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Jewish Mafia on Wall Street:Businessweek stock criminal Gary Weiss defends BCCI Pakistan money launderer

BCCI.Altaf Nazerali,Gary Weiss,Patrick Byne,Mark Mitchell All Stock Fraud Criminals protected by U.S.,Canadian 'Governments'

I only recently noted that stock shorter Gary Weiss who along with his nemesis stock touter Patrick Byrne
took over Chicago Mercantil conartist Jimbo Wales' Wikipedia around 2005 with the intent of spreading lies and sensational claims about so-called 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling',had actually been harrassing various indymedias to remove any and all writing I had done about him ! This is because he himself is a stock scheister just like Patrick Byrne and others he correctly complains about - NOT because their criminal stock market activity somehow makes his frauds right or correct. or 'kosher'.
Note that Gary Weiss even used as  his racist alias on Wikipedia,MantanMoreland,the name of a 1950's black movie actor   not only to remove all I had written about CIA,etc.,connected James Dale Davidson, Agora Inc and his lies about 'naked short selling' to distract from his own illigal but U.S.government protected,
penny stock pump and dump scams but also to hee hee rewrite Yahoo! pump and dump billionaire and Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cubans Wikipedia biography as well !
[IMC-US] Takedown requests from Gary Weiss, anyone else?  ...

Indeed, I see that Asheville IMC appears to have removed a newswire post
by Tony Ryals that mentions Gary Weiss.....
ben wrote:
> STLIMC just received a request from someone claiming to be Gary Weiss> about a newswire post by "Tony Ryals."  The name "Tony Ryals" appears> routinely on newswires around the country:>>
> Has anyone else received similar requests?>
> P.S. I've removed the sender's email address and telefono since this list> is publicly archived.  I you have received similar requests, you can email> me if you'd like corroborate the sender's details.>
> ---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------> Subject: Article by Tony Ryals> From:    "Gary Weiss" <...>> Date:    Wed, January 2, 2008 7:41 am> To:      editor at> -------------------------------------------------------------------------->
> I am writing concerning a rambling, defamatory personal attack on me,> published on your website by a Tony Ryals at>>
> This person is making false accusations against me because I stopped> publishing his defamatory rants, attacking other people, in my blog> He then turned on me and started making lurid,> crazy> accusations against me in Internet forums.>
> Please remove this article from your website. Thank you.>
> Gary Weiss

I compliained to the SEC years ago about both Gary Weiss as well as spoiled Geico 
It is interesting to note that Gary Weiss and his gang of professional stock 
shorters and Patrick Byrne and his paid internet pseudo-journalists and dirty 
tricks operatives at least have one thing they both agree upon - protecting Agora 
Inc. and National Taxpayers  Union founder and repeat penny stock criminal and 
money launderer James Dale Davidson.While Judd Bagely who ,besides ex WSJ and 
Columbia School of Business 'reporter' Mark Mitchell,is one of  Byrne's key 
dirty tricks scheister and  ex hack for ex Governor Jeb Bush of Florida exposed 
Gary Weiss  using the alias MantanMoreland,(but he never noticed Weiss' cynical 
racism in committing fraud and deceit on Wikipedia he could  care less that Weiss 
was using a black actors name to do it),he never complained or mentioned that this 
same Gary Weiss MantanMoreland alias 'editor' had also removed of all my biographical 
mention  of James Dale Davidson's Washington,D.C. and stock fraud money laundering 
ops over deades !Below is link to and quote from my complaint to the U.S.SEC.

Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals
Affiliation: defrauded investor

December 11, 2007
Dear SEC, 
And Gary Weiss appears to have more than just friends on Wall Street or at Forbes.con.It appears the NCANS fraudsters such as Judd Bagely ,(who was caught altering Dick Cheney's Wikipedia bio,hee hee),who is a former internet 'dirty tricks' propagandist for ex Florida Governor Jeb Bush is however onto something about Gary Weiss and his Wikipedia 'vanity bio' writer - the anonymous 'editor' MantanMoreland - because it occurs to me that it was this very alias editor on Wikipedia who also removed my links and material re James Dale Davidson including his role in creating NAANSS or 'National Association Against Naked Short Selling'.All mention of James Dale Davidson's connection to the now out of control naked short selling claim - used to distract from illegal insider share manipulation of non Blue Chip stocks - has been removed from Wikipedia thanks to Gary Weiss' Wikipedia 'biographer' MantanMoreland.
Logical deduction should help you at the SEC to see that MantanMoreland just like his bio subject Gary Weiss have made a premeditated decision to censor all mention of James Dale Davidson's involvement with NAANSS or mention of NAANSS ITSELF FOR THAT MATTER - SO THE CONFUSION and fraud started by Steve Forbes'(Weiss' employer),fellow National Taxpayers Union member and founder Davidson is covered up So as I conclude below both Weiss and his competitors at NCANS and Overstock.con have a common vested interest in mis-informing and defraud or aid in defrauding victims of the fraudulent naked short selling claim such as myself and I don't know how many others.You can't imagine how disillusioned I am that this former BusinessWeek reporter and author of 'The Mafia on Wall Street',etc. has all this time been conning me to believe he was as interested in the truth about this naked short claim fraud as I was Instead he was removing my material on Wikipdia to cover up for his bosses' pal Davidson
In effect both Gary Weiss and his Nemesis,Overstock.con's Judd Bagely,are both securities and or penny stock scum and each cover up for their respected bosses - Steve Forbes and Patrick Byrne respectively

Jan 10 2:54 PM | about stocks: MED   2, 2011
Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevit
I read Medifast’s (NYSE: MED) self-serving proclamations attacking my friend convicted
felon turned fraud fighter Barry Minkow (co-founder of Fraud Discovery Institute or FDI)
in both its Q3 2009 10-Q issued last November and reiterated in today’s press release
detailed in part below.. -Gary Weiss author of Italian Mafia on Wall Street,(ha)
Barry Minkow: From scammer, to preacher, to defendant ... - Cached
3 Jul 2011 – ... (Barry Minkow) has since left San Diego County for his wife's hometown in rural Tennessee. ... becoming a born-again Christian (he had been raised Jewish) and .... In recent years, Sam Antar – like Minkow – has made a career of ...


 Mitchell's modus operandi is to take the work of others -- in this case reporting on Nazerali, some of it from a book on BCCI that was published in 1992 -- and update it by making stuff up. His posing as Nordenson in 2006 is devastating to his credibility.-Gary Weiss

Note that the scumbag dirty tricks 'journalist' Mark Mitchell has attaked me and I am not friend of him anymore than I am a friiend of Gary Weiss.Here's what Mark Mitchell has said about me on Patrick Byrne's :

Tony Ryals lives in a hut in Guatemala. On most mornings, he walks to a nearby internet café and begins writing – sometimes for stretches of more than 24 hours. He has, indeed, become one of the most widely published human beings on the planet. It seems almost impossible to achieve such prolificacy – thousands of long-winded screeds, most of them posted on Indymedia, a collection of websites that publish anything by anybody.
The vast majority of Ryal’s rants concern Patrick Byrne. Depending on his mood, he writes that Patrick is linked to stock frauds, boiler room operations, the death of Vince Foster, Skull & Bones, Osama bin Laden, or the Israeli government.
“To see my latest,” Ryals says in a recent message board post, “You can google ‘israeli prime minister ehud olmert stock fraud orthodox jews gay prostitutes.’” - Mark Mitchell

Patrick Byrne also sponsored website where Rothschild attorney and penny stock money launderer Bud Burrell who was also part of Christian Financial Radio that appears to have ties to racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio as well.So much for Gary Weiss' lie about Byrne and Mitchell and gang being 'anti-Semitic' ,at least in the incorrect way they both use the term.:

Anthony @ Equity Investigations, Dear Anthony, Message Board ...
13 May 2010 – BUD BURRELL'S ATTORNEY FINED $591000 IN BOILER ROOM SCAM. ... Andrew Greystock, a former investment banker at NM Rothschild ...
Below is what Yahoo! pump and dump billionaire and Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban  has to say about Bud Burrell who threatens my life at the pleasure of both Patrick Byrne's and Gary Weiss' sick gang of stock criminals the U.S.SEC and its Bernie Madoff crime partner who runs Barack 'Barry Soetoro's SEC  Mary Schapiro has to say about Bud Burrell and he should know.
According to Cuban this scumbag Burrell was ewven involved in the Endovasc fraud with Israeli and James Dale Davidson and CIA connections that ripped me off.He was also involved along with FBI Don Clark in fraudulent litigation claiming his illegal pump and dump frauds such as Endovasc,
USXP and CMKX Diamonds were victims of,(ha),'naked short selling' just as Byrne and gang claim and the former dividend paying stock ponzi scheme NFI or Novastar financial that they promoted on the fraudulent Yahoo! stock 'message boards'  was a victim of 'naked shorting' even though they all agree their made up term means counterfeiting but ALL shares always received their dividends until the ponzi scheme collapsed so it was a lie and both the Weiss stock parasites and Patrick Byrne and ex WSJ and Columbia School of Journalism criminal Mark Mitchell know it !

