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Nestlé, Hershey and Mars promise to make Urangutans, rhinos and clouded leopards, Extinct

Nestlé, Hershey and Mars promise to make Urangutans, rhinos and clouded leopards, Extinct

Nestlé, Hershey and Mars promise to make Urangatangs Extinct

Nestlé, Hershey and Mars 'breaking promises over palm oil use'

This year’s Halloween confectionery will contain palm oil grown on land that should lawfully be habitat to orangutans, rhinos and clouded leopards, despite commitment to clean up supply chains
Forest land cleared for palm oil plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia.
Forest land cleared for palm oil plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia. Photograph: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Arthur Neslen
Saturday 28 October 2017 10.10 BST First published on Friday 27 October 2017 17.22 BST
Nestlé, Mars and Hershey have been accused of breaking pledges to stop using “conflict palm oil” from deforested Indonesian jungles, just days before the annual Halloween confectionery frenzy.

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) says consumers have been “deceived” by promises from the brands to clean up their supply chains which were subsequently delayed, revised or watered down.

Laurel Sutherlin, a spokesman for the group, told the Guardian: “For too many years, Nestlé, Mars and Hershey have cherry-picked their [palm oil] targets and then moved the goalposts when they don’t achieve them. There’s just no further room for error to prevent the extinction of tigers, orangutans and elephants.”

The last parcel of Sumatran rainforest in which these three species all roam – along with rhinos, clouded leopards and sun bears – is vanishing at a dramatic pace as lucrative palm oil plantations illegally eat into tropical forestland.

The brands source palm oil from this 2.6m hectare Leuser region, via complex supply chains, some involving traders linked to suppliers illegally logging in the region.

Nestlé promised to end deforestation in its supply chain by 2015 in response to Greenpeace’s KitKat campaign of 2010. After Ran’s “Snack food 20” report, this was upgraded to a pledge of “no sourcing from areas converted from natural forests after 1 February 2013”. The target was missed.

“Four years later we can now trace over 90% of our palm oil back to the mill of origin and almost two thirds back to the plantation level,” said Nestlé spokeswoman Peggy Diby. “Our ambition is to raise this figure to 100% by 2020, back to plantation.”

Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé accused of complicity in illegal rainforest destruction
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In July, Nestlé told the Guardian it could only source 47% of its palm oil to plantations, suggesting a big improvement in the last three months.

Hershey’s said in 2014 that it would source all of its palm oil back to the mill level by 2015, and to plantations by 2016. But its plantation level sourcing actually fell in 2016 from 27% to 14%, and the commitment has been deferred until 2020.

Greenpeace protestors dressed as orangutans demonstrate against palm oil harvested from rainforest destruction outside a Nestle shareholders’ meeting
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Greenpeace protestors dressed as orangutans demonstrate against palm oil harvested from rainforest destruction outside a Nestle shareholders’ meeting. Photograph: Antoine Antoniol/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Jeff Beckman, Hershey’s communications director said: “While we remain deeply committed to pushing all stakeholders to accelerate traceability and bring full transparency to this supply chain along with our supplier partners, we realised it would take more time to achieve this goal than originally anticipated.”

Mars did not respond to a request for comment, despite a promise of “cutting suppliers trafficking conflict palm oil by the end of 2015,” which campaigners claim has not been met.

Gemma Tillack, Ran’s campaign director said: “It is our view that the brands have deceived consumers by continually claiming to be tackling deforestation when they have not executed the actions required to achieve a moratorium on the forest frontlines of their global supply chains.”

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Las Vegas Sheriff,Homeland Security,FBI MGM Shooting Investigation A Cover Up Shame - Missing Hard Drive,Unlicensed 'Hero{ Security Guard Flees To Mexico

Las Vegas Sheriff,Homeland Security  MGM Investigation A Cover Up Shame - Missing Hard Drive,Unlicensed 'Hero{ Security Guard Flees To Mexico

Generes is not funny she's a sleazy MGM prostitute and lesbian womanizer no better than Weinstein is reported to be,perhaps worse.She certainly didn{t ask unlicensed security guard Jesus Ramos why he immediately fled to Mexico after Las Vegas shooting nor how he could or should drive their when he was interviewed on her show walking qwith a cane supposedly the result of being shot in the leg by Stephen Paddock.

