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WTC,9/11:U.S. SEC Attorney Brent Baker,Allen Stanford Hedge Antigua,Barbuda and Israel all guilty of stock fraud money laundering against Americans

WTC,9/11: Stanford Hedge Antigua,Barbuda and Israel all guilty of stock fraud money laundering against Americans

I know from experience that Israelis with government connections and protection  in U.S.and Israel use the Caribbean for stock frauds organized and set up in America,particularly in Nevada,Delaware,Florida and Texas etc..This provides MANY TIMES the estimated few billions of dollars per year that the Israel outright in aid.Israel is part of the money laundering that as been going on for decades usinfg offshore acconts.The U.S.and UN and NATO COULD BRING ALL OF THIS INTERNATIONAL MONEY LAUNDERING AND CORPORATE SABOTAGE  AGAINST SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES, PARTICULARLY IN AND AGAINST THE U.S.,TO A HALT.The same internet that allows untold billions to move from one place or investment TO ANOTHER IN FRACTIONS OF A SECOND COULD ALSO BE USED TO MONITOR AND STOP IT.Why are our politicians protecting and aiding and abetting foreign agents in economic and corporate sabotage against its own people,particularly after 9/11 ?

Brent Baker ex Utah office SEC attorney is one of those who has taken it upon himself to defend Stanford hedge fund criminals and money launderers.He contacted me in 2003 shortly before resigning his SEC duties
to try and intimidate me for complaining to the SEC about James Dale Davidson of Agora Inc and the Nastional Taxpayers Union.Nte below that ex SEC attorney Brent Baker lies outright about a made up term called 'naked short selling' a term that was spammed about the internet beginning in 2002 when Steve Forbes and Israel connected James Dale Davidson began claiming his penny stock money laundering biotech fraud companies Genemax and Endovasc were being 'naked shorted' by brokerages such as Charles Schwab and other stock manipulators.BRENT BAKER USED HIS POSITION AS ATTORNEY IN CASE OF SEC VS JAMES DALE DAVIDSON,PORTER STANSBERRY AND AGORA INC TO REMOVE HIS NAME AND THOSE OF HIS BIOTECH FRAUDS ALLEGED TO HAVE COLLAPSED BECAUSE OF 'NAKED SHORT SELLING' FROM UTAH SEC LITIGATION ALSO INVOLVING PORTER STANSBERRY WHO WAS ALSO BENEFITTED BY REMOVING THE CHARGES AGAINST THREM FOR TOUTING AND PROMOTING THOSE WORTHLESS PENNY STOCK FRAUDS.

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In a bulleted paragraph on Page 9 of its "Progress Report" for the first 100 days of the Obama administration, the Justice Department touts the arrest of Laura Pendergest-Holt for her alleged part in what it claims is an $8 billion fraud committed at the Texas-based Stanford Investment Group.
But when Salt Lake City attorney Brent Baker talks about case, he doesn't see progress so much as overzealous government agencies trying to counter criticism of their lax enforcement of the nation's securities laws.
He is representing Pendergest-Holt in the case that has drawn international attention. She was the chief investment officer at Stanford Investment, led by billionaire R. Allen Stanford, who is alleged to have concocted a massive Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 20,000 investors through the sale of bogus certificates of deposit from a bank in Antigua.
Coming not long after the exposure of Bernard Madoff's $65 billion fraudulent money-management operation, the Securities and Exchange Commission in February filed a lawsuit against Stanford and company officers in federal court in Dallas. A receiver took control of the businesses that included Stanford International Bank Ltd. in Antigua, and the court agreed to freeze business and personal assets of those involved.
About a week later, Pendergest-Holt was put in handcuffs and hauled to jail on an obstruction of justice charge for allegedly lying to the SEC during its investigation. Last week, she was indicted by a federal grand jury on one count of conspiring to obstruct the SEC probe and a second count of obstructing the investigation into the scheme in which early investors were alleged to have been paid returns from money put in by later investors. She has pleaded not guilty and is free on $300,000 bond.
Why turn to a Salt Lake City attorney for legal help in a highly visible case out of Texas?
Experience at a lower cost » Baker is known in circles of lawyers who specialize in cases involving sales of securities or investments because of his 14 years of experience as an attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission. He worked out of the SEC's office in Salt Lake City but prosecuted cases in New York, Nevada and other states.................