Naked Shorting – The Real Bad Guys « blog maverick
15 Feb 2006 – Ive been following your blog and have been particularly amused by your .... ..And if you want a good laugh you can always listen to Bud Burrell ...
Tony Ryals
post to Gary Weiss on 3/28/09

It's swell that you continue to promote known convicted stock scamster Sam Antar who admits he presently shorts for money with his fellow convicted stock fraudster Barry Minkow.If Sam Antar were what you and he make himself out to be he would have given that $300,000 that he gave to his fellow convicted stock fraudster to short the stocks he bashes to those defrauded by himself and his relative 'Crazy Eddie'.
Gary I have wanted to debate your pal Antar for some time or at least ask him some direct questions and receive answers for the public record.He seems to be afraid of such an honest encounter because he knows I have been a victim of the type stock fraud he has been enmeshed in for years and still continues to be enmeshed in although he now shorts scams instead of   'managing' them like Patrick Byrne.
And while it is good not to ignore fraudulent websites like Investor Village just because they are smaller than the Yahoo.con and ragingbull.con fraud tout sites those remain the bigger hubs to to the spoke penny stock fraud that con artists like Patrick Byrne and James Dale Davison's anonymous criminal stock touts and basher shorts continue to use more even than investor Village to promote their lies and frauds.However you are correct in seeing it as growing and possibly being qualified to be consider an internet hub that lead to scam 'spike' sites like thesanitycheck or even Davidson'n,,'s thedailyreckong or 'dailyreckoning', etc.,etc..
So do you approve of Antar having all that money and not giving to those who he defrauded and who he ethically if not legally still owes it too !? If so just acknowledge it and be proud.:
Antar repeatedly warned the MBA students at Stanford not to trust anyone blindly, but it's not clear to what extent Antar himself can be trusted. His desire to uncover fraud is probably sincere, but as Byrne points out on his blog, Antar may also have a financial motive: Antar gave in excess of $300,000 to Barry Minkow, a fellow ex-convict and co-founder of the Fraud Discovery Institute, to help investigate potential fraud at another company called USANA Health Sciences. While it sounds noble, Antar admits he was shorting the stock. Antar says he didn't make much money from his short position on USANA, and that the proceeds from his position didn't cover the money he gave to Minkow.
The Fraud Discovery Institute also fully admits that it holds short positions on some of the companies it investigates........

Previous article re Gary Weiss,Patrick Byrne use of Jimbo Wales' Wikipedia,(with his permission and encouragement):

 Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own Biography

 by Tony Ryals Monday, Dec. 17, 2007 at 8:29 AM

Gary Weiss,who is Byrne's supposed nemesis on Wikipedia as well as on his blog,besides being a lap dog of Steve Forbes whose forbes.con has aided Byrnes' naked short selling claim and given good press to Cryptometrics(proclaimed New Zealand passport office biometrics 'experts') whose Jag Media Holdings shell erroneously claims to be a naked shorting victim - also is an apologist for far right war fraudster and ex World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.Gary Weiss also probably knows James Dale Davidson who is founder of Steve Forbes's's National Taxpayers Union and whose Wikipedia bio was removed by MantanMoreland who wrote the vanity biography for Gary Weiss on Wikpedia.


 BCCI | Surrendering Islam
Though BCCI was created by a Pakistani, it was ultimately a British-based and ... for the CIA travelled through BCCI for the Contra war, the Iranian-Israeli payoffs, ...


Bush And Clinton BCCI Bank Fraud, 9/11 Terrorist Financing, And ...

► 8:35► 8:35 Mar 2011 - 9 min - Uploaded by IranContraScumDid911
According to Israeli correspondents Tzadok Yehezkeli and Danny ... Abedi had intended BCCI to finance ...

I use the  term 'Jewish' instead of Zionist or even Israeli because while those subsets of the term Jewish are also applicable the term Jewish incorprates all.And we not forget that the ex  Jewish Businessweek 'journalist' Gary Weiss in the 1990's painted a very broad anti-Italian brush in erroneously  reporting mainly petty stock crimes of a few Italians or men with Italian names  running penny stock scams as being the major problem on Wall Street when his fellow white,(not 'Semitic'!),Jews of German or Russian,etc., 'Jewish' origen were obviously the major perpetraitors of stock fraud and money laundering against their fellow Americans and NOT Italians as the hateful corrupt Gary Weiss tried to pretend  ! If scum like Gary Weiss' fellow white Jews who lie about being Semites did not control the media perhaps more realistic documentaries would be made about the true history of white Jews in the rewal histiory of the U.S.and international mafia or organized crime rather than trivial fictions that defame Italians.In great part much of what I term the Jewish as opposed to Weiss' Italian mafia' to include not only U.S. and Israeli stock shares  money launderers protected by our own U.S.government and the parasites of the U.S.SEC who call themselves 'attorneys' but who subsidize their governmenrt salaries by prostiuting themselves and us to this mafia when they are not watching pornography own their government computers and have been their positions for decades while the DOJ,FBI and corrupt posat 9/11 'government' of W Bush and Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama pretend not to see !

The fact that Gary Weiss defends this Pakistani Canadian criminal and scumbag the corrupt pro Israel Canadian government prostitutes and its  'securities regulators' refuse to prosecute is just another example of the far right international criminal ties of the international Jewish mafia and the far right international Islamic mafia ! Capische ?

For ex Businessweek 'reporter' Gary Weiss and his partner in stock manipulation Sam Antar to be
calling the spolied Geico insurance  billionaire's son Patrick Byrne and his dirty tricks journalist hack and prostitute Mark Mitchell of the money laundering operation crooks is like the heart calling the blood red.Funny as in peculiar that the phony journalist Gary Weiss who was the shame of Businessweek, if Businessweek were capable of shame,is famous or infamous for seeing Italian mafia on every corner of Wall Street everywhere he looked and every corner he turned and yet never saw a single Jew or Israeli not even his own stock fraud 'business' partner the Syrian 'American' Jew Sam Antar who like their pal Barry Minkow,have commited fraud and used Israel bank accounts to launder money stolen from Americans their their stock scams NEVER saw a single Jewish stock criminal on Wall Street the whole of his carrer even nthough he was doing 'business' with them every day !


SEC Crazy Talk
by Gary Weiss Jun 22 2010
Sam Antar is an unlikely whistleblower: a convicted felon who went to
jail for his role in the Crazy Eddie stock scandal and now spends his
time fighting securities fraud. He says the SEC has been giving
him—and other whistleblowers—a hard time....
 Fraudster-turned-whistleblower Sam Antar says the SEC demanded that he
turn over 37,000 documents, including records of his divorce......
 A couple of weeks ago, a man from New York by the name of Sam Antar
forwarded a zip drive to the Securities and Exchange Commission
containing 37,000 documents that regulators wanted to see—a quarter of
a million pages in all. “Just to open each file,” he told me, “I
calculated that at a rate of two files a minute, it would take an SEC
investigator, working seven hours a day, eight weeks to get through
them all.”