What happened to Las Vegas shooter's hard drive? It's a mystery | Ars ...
20 hours ago - Feds: "Paddock removed the hard drive from the laptop after he opened fire." ... Enlarge / Vehicles drive past a Las Vegas billboard featuring a Federal ... and cell phones in the FBI's lab in Quantico tied to the Paddock case.
Missing: homeland ‎security

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's Computer Hard Drive ...
1 day ago - Uploaded by Charles Walton
Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's Computer Hard Drive MISSING ... have implicated the FBI or DHS ...

FBI and DHS Assessment Outlined Threat of Lone Offenders Targeting ...
Oct 3, 2017 - A gunman opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas, leaving at least 59 ... More than nine months before Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd ... 59 people, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a “Joint ... in the Las Vegas Strip to stage an attack that would be hard to prevent.

Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock transferred $100K, set up ...$
Oct 3, 2017 - VIDEOS: Las Vegas mass shooting aftermath (1 of 10) ... During the Sunday night rampage, a hotel security guard who approached the ... As for what may have set Paddock off, retired FBI profiler Jim .... Heather Warino Alvarado made the three-hour drive from her southern Utah home to Las Vegasto get ...

REVEALED: Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos left the country for Mexico just days after the Las Vegas shooting - despite suffering a gunshot wound and being a key witness in the investigation

  • Fox News obtained a document showing Jesus Campos crossed into the U.S. from Mexico on October 8 - a week after the Las Vegas shooting 
  • The document does not show how long Campos was in the country 
  • It's unclear why investigators would have let Campos - the only witness to the shooting - out of the country so shortly after the deadly incident 
  • It's also baffling how he would have been able to drive a car back into the U.S. when he had recently suffered a gunshot wound to his right leg 
  • Campos' union said that the trip to Mexico was pre-planned  
  • Fox News also discovered that Campos was not a licensed security guard in Nevada, but officials refused to offer an explanation for that  

Fox News also learned that he traveled to Mexico in January too, crossing back into the U.S. at the same border crossing. That time he was driving his own car with Nevada plates.  
The document raises several questions - the biggest being why investigators would have let Campos out of the country so soon after the shooting when he was one of the key witnesses. 
It's also unclear how he physically could have completed the trip, driving hundreds of miles when he had recently suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. 

Fox News also figured out that Campos was not licensed as a private security guard in Nevada. When they called the Clark County Sheriff's Office to see what kind of licensing is required to work as a security guard at a casino, they were hung up on. 
'Jesus Campos is a victim and we don’t speak about victims,' a sheriff’s spokesperson reportedly said.  


Las Vegas hotel insisted Jesus Campos only appear on Ellen | Daily ...
Oct 19, 2017 - Jesus Campos appeared on Ellen for his only interview. ... DeGeneres because the giant company that owns the Las Vegas .... Campos came out on the show using a cane to walk. ... He was walking back down the hallway when he says Paddock started shooting him through the door of his hotel suite.

Jesus Campos left for Mexico days after Las Vegas shooting | Daily ...
1 day ago - Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who's a key ... Campos was shot at Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock when he went to the 32nd floor ... down for an interview with EllenDeGeneres - saying it would be the first and ...... his Mr Big days as he hobbles with a walking cane in New York City.

Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and ...
Oct 17, 2017 - Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos has surfaced. ... DeGeneres tweeted a photo of Campos holding a cane on the set Tuesday alongside ... (Officials have said that Paddock appeared to be drilling into a wall inside his ...
Missing: mexico

Security guard Jesus Campos breaks silence after Las Vegas shooting
Oct 18, 2017 - Security guard shot by Las Vegas gunman breaks silence ... In an episode of "The EllenDeGeneres Show" set to air Wednesday, Jesus Campos ... Campos was wounded by Paddock on October 1, minutes before the ...

Union: MGM warned Campos about interviews after Las Vegas ... › Crime › Shootings
7 days ago - Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who first encountered mass shooter Stephen Paddock on Oct. 1 in the Las Vegas hotel. ... proud of Jesus.” Later that day, DeGeneresannounced she had landed an interview with Campos. ... Review-Journal writer Arthur Kane contributed to this report.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

9-11,JFK Assassination:Lee Harvey Oswald,David Ferrie,Barry Seal,Efraim O'Sullivan and Israel Yitzhak Rabin,  Mossad Connection

Matrix for Assassination: The JFK Conspiracy - Traducir esta página
Richard Gilbride - 2009 - ‎History
The JFK Conspiracy Richard Gilbride ... In a strange and suspicious coincidence, another future prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, was in Dallas the morning of ... His widow Leah wrote in her memoirs that “We went to New York and ... Apparently, Rabin flew out of Love Field that morning to reunite with his wife in Washington.

