Friday, June 4, 2021

Anthony Fauci - King Of Pain of Gain-of-Function Biowarfare - Crimes Against Humanity

Anthony Fauci backed virus experiments 'despite pandemic risk' America’s top medical adviser for the coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, argued that the benefits of experimenting on contagious viruses – manipulating and heightening their infectious potency – was worth the risk of a laboratory accident sparking a pandemic. Fauci once argued for risky viral experiments — even if they can lead to pandemic 'Gain-of-Function Godfather': Bombshell emails link Dr Fauci to Wuhan lab leak theory Sky News host Sharri Markson says Anthony Fauci is considered "the Godfather" of Gain-of-Function research after she uncovered a 2012 scientific paper of his that said the benefits of the research were worth the risk of a pandemic. Top US Medical Adviser Dr Anthony Fauci was informed in Feb 2020, COVID-19 exhibited characteristics that suggested it could have been genetically altered in a lab, according to bombshell emails published. "It is an extraordinary acknowledgement; it is incomprehensible for a public health official, charged with protecting public health to take this position, but that's what he has done," she said. "These emails show that in the very early stages of the pandemic - in early 2020 - he became concerned that the finding for gain-of-function research in the US had flown to Wuhan. "And we see there's a flurry of emails where he's trying to find out whether he could be responsible or whether the NIH could be responsible for funding the research that might have created the virus that has leaked." Ms Markson said it was "a real possibility" American funding under Anthony Fauci "funded a virus that might have leaked that has resulted in this global pandemic". "This is why we've seen such a cover-up from people like Anthony Fauci," she said.