Antar spent weeks fighting the agency over this, but eventually he
decided the legal expenses of fighting it in court would be too
crushing. It’s hard to be too sympathetic with Antar at first blush.
When the SEC wants documents, it should get them, right? After all,
everyone wants a vigorous, crime-fighting SEC. But in this case, the
commission wasn’t targeting adversaries, but allies.

And that’s just one of the reasons why this probe smacks of the SEC’s
infamous persecution of David Einhorn—a short-seller who was targeted
rather than a company that he believed was engaged in improper
practices, which the SEC eventually sanctioned. This is the kind of
thing that has gotten me to increasingly wonder: What in heaven’s name
is the SEC thinking? Is it completely out to lunch?

The target of the investigation is a California-based research firm called the Fraud Discovery Institute. Antar happens to be friends with FDI’s owner Barry Minkow. And, like Minkow, Antar is a noted whistleblower on white-collar crime and securities fraud. He’s a former fraudster who masterminded the Crazy Eddie stock fraud in the 1980s. Minkow served time in prison for the ZZZZ Best stock swindle,but now is an ordained minister and preaches the straight and narrow...''

Gary Weiss  loves fundamentalist Christian criminals,particularly if they are Jewish and because most are stupid enough to believe white con artists such as himself are 'Semites',(ha).Gary nor his sleazy gang of so-called 'Jews' have any relation to any characters in the Bible or Torah such as Abraham who,if he really was a historic figure would have been of true Semitic origen and would have had darker skin and black hair the the Ashkinazi scum who erroneouly lie and pose as 'Semites'which is a linguistic group of the Middle East that never took the northern migration that led to Vitamin D deficiency that caused the lightening of skin
and for some reasaon in Caucasians also expressed itself in less melanin skin pigmentation in skin to facilitate solar Vitamin D production unneccessary in more southerly climes but also unlike Asians,also led to lower melanin pigment in eyes and hair.Both the white liars such as the con artists Weiss,Antar and Minkow who claim erroneously to be Semitesand the fundy right wing Christians who believe them should be happy to know that they are not closely related tothe rapist and  child abuser Abraham of the Bible,Torah and Koran.I guess the fundamentalist Christians and Mormons can't let go of the lie because the think it would destroy their own religious lies that they use to manipulate the politics of the U.S.and thus the Middle East.And the 'White Semites' need the lie to perpetuate their international organized crimes using the brainwashed followers of the fundamentalist Christians including the Catholic Church that perpetutes the lie that 6 million Semites died in WW II as well also has its own right wing elite aligned with them and against their own Catholic parishioners.No matter how many Jews or Chritians died in WW II in Europe the fact is they were ALL white Europeans and NOT 'Semites' ! In fact I'm beginning to believe their should be a law against impersonating a Semite similar to that of laws against lieing about being an American Indian for personal financial gain.I myself have a minute amount of North American Indian blood but no one would know it
and I don't believe I should receive any special treatment or use it to take resources and benefits truly marginalized and historically abused American Indians deserve instead of me.


And I have no reason whatsoever to defend Patrick Byrne or his ex Wall Street and Columbia School of Journalism dirty tricks 'journalist' Mark Mitchell.They sponsored the very website(recently closed since I complained to ex U.S.Guatemala Ambassador Stephen McFarland and posted their death threat to me with his name replacing mine),where the Arizona based stock fraudster Bud Burrell.The simple truth is that both groups are insiders to dedecades of stock fraud and money laundering and will do anything to discdredit those such as myself who call them on their frauds.The funny thing is that if you read just Antar and Weiss' criticisms of Byrne and his pseudo reporter Mitchell or vice versa they are alñmost  perfectly correct about each other ! However it is disinfo on the part of Weiss and Antar to call Byrne or Mitchell 'anti-semitic' even  using the common,(and incorrect), definition of 'semite' they use.Of course white scumbags on Wall Street who call trhemselves 'Semites' are really of Jews of European origen and although Weiss' partners in stock frauds and con,Sam Antar and Barry Minkow, might lie about being Semites as part of their 'religion' the truth is they are just giving real Semiutes of Middle Est origen a bad name and bad rap as usual.White folk boren to the Jewish religion are not Semites at all but if they can lie about that they will also lie to defraud you in stock scams.Weiss and Antars partner in stock fraud,Barry Minkow,after getting off his multi milklion or centi million dollar fraud against Americans and laundering money as his 'patriotic duty' for Israel just like Sam Anter of the Crazy Eddie stock fraud for Israel operation,'converted' to Christianity in the late 1990's and became a 'Christian' minister in San Diego where he simply continued his exconomic frauds and terrorism against American investors with U.S. government and SEC PRETENDING TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY !

BCCI.Altaf  Nazerali,Gary Weiss,Patrick Byne,Mark Mitchell All Stock
Fraud Criminals protected by U.S.,Canadian 'Governments'

Below with link to the scam stock promotion website seekingalpha.con that allows scum like both Gary Weiss as well as his fellow Mormon money launderers to lie to defraud investors !Even allowing them to lie about the MADE UP TERM 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' WHICH HAS LONG BEEN PROVEN TO BE A LUE TO COVER UP INSIDER STOCK MANIPULATION THAT THE TRULY CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS OF THE sec PROTECT WHEN THEY ARE NOT WATCHING PORN ON THEIR GOVERNMENT COMPUTERS ! Agora Inc of Baltimore founder James Dale Davidson began the post 9/11/01 'naked short selling' lie at first to cover up his and Washington D.C.criminal co-conspirators,(yes I used the 'conspiracy' word and laws against conspiracy were created because conspiraciues exist although our government no longer uses the conspiracy law to prosecute post 9/11 for some reason).Agora Inc is a CIA connected penny stock and other 'securities' promoter and manipulator of Mortgages,gold,etc..Porter Stansberry brags of 'predicting' the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when in truth he was just an insider to great great robbery of the American public anmd makes our supposewd enemies Saddam Hussein and Gaddafy appear as saints.Bill Bonner has a nice Saint Simonn mansion  in France paid by his Agora Inc and the frauds and the NY Times of the Zionist war criminals pretends he's just a brilliant 'businessman' of some kind or other.
In fact one strange or not so strange thing that Gary Weiss and his criminal partners and Patrick Byrne and his money launderers have in common is connections to and defense of James Dale Davidson and Agora Inc.. They both with the collusion of ex Chicago Mercantile Exchange mafiosi and alleged Wikpedia founder Jimbo Wales censor any criticism or true history of James Dale Davbidson and Agora Inc. on Wimpipedia, I mean  Wikipedia.

23 Jan 2012 by Gary Weiss (OSTK) has been in the share-price doldrums lately. One reason has been the continuing legal travails surrounding its CEO, Patrick Byrne, who is embroiled in a potentially devastating libel suit in Canada. There have been two recent developments in the suit, neither of which bodes well for Byrne or Overstock..
As I've pointed out in previous articles, most recently this one, Byrne is in hot water over wild allegations on his "Deep Capture" website concerning a Vancouver stock promoter named Altaf Nazerali....
Where In The World Is CEO Patrick Byrne's Smear Site? by: Gary Weiss January 23, 2012 | about: OSTK. Font Size: Print. Email · Recommend ... As I've pointed out in previous articles, most recently this one, Byrne is in hot water over wild allegations on his "Deep Capture" website concerning a Vancouver stock promoter named Altaf Nazerali. Deep Capture has been offline since mid-October, when a Canadian judge granted an injunction shutting the site. Yet it did not ...
 Mitchell's modus operandi is to take the work of others -- in this case reporting on Nazerali, some of it from a book on BCCI that was published in 1992 -- and update it by making stuff up. His posing as Nordenson in 2006 is devastating to his credibility.