British,Israel Nazis:Was Yitzak Rabin At Dallas John Kennedy ...

Traducir esta página
British,Israel Nazis:Was Yitzak Rabin At Dallas John Kennedy Assassination Just As ... According toLeah Rabin's autobiography, Yitzak Rabin was in Dallas the day ... Significantly, Itzak Rabin was a Mossad man in Dallas that day. His wife .

The Israeli influence in films and news media has profoundly affected the quality of news reporting and entertainment. Israeli attitudes and ideas are now disseminated through national media outlets which reach the entire U.S.population on a daily basis. Israeli-made films often reveal hints or clues about actual crimes or criminal plots the Israeli producers are aware of. 
One such project, The Lone Gunmen, produced by Milchan's "best friend" Rupert Murdoch, had an uncanny resemblance to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Was this Milchan's influence?  The Milchan-Murdoch partnership in television production may be key to understanding the genesis of the plot of the pilot episode of this short-lived television series. In the first episode a passenger airliner is hijacked by remote control and flown toward the World Trade Center. Disaster is averted at the last minute by over-riding the computer program that has hijacked the plane. 
The Lone Gunmen, produced by Rupert Murdoch in 2000, revealed an extremely uncanny prescience of 9-11. During the same year it was made, Milchan was producing two television series in collaboration with Fox Television:  Roswell, which aired on Warner Brothers network, and Malcolm in the Middle, which was aired on Fox. The Lone Gunmen pilot episode aired on FOX Television in March 2001. 
Given the long, close, and extensive collaboration between Murdoch and Milchan, it seems fair to ask: Was Arnon Milchan the original source of the plotline for The Lone Gunmen?  Why were the people involved in the production of this episode not investigated by the media? Why did the media ignore its own uncanny prescience, The Lone Gunmen episode, which mirrored reality six months later?  Was the similarity between the Murdoch-produced show and reality too close for comfort? Was it too uncomfortable to discuss the origin of the idea for the show?  Apparently so. 

Was the Israeli chemical magnate Arnon Milchan the author of the plotline for The Lone Gunmen pilot episode in which a passenger airplane was remotely hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center?
In Milchan's highly-controversial film JFK (1991), directed by Oliver Stone, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is ascribed to conspirators within the U.S. military-industrial complex. Whose idea was this? Why is Arnon Milchan's own connection with Itzhak Rabin, who was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was shot, not an issue here? 

Was Yitzak Rabin At Dallas John Kennedy Assassination Just As Ehud Olmert Was 'Coincidentally' In New York On 9/11?
Ehud Olmert's Secret Visit to New York on Eve of 9-11
by Christopher Bollyn
Ehud Olmert, the right-wing Likud politician who is currently prime minister of Israel, was in New York on September 10, 2001, the day before 9-11, meeting with supporters of the Israeli terrorist gang of the Irgun (Betar). Olmert was in New York City on the very eve of 9-11 but has concealed this secret visit. Why?
The wife of Yitzhak Rabin, Leah Rabin, revealed in a biography, that Rabin was in Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated.
by Mike Rago
According to Lea Rabin, Yitzak Rabin was in Dallas “hours before” the assassination of John Kennedy. Fort Bliss is in El Paso Texas.
Yitzak Rabin , of course, became head of the Israeli Defense Forces and then Prime Minister.
It is interesting,to me, that Lea Rabin, in a book titled “Our Life His Legacy” would place her husband at the scene of the assassination of JFK just hours before.
Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy – Lea Rabin Chapter 6 Sabra Statesman page 119
Our first joint visit to the United States (Yitzhak had been there before) took place in November 1963, just before Yitzhak had been appointed chief of staff for the IDF. In preparation for that appointment, Yitzhak embarked on a high-level orientation trip to America. I can appreciate now how momentous it was to have visited the United States at that time. We went to New York and Washington and Yitzhak traveled to several other cities, mainly military centers and installations— all so exciting and awesome and the source of many important new ideas. I remember Yitzhak making an offhand comment to me on our way home to Israel “You know, when I finish my term as chief of staff, I’ll be ready to replace Abe Harman.” Harman was Israel’s Ambassador in Washington at the time. Yitzhak’s premonition later materialized. Our 1963 trip to the United States lasted 3 weeks. I was astonished at the size and the excitement of New York. This was a fast-moving lifestyle unlike anything I had known in Europe or Israel. Dalia and Yuval along with a number of officers, met us at Lod Airport in Tel Aviv upon our return. We were told that President Kennedy had been shot , his condition was as yet unclear. We had never met the Kennedy’s but we could sense how the promise of John Kennedy’s future had stirred American’s and how devastating it would be if something serious had happened to him. Just as we walked in the door of our home, I picked up the phone to hear shocking news: John F. Kennedy was dead. To have just returned from the United States and for Yitzhak to have been in Dallas just hours before — albeit as mere coincidence; Fort Bliss was a stop on his military briefing tour— was disorienting. Yitzhak was about to become chief of staff and had just completed an intensive study of state-of-the-art defense and security practices from the most powerful nation in the world and suddenly we learned that country’s chief-executive was slain by a lone-gunman…….…/
Israeli Role in 911
Possible role of Mossad in JFK Assassination…/Israel's_Central_Role_F…



