 y agosto de 2008 –cuando fue destinado a España– fue director para Asuntos Andinos en la Oficina de Asuntos del Hemisferio Occidental del Departamento de Estado, donde fue responsable de los temas relacionados con Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Venezuela.
La pasada semana fue nominado por Barack Obama como candidato a embajador de Estados Unidos en Guatemala, según informó la propia Casa Blanca en un comunicado. Un nombramiento que deberá ser ratificado en próximas fechas por el Senado norteamericano
El jefe de la OTAN, en Madrid
Precisamente, este jueves, el secretario general de la Alianza, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, visitará Madrid de forma fugaz para hablar de la implicación española en las dos guerras en las que se encuentra inmersa ahora la organización: la de Libia y la de Afganistán; así como del resultado de los recortes en la estructura de mando acordados la pasada semana.
En primer lugar, se reunirá con Rodríguez Zapatero en el Palacio La Moncloa, donde solicitará al presidente del Gobierno una mayor implicación de España tanto en el conflicto bélico afgano como en el libio. Tras esto, inaugurará junto a Carmen Chacón un seminario sobre la OTAN en el Senado y, posteriormente, mantendrá una reunión tanto con la ministra de Defensa como con la de Exteriores, Trinidad Jiménez.

ongietor dijo el día 16 de Junio de 2011 a las 17:50:27:
Y a propósito, debía poner el ejército a disposición para defender el orden público y la libertad ciudadana.
leosaba dijo el día 15 de Junio de 2011 a las 22:47:10:
Al Anders le dirán que sí a todo y luego harán lo que les salga de los coj....
wulfilas dijo el día 15 de Junio de 2011 a las 21:55:28:
Niñata de zetaperro: eres muy tolai. Gadafi era proveedor nuestro de petróleo; todavía no has explicado qué ha hecho este tío en 2011 para que de repente tomases la decisión de atacarle...

Por lo visto, tú acostumbras a darle dos bofetadas a tu panadero habitual...

Porto_Ve dijo el día 15 de Junio de 2011 a las 20:11:29:
Obama, en Libia que participe tu tía.
italia34 dijo el día 15 de Junio de 2011 a las 20:01:25:
Pero Chacon ¿cuando vas a jurar la Bandera de España?, porque la de Cataluña supongo que ya lo hicistes ante la presenscia Rubiuanes.