    On any other day that might seem strange: Ali Nazerali Wants His Past Sealed in Orwell’s Memory Hole

    In October 2011, Ali Nazerali, a Canadian resident of Pakistani origin who has operated boiler rooms (though he denies it) and whose business relationships drew the scrutiny of DeepCapture, went to court in British Columbia to obtain an injunction ordering DeepCapture to be vanished.  In an ex parte proceeding (meaning that DeepCapture was not even notified of the proceedings, let alone allowed to present any argument),  the Canadian court issued an injunction against the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Immediately and also without notification, US corporations Google, Bing, and GoDaddy complied with this foreign court’s order to disappear all trace of DeepCapture like some recalcitrant Argentinian muckracker.
    However, in December, 2011 DeepCapture had its chance to speak in court in Canada. Once it had heard our side, the Court  pulled its injunction, and found that Nazerali’s lawyers had misled the Court. - Even though Patrick 'the one balled wonder' Byrne is correct about  Nazerali's stock fraud 'business' so also is Patrick Byrne a crook and a fraud as well who has stolen untold amounts of dollars from the American public and has his own fraudulent company in Salt Lake City called that he and his father have used shares for money laundering even having an offshore hedge fund to aid the crime and protected post 9/11 by the ec criminal SEC Chair Christoper Cox who lied for him about his share being 'naked shotrted by a 'Sith Lord' using the money laundering NY Mayor Bloomberg's own Bloomberg digital rag to do so ! No wonder Salt Lake City has a Jewish mafia mayor because at high levels Jewish mafia is allied with Mormon mafiosi as well as the  far right Arab mafiosi of Saudi Arabia,(e.g.Adnan Kashoggi of GenesisIntermedia fraud that collapsed on 9/11/01 coincidentally and involved NY Jewish mafiosi Singer among others).

    For years now the phony 'business' journalists' Gary Weiss of Businessweek and ex WSJ and Columbia School of Journalism Mark Mitchell have been at each others throats for reasons completely clear to me.The scumbag Weiss in cahoots with a Syrian Jewish money launderer named Sam Antar  Mitchell is mainly since leaving CSJ or Columbia School of Journalism,been in the employ of CEO AND SPOILED AGING SON OF GEICO BILLIONAIRE  Jack Byrne's son  Patrick.Mitchell lies about stocks being 'naked shorted' for Byrne's offshore hedge fund which holds and manipulates stocks to defraud investors then saysthose stocks were 'naked shorted'.Weiss claims the stocks are indeed being 'naked shorted' (which both agree mean 'counterfeited'),but that it does'nyt affect the price of the shares !

    The fraud is so massive and the criminals so importatant that ebvebn
    the SEC lied about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    shares being 'naked shorted' on their own 'investor education' website in 2008!

    This would help explain why Byrne is so anxious to run for the border,
    and not keep his promise to "go a few rounds with Nazerali."

    Yes sir, Mitchell is going to be a fun deposition -- for the
    plaintiffs. They ought to put towels under his chair: He's going to be
    sweating blood.

    Mitchell's modus operandi is to take the work of others -- in this
    case reporting on Nazerali, some of it from a book on BCCI that was
    published in 1992 -- and update it by making stuff up. His posing as
    Nordenson in 2006 is devastating to his credibility.- Gary Weiss
    infamous Businessweek disinfo agent and co-conspirator in stock
    manipulation and money laundering with Syrian Jew Sam Antar of 1980's
    Crazy Eddie stock scam that was used to launder money for Israel and
    who should be sent back to Syria to allow them to give him the justice
    he deserves......



    The New York Post Format:
    PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    29 Sep 2006 – stock swindler named Irving Kott in the 19605. Two
    decades later Nazerali's name surfaced as an alleged money courier in
    the infamous BCCI ... - Chris Byron


    While Israel's  prostitute and war criminal Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama
    insults Americans by claiming he wants a 'level playing field' while
    representing and protecting Zionists of Goldman Sachs and covering up
    the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,his replacement of W Bush
    SEC Chair Chris Cox,who lied about those stocks being 'naked shorted',
    with Bernie Madoff crook and Israeli money launderer Mary Schapiro
    clearly demonstrates he is a pro offshore money laundering crony of
    the very international billionaires who robbed and looted middle class
    in 2008.He wants and probably already has an offshore account or
    accounts with his own false SS numbers just like the Mormon sleazebag
    Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Hillary and Bill Clinton, Where''s
    the FBI ? Laundering money and  running stock frauds and illegal drug running
    and terrorism against Americans as usual.And protecting scum like
    Altaf  Nazerali,Gary Weiss,Patrick Byne,Mark Mitchell and their crime
    bosses just as Mary Schapiro's SEC does..
    The scam stock website allows known stock fraudsters
    such as them to all pretend they are an unbiased sourse of  'business
    news' and censors criticism so be very wary of that website.They have all lied
    about stocks being 'naked shorted',a term made up by these criminasl
    frauds themselves
    and James Dale Davidson and Bill Bonner and Porter Stansberry of Agora
    Inc..These are
    names most are not familiar with but those who have the misfortune to
    know them may
    receive death threats for criticizing or exposing their criminal
    activities and self promotion a
    'securities' experts over the imternet which has become a better place
    to promote themselves
    than Businessweek,Bloomberg,WSJ,etc..You will also find Max Keiser of
    the fraudulant 'news'
    site Russia Today who must be Jewish,(a white person who lies about
    being a 'semite'),and even
    so worked for the Emir of Qatar's Al Jazeera where he also lied about
    'naked short selling' or stocks
    being 'naked shorted'.


    The fact is that both parties,i.e.-Gary Weiss and Sam Antar and Patrick Byrne and his criminal gang who have threatened my life on their recently closed thesanitycheck.con website are worse than crooks - both groups are stock scamsters and manipulators.Antar lies when he claims he is now a reformed stock fraudster turned reformer and Gary Gary Weiss has helped whatever stock he was trying to manipulator using his phony guise as an investigative reporter.
    However I am more concerned as I have been for years re Patrick Byrne and his own offshore hedge fund to manipulate and pump and dump various stocks such as the NFI or Novastar Financial that he lied about being 'naked shorted' or being a victim of 'share counterfeiting' by a supposed 'Sith Lord' when it was in fact more like a ponzi scheme that paid dividends until it didn't - meaning NO share 'counterfeiting' was occuring because no one came forward to show they bought shares they didn't receive dividends on until the collapse of the ponzi scheme that was NFI !
    Patrick Byrne's NCANS simply replaced Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson's NAANSS in 2005 and continued the lie that worthless penny stocks such as Bud Burrell's,'s CMKX Diamonds and USXP
    and many other illegal pumps and dumps were really victims of 'naked short selling' that as Davidson had first done in 2002 with biotech frauds Genemax Aand Endovasc that ripped me off.And its much bigger than this because even Georgetown 'business' professor James Angel lied about stocks being 'naked shorted' for this criminal gang that James Dale Davidson was part of behind the scenes or so said the anonymous Bobo O'Brien on the Yahoo! N FI message board in 2005 when WSJ's Jesse Eissinger was snooping around but covered it up.In fact paradoxically it was Gary Weiss who used his position as a Wikipedia editor to remove all I wrote on Wikipedia about him Dale Davidson's and NAANSS even though he was supposedly fighting the naked short selling lie Davidson began and Byrne continued.
    In sum it is not which group are crooks and and manipulators - BOTH are ! But Bud Burrell should be in jail for his death threats and ex SEC Chair Cox should be prosecuted by his own corrupt SEC for lying on the website in 2008 that dividend paying stocks like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had been 'naked shorted' when that is a proven lie !
    And while it is sickening the Bud Burrell uses Chritianity in the form of his CFRN out of Sheriff Arpio's corrupt Phoenix,Arizona to promote his frauds and lure victims to his penny stock frauds,it is also true that Weiss and Antar have approved of the same practice by partnering with Barry Minkow WHO DOES THE SAME.
    Barry Minkow: From scammer, to preacher, to defendant ... - Cached
    3 Jul 2011 – ... (Barry Minkow) has since left San Diego County for his wife's hometown in rural Tennessee. ... becoming a born-again Christian (he had been raised Jewish) and .... In recent years, Sam Antar – like Minkow – has made a career of ...