Oliver Stone - His Hollywood extravaganza, JFK, gave the public a fullblown, full-color, gory-in-every-detail conspiracy theory on the JFK assassination. Yet, Stone's presentation of the conspiracy was far from complete and failed to reach any firm conclusions. He deliberately suppressed the "French connection" which, in turn, was the long-hidden Israeli connection. Not only was Stone's chief financial backer Israel's leading arms dealer but also his film distribution company had its origins in the Lansky crime syndicate. What's more, one of the chief shareholders in the film company was none other than Bernard Cornfeld, long-time associate of Permindex figure Tibor Rosenbaum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Efraim became a policeman in Jerusalem.

He had a Lebanese driver's license with his photo but a different name.

He did work for Mossad.

He received handwritten letters thanking him for his service from Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin.

He moved back to the United states and became the chief of police in Mississippi.............

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Efraim O'Sullivan at his desk as intelligence chief of the New Orleans Police Department in 1973, the year he immigrated to Israel with his family. 

In New Orleans, Lee Harvie Oswald had a schoolfriend called Efraim O'Sullivan.

Efraim lived on the same street as Lee, and Efraim sat next to Lee in class at school.

How Oswald's Childhood Friend worked for Mossad

In High School, Efraim tried to recruit Lee to the drill team of the Civil Air Patrol.

The CIA's David Ferrie met Lee Harvey Oswald in 1955, when Lee joined his Cadet Squadron in New Orleans.

Efraim was also close to David Ferrie.

Efraim O'Sullivan as a police officer in New Orleans, June 1961.

Efraim became a police detective on the New Orleans vice squad.

In 1967, Efraim officially became Jewish.

He moved his family to Israel in 1973

He fought for Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Efraim O'Sullivan fought for Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. 

Efraim became a policeman in Jerusalem.

He had a Lebanese driver's license with his photo but a different name.

He did work for Mossad.

He received handwritten letters thanking him for his service from Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin.

He moved back to the United states and became the chief of police in Mississippi.

How Oswald's Childhood Friend worked for Mossad

David Ferrie (LEFT) Lee Harvie Oswald (RIGHT).

Both  Lee Harvie Oswald and Efraim O'Sullivan knew David Ferrie, the New Orleans man linked to the assassination of JFK.

In New Orleans, David Ferrie was an air cadet instructor.

One of his students was 15-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald.

Another was Barry Seal.

Over the years, Ferrie, while working with various cadet squadrons, developed improper relations with boys ranging in age from 14-18.
Efraim O'Sullivan first met Ferrie during his Civil Air Patrol days where Ferrie was like a scout master of the group.

Efraim O'Sullivan went to examine Ferrie's plane at the New Orleans airport soon after the JFK assassination.

The following people linked to the Kennedy assassination were reportedly gay:

Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw,
Lee Harvie Oswald, David Ferrie,
JD Tippit, George de Mohrenschildt,
Edwin Walker, Herbert Hoover,
Clyde Tolson, Louis Bloomfield,
James Jesus Angleton, Cardinal Spellman, JFK ...

(Allegations of Homosexuality & JFK Assn - The Education Forum)

The Kennedy assassination is linked to boy-loving Nazis, Bilderberg, Mafia dons and various fascist oligarchs - all connected to the CIA and Mossad.

District Attorney Jim Garrison came to the conclusion that the plotters were a group of right-wingers with links to the CIA.

These included the CIA's David Ferrie and Clay Shaw.

Clay Shaw liked boys.

Shaw is believed to have been one of the CIA organisers of the Kennedy assassination.

"Clay Shaw's address book had the names of pro-Nazi European royalty and people in the Bilderberg Group."

(Sherm Says: The Death of JFK: The New Orleans Connection)

At Shaw's trial for the muder of Kennedy, insurance salesman Perry Russo testified that he had attended a party at the apartment of David Ferrie.

At the party, Russo said that Ferrie, Oswald, and "Clay Bertrand" (who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw) had discussed killing Kennedy.[6]


More from "The Death of JFK: The New Orleans Connection":

"David Ferrie was a CIA contract pilot... who was also involved in moving drugs and guns...

"At one time Barry Seal was on his payroll...

Ferrie knew both Lee Harvie Oswald and Clay Shaw.

Ferrie had studied for the priesthood.

He taught aviation at St. Benedict High School, before being fired for taking boys to a house of ill fame.

He met Lee Harvey Oswald in 1955, when Oswald joined his Cadet Squadron in New Orleans.

"Jack Martin, a Ferrie friend, speculated that Ferrie could have hypnotized Oswald in some way.

"Ferrie had a substantial library on hypnotism, and the CIA later admitted that it had experimented with mind control, MKUltra.

"Ferrie was seen with Jack Ruby before the assassination, and a hypnotist was performing at the club at the time...

"Ferrie claimed to he a hypnotist and psychotherapist, and there are reports that he was indeed a capable hypnotist..."

Website for this image

Clay Shaw was a director of Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC) which "was comprised of former Italian fascists, right wing elements,CIA and Defense Department people , and representatives of the European paramilitary right."


"Ferenc Nagy ... was a director and was tied to the CIA ...

"At one time he was president of Permindex, a trade organisation, backed by the CIA.

Clay Shaw was on the board of Permindex.

"Nagy ... provided money for the Secret Army Organization, which was to attempt the assassination of Charles De Gaulle...

"Nagy was seen on the grassy knoll in Dallas on November 22, 1963..."

The main shareholder in Permindex
 was Geneva's Banque De Credit International , founded by Tibor Rosenbaum.

"The bank was a Mossad front, and Rosenbaum purchased arms on behalf of the Mossad.

"This bank was the chief launderer for Meyer Lansky, an American gangster.

"Joseph Bonano, another gangster was also tied to Permindex.

"Tied to Permindex were ... H.L. Hunt ...

Louis Bloomfield. In Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal (1970)William Torbitt claims that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was organized by Bloomfield and Permindex. Also involved was the Defense Industrial Security Command, organized by J. Edgar Hoover and William Sullivan.

Also tied to Permindex was "Major Louis Bloomfield... a leading Zionist, one time Haganah soldier.

"From 1947 to 1970, he did contract work for the CIA ...

"He was a friend of J. Edgar Hoover. He was also closely tied to the very wealthy Bronfmans, allegedly Canada’s leading crime family.

"Using Permindex, he managed the business affairs for members of a Corsican assassin ring.

"Max Hagerman, editor of a West German Neo-Nazi magazine, does administrative work for Permindex.

"Permindex was mainly financed by oil companies and Halliburton...

"George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root also invested in Permindex. 

Also involved were Donald Trump's mentor Roy Cohn and former German General Walter Dohrnberger...

"Permindex and CMC most likely enjoyed profits from bringing heroin from the Golden Triangle to Europe, and it is likely that they worked with a number of intelligence services in this activity...

Carlos Marcello. Ferrie worked for Marcello and reportedly was the pilot who flew Marcello back into the United States from Guatemala after he had been deported in April 1961 as part of the U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy's crackdown on organized crime.

Permindex "worked closely with New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello, whose fleet of planes shared mechanics and pilots with Permindex.

"David Ferrie was one shared employee...

"During the two weeks before the Kennedy assasination, Ferrie stayed at Churchill Farms, Marcello 's countryside estate...

"Former MI6 agent John Coleman has theorized that Permindex orchestrated the assassination, claiming they used an international squad that is used when all else fails...

"The French president’s intelligence people traced the financing of the assassination to Permindex and CMC.

"De Gaulle thought Mossad was also involved, and it had to move its operations to the Netherlands and Belgium.

"Some believe Permindex has ties to the old Nazi spy network of Otto Skorzeny...

"Shaw’s address book had the names of pro-Nazi European royalty and people in the Bildberg Group...

John Howard Bowen

"The Warren Commission Report noted that Lee Harvey Oswald entered Mexico on a Red Arrow bus at Laredo, Texas on September 26, 1963.

"Sitting next to Oswald on the bus was Albert Osborne, alias John Howard Bowen...