    Read more:

    Bud Burrell from the archives of CFRN Investigates
    23 May 2006 by Christian Financial Radio Network
    As we share select interviews from our archives, you can expect to hear from Bud Burrell, Robert "Bobo" O'Brien, Patrick Byrne, Dave Patch, Mark Faulk and many others. This particular interview is one from our series with industry ...
    More results from Christian Financial Radio Network

    pump me up scotty - barry minkow,gary weiss sam antar meet heavens gate

    Tony Ryals
    to me

    ....tactics used by NovaStar to cook its books. The company hired Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Clinton during the Monica Lewinski scandal to "run interference" with regulators:
    So in February 2003, Mr. Cohodes started corresponding with the S.E.C. about NovaStar. He began “throwing things over the wall,” as he put it, to Amy Miller, a lawyer in the division of enforcement. 
    Taking his pencil to NovaStar’s statements, Mr. Cohodes found a raft of red flags. “They made their numbers look however they wanted to,” he recalls. “Not even remotely realistic.”
    One tactic gave the company lots of leeway in how it valued the loans held on its books. Another allowed it to record immediately all the income that a loan would generate over its life, even if that was decades. This accounting method ignored the possibility that some of the company’s loans might default. NovaStar assumed that losses on all of its loans would be nonexistent.

    Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt 3 comments
    Jan 12, 2010 2:54 PM | about stocks: MED
    Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt
    I read Medifast’s (NYSE: MED) self-serving proclamations attacking my friend convicted felon turned fraud fighter Barry Minkow (co-founder of Fraud Discovery Institute or FDI) in both its Q3 2009 10-Q issued last November and reiterated in today’s press release detailed in part below:
    An Independent Committee composed of distinguished members of the Board of Directors of Medifast, Inc. (NYSE: MED) was constituted in February, 2009 to review public allegations of a third party, convicted felon Barry Minkow, and his network of alleged independent experts, posted on Minkow's website alleging illegal activities of Take Shape For Life, Inc., a direct selling company and a subsidiary of Medifast, Inc.
    The independent Directors' Committee, after investigation of facts and information concluded the allegations were false, misleading, and/or without merit. The same is true for the re-issue of the report posted January 8, 2010 – the allegations are false, misleading, and/or without merit.

    Fact No. 21: On October 7, 2009 Minkow submitted an affidavit swearing that he had produced all documents in his possession, custody, and control responsive to Lennar’s document demands and this Court’s June 15 and July 9, 2009 Orders. (Ex. 10 at”if”if 5-7; Ex. 8; Ex. 16; Ex. 20.)
    Fact No. 22: These sworn statements in Minkow’s October 7, 2009 affidavit were false. At the time he represented that he had made a complete production, Minkow had possession, custody, or control of numerous documents responsive to Lennar’s document demands and this Court’s June 15 and July 9, 2009 Orders, including but not limited to, the following documents material to this case:
    • a version of the November 30, 2008 engagement agreement between Minkow and Nicolas Marsch containing a six-page, 11-point “confidential proposal” (Ex. 202); .
    • another version of the November 30, 2008 engagement agreement between Minkow and Nicolas Marsch containing materially different compensation terms (Ex. 200);
    • numerous emails with Mr .. Marsch, Paul Palladino, Tracy Coenen, Sam Antar,Terry Gilbeau, Shannon Boelter, and other individuals involved in the Lennar investigation;
    Fact No. 23: Minkow knew he had possession, custody, or control of these and other documents, but made the decision to withhold them.
    Fact No. 25: At the August 26,2010 hearing, Minkow admitted that he withheld these documents and others but said it was “negligent” because, at the time he represented he had produced all responsive documents, Minkow was working “18 hours a day” filming a movie about his life and he was “swamped and overwhelmed.”  The Court does not find this testimony credible and rejects this excuse.
    Fact No. 26: On several subsequent occasions, when he was not filming a movie including as recently as August 11, 2010, Minkow continued to withhold documents and falsely represent that he had produced all documents in his possession, custody, or control responsive to Lennar’s document demands and this Court’s June 15 and July 9, 2009 Orders.
    Fact No. 27: On each occasion, Minkow knew he had possession, custody, or control of such documents responsive to the Court’s Orders, but he–alone-made
    the decision to withhold them.
    Fact No. 28: Minkow’s year-long withholding of documents was not inadvertent, accidental, or negligent.
    Fact No. 29: Minkow withheld documents he perceived to be harmful to his case. Among other things, the concealed documents demonstrate:
    • that Minkow’s investigators questioned the accuracy of statements of fact he included in his report on Lennar;
    • the perfunctory nature of Minkow research and investigation before he accused Lennar and its executives of operating like a ponzi scheme, giving its COO a disguised kickback, being a financial crime in progress, and other statements; and
    • Minkow’s use of possibly illegal means to obtain personal, confidential information about Lennar, its executives, and others.
    Fact No. 30: By withholding these documents, Minkow wilfully violated the Court’s June 15,2009 Order and the Court’s July 9, 2009 Order.

    The MadCow Morning News - Cached
    13 Oct 2004 – ... in Rancho Santa Fe Ca. in March of 1997 in the Heaven's Gate cult mass ... After finding the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult on a balmy ... coincidentally the home of financier Carl Icahn, who will figure later in ...... from it about the San Diego FBI's criterion for employment. ...

    Inside a high-end real estate deal gone bad

    The placid panorama at the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe belies the bruising battles among its developers. The cast includes a home-building titan, a bankrupt La Jolla deal maker and a con man-turned-preacher.

    • The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, a development in San Diego County, features opulent homes, a private golf course and a troubled back story.
    The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, a development in San Diego County, features… (Don Bartletti, Los Angeles Times)
    June 25, 2011|By E. Scott Reckard, Los Angeles Times
    Scattered across 540 acres of San Diego County hills and ravines, the 235 opulent homes of the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe flank a private golf course and country club with tile-roofed towers inspired by Tuscan villages.
    The placid panorama belies decades of bruising battles among the project's developers. The cast includes home-building titan Lennar Corp., a bankrupt La Jolla deal maker and, in an improbable late entry, con man-turned-preacher Barry Minkow.
    The dispute ultimately led to a federal criminal conviction against Minkow and a continuing investigation by the Justice Department. But it all began here, at a classic Southern California home development that promised riches for its partners but ended up exacting a high price on the key players.
    The court filings offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a high-end real estate deal gone bad.
    Lennar, the venture's main financier and manager, says it lost $50 million on the Bridges in spite of the custom-built mansions and expensive tract homes gracing its hillsides. Sales soared during the housing boom, but by 2009 the company was moving only one home every two months, San Diego real estate consultant Russell Valone said.
    "Lennar did not go into this project thinking they were going to sell half a unit a month," said Valone, the president of MarketPointe Realty Advisors. "There's no way they planned on being there that long — they're a public company and they want to get that money back and put it to work."
    At the center of the wrangling is Lennar's partner at the Bridges: Nicolas Marsch III, 64, of La Jolla. A native of Chicago, where his family was in the construction business, Marsch took the helm of the enterprise in the 1970s and set out to make his fortune as a developer in California and Colorado.
    Marsch ultimately set his sights on Rancho Santa Fe, 25 miles north of downtown San Diego. Described by CBS sportscaster and former resident Dick Enberg as "Beverly Hills in the country," the very private suburb caught the world's attention in 1997 when 39 cultists at a rented mansion poisoned themselves in expectation of ascending to a spaceship.
    Marsch had purchased much of the Rancho Santa Fe land by the early 1980s. He launched the project he then called Horizon Country Club in 1985, in a partnership with a wealthy Northern California developer, Ronald Williams.
    The partners had a falling out in 1988, court records show, with Marsch accusing Williams of withholding funds for Horizon to pressure Marsch into selling out cheap.
    By 1990, work had shut down. The site sat fenced off for most of the decade as the pair battled in court — and were sued in turn by business partners who said they had been stiffed, including the noted golf course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr.
    When the court dust settled, Williams ended up with the property, which he seized as collateral for defaulted loans, and Marsch ended up with a $37-million judgment against Williams. To buy out his partner and revive the project, Marsch needed more financial muscle — and found it in Lennar.
    Miami-based Lennar began looking for joint ventures in California in 1995. By the end of that year it was talking to Marsch, who brought a local developer's edge: a ground-level view of the project and familiarity with the power brokers who ultimately authorize developments.
    Marsch's dealings with San Diego's power elite went back decades: He had sold a Breckenridge, Colo., ski condo in 1979 to a group including Roger Hedgecock, a county supervisor and later San Diego mayor who wound up convicted for his role in a campaign-finance scandal.
    The group paid less than market value for the condo and soon sold it at a big profit, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported in 1984. Hedgecock and other supervisors voted to reduce development in parts of the county's Alpine area, but not where Marsch owned property.
    No formal allegations of wrongdoing emerged in the case. Hedgecock, now the host of a nationally broadcast radio talk show, declined to comment on the condo deal or Marsch.
    The development deal struck by Marsch and Lennar, like many other projects expected to take years before becoming profitable, included front-end fees to compensate the organizers in the earlier years.
    Beginning in 1999, Marsch enjoyed a hefty income stream from the Bridges, including $310,000 a year in developer fees, plus 3.5% of every lot sale, home sale and club membership, and a smaller fraction of home resales, a San Diego Superior Court judge wrote in summarizing the case. Lennar also agreed to cover a host of Marsch's expenses, including his legal tab for suing Williams, debts to previous investors and the taxes owed on earnings from the Bridges.
    Lennar and Marsch agreed to split any eventual profits 50-50 — but only after the home builder had recovered the hundreds of millions of dollars in capital it had poured into the deal, plus 25% interest a year.

    The 'Genesis' of the Adnan Khashoggi Wing of the 9-11 Truth Movement (infiltration)

    author: hopsicker with commentary

    This is an interesting assortment how many of the false 9-11 truthers like Ruppert (and surprisingly, Barry Zwicker gets later caught up in John Gray money ("Men are from Mars" book ), and John Gray money and his book's popularity came from international drug lord Kashoggi's operations). Thus below is a summary of the twisted tale of the "Genesis" of the infiltrated side of the 9-11 Truth Movement, the Genesis named operations in a convoluted money trail of Adnan Kashoggi. Kashoggi's organizations have simultaneously taken to hawking "anything that needed to be hawked" for psyop purposes from John Gray's "Men are From Mars" books (with its Kashoggi connections), to perhaps (...Hopsicker leaves this open, though it would make intuitive sense for the 'genesis' of this branch of hawking as well) various other PGI Corporation connections to Ruppert ("perhaps the largest tax fraud scam in U.S. history"), to, of all things, the Hale Bopp Comet Cult itself--keyed off by 'false reportage' of the same 'Genesis' connected network off Kashoggi. Second, there is interesting information on the SAN DIEGO and TAMPA aspects of the false flaggers--which had Kashoggi networks around them as well as traitorous FBI networks as well in San Diego, according to the FBI Investigation of itself!

    The main theme is the implanted artificial culture industry and its main vehicle--under Kashoggi networks? With a different 'subsidiary' for each operation, each named "Genesis" Something? Read on. "...let's begin our journey with a visit to the psy-ops murk of 'Saudi Genesis'."

    Internet Defamation - Crime & Punishment

    Internet Defamation - Crime & Punishment - Part 2 of ongoing series in trans-border libel - Published by ISL (for Lawyers, legal practices and other  companies operating across borders)
    Internet defamation is unlawful and if you are tempted to write something libelous about someone else, know what “speech” of yours is legally actionable.
    While Internet technologies have caused a communication revolution, in many countries their impact on libel laws has been evolutionary, but here in Australian defamation laws have already had a 2005 overhaul.
     “In Australia defamation laws are uniform and equally apply to the net and other forms of publication.  There is no difference.  Gutnick Vs Dow Jones is a good example,” says Michael Pelly media adviser for Attorney General Greg Smith.
    The fact is defaming on the web breaches libel, data protection and harassment laws and worse, when defamatory statements cross national boundaries, international privacy laws come into play.  In simple terms, victims can potentially sue you in multiple courts around the world because postings can be accessed globally.
    The issue of which country an online defamation suit should be heard was decided in Australia after Victorian mining magnate Joe Gutnick brought an “online defamation action” against America’s highly respected Dow Jones.
    A 7,000-word article published by the financial daily, sparked the proceedings.  The story was then posted on their subscription website Barron’s Online.  In the article headed “Unholy Grains,” journalist William Alpert made claims about Mr. Gutnick that he considered defamatory. 

    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    CIA George Tenet and VeteransToday Connected Money Launderer Gordon Duff Complains of Washington D.C. Insider Trading...He is one !

    Paradoxical that Gordon Duff knows so well the corruption he condemns
    because as a Beltway insider and admitted associate of 911 cover up
    artist and major stock fraud money launderer,ex CIA Chief George
    Tenet,Gordon Duff is part of the same corruption he pretends to
    condemn.His buddy CIA Tenet is connected to the money launderers of
    Agora Inc Baltimiore whose employee Rey Rivera took an unexplained 14
    foot fall from Belvedere Hotel Baltimore in 2006 after the scandal of
    his name being connected to Agora Inc stock criminal and gold touter
    Porter Stansberry.James Dale Davidson who started the Clinton killed
    Vince Foster rumor was the founder of Agora and has ties to the
    highest level of far right fascists from Washington,D.C. to the UK and
    Lord William Rees Mogg and the Rothschild crime family.
    Although my second link below might indicate that I am a supporter or
    fan of Julian Assange that is not the case.I believe Duff and Agora
    Inc.'s Lila Rajiva were running a dirty tricks campaign against the
    corrupt Assange for the very reason that he had obtained enough data
    on their far right stock shares money laundering pals and Swiss and
    offshore accounts that made him dangerous to them.Thus the million
    dollar book offer from Rupert Murdoch and the fact that in the end
    rather than exposing the Zionists that Duff and Rajiva and Agora and
    Tenet are intimately connected with in the U.S.,UK,Israel and
    elsewhere Assange in the end made the most outrageous claim that
    Indian billionaires were the most significant Swiss and international
    money launderers.And thus their psy ops against Assange ended in a
    Assange's new 'job' at Russia Today just shows how the far right elite
    have penetreated Russia as well and the Rothschild crime family of
    which Duff appears to be allied with it's non Semitic white  Jewish
    billionaires control Russian media just as they control BBC,Al
    Jazeera,CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC and Murdoch's disinfo 'news' agency in the UK
    and U.S.such as London Times,Fox,WSJ,etc.,etc. And Duff is allied with
    them as sure as he is allied to the Zionists he would have us believe
    he wishes to throw Molotov cocktails at.......

    WTC,,9/11,Logan Airport Boston,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad
    Atzmon,Gordon Duff,Menachem Atzmon, ICTS International
    Julian Assange,Wikileaks:Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff is A
    CIA,George Tenet Prostitute,So is Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva

    Below is from personal email to me where Gordon Duff first disclosed his relationship to ex CIA
    Terrorist and stock shres money launderer George Tenet who founded the CIA's In-Q-Tel for that purpose pre to 9/11/01.I thought I posted our entire email communication but perhaps not.Will do so soon.Duff has since ackknowledged wht he told me in private on his own fraudulent VeteransToday website.The '10 b' means ten billion dollars a lot of money for a retired low ranking military officer.
    When he says ' some of your characters were involved',he means people who defrauded me in a penny stock scam with Stanford University connections called Endovasc that probably includes Beltway banker David P Summers and almost certainly a Mr.Bud Burrell of Arizona who has thrweatened my life and has connections to high ranking ex FBI officer who helped cover up 1993 WTC bombing and worked with him in a fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim with deaceased billionaire  Houston attorney
    John O'Quinn and Wes Christian. Also his threat to me was posted on now closed website of Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne of the stock fraud operation who in turn bribed ex Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to lie about shares being 'naked shorted',a term made up by Beltway m,oney launderer with Bush and Clinton ties named James Dale Davidson.....