"On October 10, 1963 he was seen in both the offices of Clay Shaw and Guy Bannister...

"Since 1934, this man , Albert Bowen-Osborne, a missionary for the American Council of Christian Churches ... had been running a school for marksmen or assassins in his orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico.

"He was in Knoxville working for a boys club for a number of years and was fired for homosexual activities with his charges..."

In 1942 "he organized a Nazi group called the Campfire Council in Tennessee...

"Division Five of the FBI had funneled money to Oaxaca through the American Council of Christian Churches...

"It was later shown that this Bowen had ties to Clay Shaw’s CMC and to division 5 of the F.B.I.. .

"Shaw ... has been clearly tied to the CIA's Directorate of Operations..."

Garrison claimed that there was someone impersonating Oswald.

"A man claiming to be Oswald appeared in Mexico City before Oswald was there...

"There are also mysterious claims that an Oswald visited the Soviet Embassy on September 28, but it was closed that day..."

Ferrie liked boys

According to Wikipedia:

David Ferrie (1918 - 1967) was a private investigator and pilot.

He had studied, unsuccessfully, for the priesthood.

He taught aeronautics at Cleveland's Benedictine High School but was fired after taking boys to a house of prostitution.

In New Orleans he was briefly an aerospace education instructor at Moisant Airport.

One of his students was 15-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald. (Another was Barry Seal)

Over the years, Ferrie, while working with with various cadet squadrons, developed improper relations with boys ranging in age from 14-18.

By early 1961, Ferrie was working with a CIA-backed anti-Castro group in New Orleans.

In the early 1960s, Ferrie began working with private investigator Guy Banister, formerly of the FBI.

In 1963, according to several witnesses, Ferrie and Banister worked together for lawyer G. Wray Gill, on behalf of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, in an attempt to block Marcello's deportation to Guatemala.

An unconfirmed Border Patrol report of February 1962 states that Ferrie was the pilot who flew Carlos Marcello back into the United States from Guatemala after he had been deported in April 1961 as part of the U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy's crackdown on organized crime.

On 22 November 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated and Marcello was acquitted in his deportation case.

Dulles, Kennedy, McCone (McCone: CIA boss 1961-65; Knight of Malta; links to Rockefeller). Seymour Hersh sees Kennedy "as a sex maniac, marital cheat, bigamist, speed freak, liar and corrupt politician who employed in his covert service Mafia chiefs, panderers, Communist spies and political fixers and engaged in stealing national elections, shaking down corporations for contributions, plotting assassinations..." (Hersh's Dark Camelot)

On the afternoon of 22 November 1963, Guy Banister was in his office with and one of his employees, Jack Martin.

The two men got into a heated argument.

According to Martin, Banister said something to which Martin replied, "What are you going to do - kill me like you all did Kennedy?"

Banister pistol-whipped Martin several times.

In the days that followed, Jack Martin spoke to reporters and police.

Martin told the New Orleans police that Ferrie "was supposed to have been the getaway pilot in the assassination."

Martin also claimed that Ferrie had known Lee Harvey Oswald from their days in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol, and that he had seen a photograph, at Ferrie's home, of Oswald in a Civil Air Patrol group.

Martin told the FBI that Ferrie may have hypnotized Oswald into assassinating Kennedy.

In 1966, Jim Garrison, the district attorney of New Orleans, interviewed Jack Martin.

Martin claimed that during the summer of 1963, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald worked together on anti-Castro activities.

According to testimony by Banister's personal secretary, Delphine Roberts, Ferrie and Oswald were frequent visitors to Banister's office in 1963.

She said: "I believed his work was somehow connected with the CIA."

Garrison became convinced that a group right-wingers, including Ferrie, Banister, and Clay Shaw, were involved in a conspiracy with elements of the CIA to kill John F. Kennedy.

Garrison would later claim that the motive for the assassination was anger over Kennedy's attempts to obtain a peace settlement in both Cuba and Vietnam.

Garrison also believed that Shaw, Banister, and Ferrie had conspired to set up Oswald as a patsy in the JFK assassination.

On 22 February 1967, less than a week after the story of Garrison's investigation became public, Ferrie was found dead in his apartment.

Victor Marchetti, formerly of the CIA, has claimed that David Ferrie was connected to the CIA.

aangirfan: John F Kennedy - 'mad and bad'; Cuban Missile Crisis ...

aangirfan: The Kennedy Assasination, the Pentagon, the CIA, the ...



aangirfan: Kennedy assassination