    On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:29 PM,  <> wrote:

     I am having a bit of an out of body experience from this.  I went through a
     short sell issue with 4ccontrols a couple of years ago.  we dropped maybe

     some of your characters were involved.

     odd invited to see the pope..

     which, as you know..makes no sense whatsoever.

     g Gordon (Duff, Veterans Today editor)

    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    Google,Bullseye Stox Tout:SEC Prostitute Mary Schapiro,L3 Titan Corp,Skyway Communications Cocaine and SPLI

    Google Police thyself !


     ‘There’s Something About Mary’ as Madoff Calls Schapiro “a Dear Friend”  By Larry Doyle


    And I hold the sleazy money laundering prostitute Mary Schapiro who sold NASDAQ at her and IRS Commioner Doug Shulman's personal financial gain  to Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum of Dubai and his criminal Jewish partners personally responsible for all death threats against me since I began to complain  about stock fraud and sent that complaint to the SEC in 2003.Mary Schapiro's SEC claims to have lost that complaint ! SEC IG DAVID H Kotz is also aiding and abetting the ongoing massive criminal finanancial fraud at the SEC just as he did under the criminal ex SEC Chair Christopher Cox who appointed him to coverup fraud NOT investigate it.Of course its only coincidence that Schapiro and Kotz are both Ashkanazie Jews or white people who lie about being Semites and that the Sheikh of Dubai has nothing but Ashkenazie Jews heading 'his' NASDAQ.The financial prostitute Mary Schapiro is also reponsible for for transfering NYSE to Germany meaning Wall Street is a myth and international criminals using computers now manipulate around the world.Schapiro also has allowed the ex SEC Chair Chris  Cox to get away with the outragaeous  lie that stock prices particularly those of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed in 2008 due to 'naked short selling' a term made up by Aghora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson to distract from the fact that he was dumping worthless unaudited shares of penny stocks,Genemax and Ensdovasc,himself ! This lie has been repeated on the SEC 'investor education' website as well as on all major business journals as well as Al Jazeera by Max Keiser where the Emir of Qatar is guilty of stock fraud against Americans as well !-Tony Ryals



    Msg - Silicon Investor
    Oct 2, 2005 – I wonder if Tony Ryals values his life? ... CNN's reluctance to cooperate with Zwebner is especially understandable if they have seen the ...

    Msg - Silicon

    Oct 2, 2005 – Wolfblitzzer0 real identity has been found out. ... Hey Tony Ryals . ...CNN's reluctance to cooperate with Zwebner is especially understandable ...

    Now you would think both Google and Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama's SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro who has been  a financial  prostitute of Bernie Madoff and just about any other Israeli or Mossad or CIA scumbags who tout worthless NASDAQ penny stock,and EVEN WORSE,PINKSHEET OR BETTER SAID, PINK SHIT STOCKS,both for direct fraud against investors and for the added 'value' of using these shares the SEC refuses to audit for laundering money,probably including money gained for drug and arms trafficking FOR DECADES,would thank me for bringing the BullseyeStox spam promotion of Titan Corp connected SPLI pink sheets stock to their attention,but I doubt it..Yet I ,like you , have received  these criminal stock promotions for years with no action from either the corrupt or criminal SEC attorneys  nor from Google itself ! Wake up Google and police the penny stock frauds you allow to prolifierate not only through gmail spam but through the world wide internet on your search engines as well ! I will be glad to help if you or the SEC can't recognize or don't know what illegal 'pump and dunp' stock fraud is or can't distinguish from established working public companies and fraudulent shell companies the SEC allows to proliferate !

    You see I have been the target of both death threats and even a phony $100 million dollar legal case in Florida in 2005 that involved sleaze as 'high' as ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and ex Israel President Moshe Katsav who was accused of rape at the same time and only recently convicted of that crime.But the sleaze who occupy the SEC office in downtown Alexandria,Virginia still protected those scumbags and allowed  their partner in crime against American investors, British Israeli Zwebner, to sue Wolf Blitzer and CNN in Florida,)using NOT his money but money stolen from Americans in his UCSY Air Water Corp  'air water machine' fraud that he claimed produced water from thin air also claimed to sell   to sell to U.S. Government 'Coalition Forces' in Iraq as well as to the Israeli Army !And he is still counting or laundering his millions of stolen dollars because Zionist criminals at CNN and Wolf Blitzer AREN'T a 'news' agency but like the Fox News criminal Rupert Murdoch or an Israeli Zionist propaganda front !

    Although Wolf Blitzer who claims to be 'a good Jew' ,(whatever that means),and CNN,hired
    a corrupt law firm in Florida to get the $100 million case against tem anulled and for Zwebner to pay their legal fees with money he stole from us,CNN and Wolf Spitzer didn't report the news because that would have impolicated Israeli mass murderer and war criminal Ehud Olmert and recently convicted rapist Moshe Katasav in Zwebner's scam.Good 'Jew' indeed !

    Mary Schapiro should be in jail with her perverted buddy Bernie Madoff and CNN and Wolf Blitzer should learn what shame is and Google should stop allowing far right U.S. and Israel and even Arab,etc.,stock criminals defraud Americans and use the same fraudulant U.S. incorporation scams to both launder stolen money and use their worthless shells corps for economic and corporatate spying and sabatage in America ! That's what Google should havre been doing long ago and in fact right now rather than stirring up all this outrage and indignation against and from its consumers ! Capische !?


    Tony Ryals

    This POS,(Piece of Shit), reminds me of Menachem Atzmon's ICTS International that also joined the non reporting pink sheets sometime after the 911 massacre
    at the WTC IN 2001.In fact the touters who just sent me their tout
    spam said that SPLI is  connected to the  San Diego based Titan Corp
    and L3 Corporation Abu Graibe tortures of who have been into
    'investing' in and promoting questionable penny stocks previously such
    a Skyway Communications that claimed to have developed the technology
    for land to airplane phone calls even after everyone already knew it
    existed before that because all the passengers aboard those 911 planes
    had already used it to call home and speak their last words to
    relatives a couple of years before Skyways)whose DC-9 WAS LATER
    This POS,(Piece of Shit)  is just more proof that SEC Chair Mary Schapiro should be in jail with her ex NASD partner in jail with her ex NASD crime partner
    Bernie Madoff rather than running Barack Barry Soetoro's SEC!


    Here's that latest spam using Google Gmail that's pissed me off but there have been many more that I have remained quiet about.:

    Our New Bullseye Pick is Here!!!! 

    We are bringing you another potential hard hitter. But first,we want to seize this opportunity to welcome our new members!
    The Market Rallied an average of 1% accross the board today. We watched as several of our trade ideas on twitter made gains to the tune of 200%. The masses have requested more profitable ideas in order to be able to have an explosive Month. Without further ado, Your dedicated team is setting our sights on AvWorks Aviation (OTC:SPLI)

    SPLI  is a diversified aviation and aerospace Company that operates across multiple sectors and services; including supply chain support, maintenance, manufacturing, asset management assistance, dismantling, specialty supply, technical data and aircraft on ground (AOG) solutions.
    SPLI is a diversified broker and supplier of parts, products and services to the worldwide aviation and aerospace markets.

    SPLI  services a broad range of commercial clients such as aircraft leasing companies, major airlines, repair stations, leasing companies and after market suppliers.

    SPLI is accredited to FAA Advisory Circular AC 00-56 and TAC 2000.

    SPLI is a registered U.S. GSA government contractor
    SPLI customers include industry leaders Boeing, Moog, Flightstar, Woodward HRT and L3 Communications.

    Facts about $SPLI

    • Diverse product mix of aerospace and aviation components and services
    • Multi-billion dollar worldwide market
    • Boeing certified supplier
    • In business since 2004
    • Established product and distribution networks in-place
    • Small company agility
    • U.S. FAA certified supply sources

    •                                                                            The Chart 

      U.S. Aerospace and defense industry sales for combined civilian and military sales are estimated at $116 billion for 2011. Though future Pentagon budgets are uncertain and may be pared, the industry expects to experience 5-8% growth over the next decade.

      Every aircraft in the world is on a scheduled cycle that includes maintenance for every one of thousands of individual parts of the plane at least once during the lifetime of the asset. Airlines infrequently keep inventory on-hand favoring suppliers like AvWorks Aviation to supply parts on demand. 

      The long-range forecast anticipates delivery of 33,500 new airplanes over the next 20 years, valued at more than $4.0 trillion.

      AvWorks operates in this sector as a diversified broker and supplier of parts, products and services to the worldwide aviation and aerospace markets servicing a broad range of clients such as aircraft leasing companies, major airlines, repair stations, fixed-base operators, leasing companies and aftermarket suppliers.

      Estimates from the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) put the number of aircraft destined for the junk yard over the next 20 years at 12,000, and pressure is growing to reduce significantly the amount of waste that goes to landfill. AvWorks intends to work with industry leaders to development environmentally-friendly aircraft reclamation service programs to take advantage of this growing industrial sector.

      We cannot wait to see what $SPLI brings us tomorrow. Put this stock on your watchlist immediately.

      You have seen the chart, and you know what the company does. It is now time to add this ticker to your watchlist if you haven't done so already. This could get very interesting. 

      oh yea, do not forget to keep watching our intraday ideas on twitter.!/bullseyestox!/jimcramer/status/86088723741147136
      Our members are smart and know when to take profits where they deem necessary. 

      Sec filings can be viewed by visiting

      As you can see below it isn't as if I haven't warned and informed the U.S.SEC previously !:

      1. Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland ...
        Nov 15, 2007 – skyway communications cocaine rendition penny stocks from: Porter Goss' Resignation 'Mystery Solved:DC 9 With 5.5 Tons Of Cocaine Was ...
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      2. U.S.Resident Barack Obama,Secretary of StateCocaineTrafficker ...
        Feb 26, 2011 – U.S.Resident Barack Obama,Secretary of StateCocaineTraffickerHillary ... Skyway Communications is also a stock fraud against American ...
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      3. SD Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,cocaine.. - San Diego ...
        Jul 30, 2006 – What Tom DeLay and Titan Corp and Jeb Bush have aided by endorsingSkyway Communications is one of the largest cocaine trafficking ...

        Apr 17, 2006 – OWNERS OF DC9 SEIZED WITH 5.5 TONS OF COCAINE ... Skyway Communication's principal Kovar must have been looking well forward to ...
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      5. Titan Corp.,Skyway Communications,Cocaine,Pump and Dump ...
        Aug 31, 2011 – A MadCowMorningNews investigation has learned that the company which owned the DC9 airliner caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine at an airport in Mexico's ...
      6. BLOG TO 2010 & BEYOUND: Crist, & Skyway Communications ...
        Jun 9, 2009 – Florida,Charlie Crist,Republican Skyway Communications stock ..."private," containing 5.5 tons of cocaine worth about $100 million on the ...
      7. Skyway Communications Holding Corp & cocaine
        3 posts - 2 authors - Sep 14, 2006
        Skyway Communications Holding Corp & cocaine. Subscribe Search This Thread Preferences. Start a New Thread. post #1 of 3. 9/13/06 ...
      8. EU,Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland ...
        Nov 14, 2007 – skyway communications cocaine rendition penny stocks from: Porter Goss' Resignation 'Mystery Solved:DC 9 With 5.5 Tons Of Cocaine Was ...
      9. Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking ...
        May 12, 2006 – Tom DeLay,Titan Corp,Skyway Communications, 9/11,CocaineTrafficking,and Bloody Murder Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man ...

      10. Narco News: Third Cocaine Plane Surfaces and is Tied to Web of ...

        Jan 29, 2008 – The driver was arrested and the cocaine payload seized. .... Skyway Communications, the parent company of Skyway Aircraft in Clearwater, ...


        1. CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp ...

          Jul 4, 2008 – CNN,Wolf Blitzer Covered up Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Criminal Ties to U.S. Air Water Corp Stock Fraud,Michael Zwebner. Long before Morris ...
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        2. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,'Orthodox Jews',Stock Fraud,Gay ...

          Feb 24, 2008 – Olmert's name appears on SEC filings as insider to Zwebner's Air Water Corp. and he is associated with convicted(in Israel)Menachem Atzmon ...
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        3. Air alchemy — can humidity solve post-hurricane water problem?

          Michael Zwebner, the president of Miami Beach-based Air Water Corp., admits the power question is a big problem, but he says the machines can be useful ...
        4. Air Water International Michael Zwebner -

          Jan 27, 2011 – User reports and information about Air Water International. Air WaterInternational Michael Zwebner Stock Market Fraud; Sold me tens of ...

        5. EDGAR Online Pro

          Results 1 - 20 of 30 – 4, AIR WATER INTERNATIONAL CORP (UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS INC) (ZWEBNER MICHAEL J), 10/17/05 (09/30/05) ...

          1. News - WaterMaker India - atmospheric water generator, air water ...

            Michael Zwebner, President of Air Water Corp stated: "We are making history. ThisWater Station is now real and in effect, and the local inhabitants of Jalimudi ...
          2. Michael Zwebner | Air Water International | Email, CEO ...

            Michael Zwebner is the CEO of Air Water International. Lead411's profile includes an email address,, linkedin, biography, etc.
          3. Israel President M. Katsav, M. Hadid, M.Zwebner Deliver AirWater ...

            Dec 15, 2006 – Moshe Katsav,M. Hadid,M. Zwebner Deliver AirWater Machines to U.S Military from Tony Ryals - Congrats Israeli President Moshe Katsav,I ...

            Air Water International Michael Zwebner -

            Jan 27, 2011 – User reports and information about Air Water International. Air WaterInternational Michael Zwebner Stock Market Fraud; Sold me tens of ...

            Air Water International Michael Zwebner Stock Market Fraud; Sold me tens of thousands of shares; Apparently bogus company; No where to be found now! M
            27th of Jan, 2011 by
            Air Water International AWTI(previously Universal Communications UCSY)sold shares for years promoting there "water from air machines". It was exciting technology and the company made it sound as if they were selling machines world wide and business was really taking off. Well, now after some SEC reporting problemsthey seem to have disappeared. Not even a mention of bankrupcy. Is there anyone else out there left holding apparently worthless shares of AWTI ?
            The CEO is a Michael Zwebner, anyone know where this guy might be?

            Michael Zwebner | Ripoff Report Directory | Complaints Reviews ...

            Jan 30, 2011 – If you are an attorney helping victims, the media, or law-enforcement, ...Air Water International Michael Zwebner Stock Market Fraud; Sold me ...

            Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart Is "Classiest Guy in the World" - Celebrity ...

            Oct 8, 2010 – and Olmert even wrote aletter in SEC?s UCSY filings claiming to have visited Zwebner?s ?Air Water Machine? factory in Israel ! So I know ...

            1. the_worm06: [UCSY] CEO Michael J. Zwebner and attorney Mark O ...

              Nov 9, 2006 – AirwaterZwebner California lawsuit: Zwebner, his companies and his ...
            2. U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Stephen G. McFarland ,Notorious ...

              Jun 26, 2011 – Tony Ryals , Barack Obama,U.S.China Ambassador Jon .... A British Israeli scumbag named Michael Zwebner who used some of his chump change from hios ... 'air water machines' to provide water for their troops ! Later he got together ...... ...
            3. Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07

              Jan 28, 2008 – ... air and to be sending hundreds or thousands of 'air-water machines' around the world) ... Zwebner even sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN for $100 million all because I,(Tony Ryals) ,used the alias 'wolfblitzzer0' to post on the scam promoting ..... ...