Though Baker has called Utah home for many years, before settling here his family lived in a number of places - --- New Jersey, New York and Japan -- as his Tupperware executive father, Richard, took various posts. In the 1970s, the family came to Utah, where Brent graduated from high school and the University of Utah.
After law school, he clerked for a federal judge then began a 14-year stint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Salt Lake City.
Working on a case, Baker was in New York City Sept. 11, 2001, for an appointment on the 108th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Outside the Embassy Suites Hotel where he was staying, he encountered a woman who had fainted after seeing a plane crash into the north tower.
Baker stopped to see if he could assist. Delayed by the encounter by 10 minutes, he went into the south tower lobby and got on the elevator.
Baker said he "heard a really loud engine noise" that caused him to step back out of the elevator. Outside he saw falling debris.
He ran, looked back to see the cloud of dust from one of the towers, and kept running, 35 blocks in all. Later, he made his way to Newark, N.J., then drove to Cincinnati and got a flight home.
"It was really a life-changing experience," Baker said. The man he was going to see that day was killed.
At the SEC, Baker also became involved in the issue of naked short-selling, a complicated financial practice where entities such as hedge funds bet that certain shares will fall in price and they can make a profit. Because they don't own or have control of the actual shares, the practice can lead to abuses such as the selling of the same shares over and over, while deliberately trying to drive down the prices of a stock with false information.

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Stanford Victims Go After Entire Country
     DALLAS (CN) - Antigua and Barbuda and its banks were Allen Stanford's "partners in crime," aiding and abetting his $7 billion Ponzi scheme, victims of the imprisoned fraudster claim in court.
     The Official Stanford Investors Committee sued Antigua and Barbuda in Federal Court for $230 million.
     In a separate, similar federal complaint, the committee sued Antigua and Barbuda and eight Caribbean banks: the Bank of Antigua, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Antigua Commercial Bank, the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, the Eastern Caribbean Financial Holdings Co., the National Commercial Bank (SVG), the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, and the National Bank of Dominica.
     Unless otherwise noted, citations for this story are taken from the complaint against sole defendant Antigua and Barbuda.
     "Stanford could not have conducted his fraud without the knowing, necessary, and pervasive assistance of Antigua and its government officials," the 42-page complaint states. "Stanford's influence and reach within Antigua was unprecedented and penetrated as far as the Prime Minister's office and to every aspect of Antigua's business and governmental communities."
     The Investors Committee claims that Antigua helped Stanford because it needed his money to remain solvent. They say the impoverished country has a history of corruption that became worse in 1995 after its tourism industry collapsed due to a series of hurricanes.
     Tourism has historically accounted for more than half of Antigua's gross domestic product.
     "Antigua lacked creditworthiness, could not borrow funds from international monetary agencies or other lending institutions," the complaint states. "Thus, while assisting Stanford's criminal enterprise with one hand, Antigua took with the other hand tens of millions of dollars in 'loans' - fraudulent transfers under applicable law - from Stanford and the Houston-based entities he operated."
     Stanford stole money from his investors and used it to pay former Antigua Prime Minister Lester Bird's medical bills and to bribe to the country's Tourism and Planning Ministers, according to the complaint.
     "Stanford received land transfers with government assistance [in return], operated Antigua's airport, built the national library, sponsored the country's cricket tournament, and improperly 'loaned' the government tens of millions of dollars of the CD investors' money for innumerable commercial enterprises," the complaint states.
     The Investors Committee claims that Leroy King, chief administrator and chief executive officer of Antigua's Financial Services Regulatory Commission, entered into a "blood oath" with Stanford on behalf of the government, "committing himself, his country, and the agency he controlled to shielding and protecting Stanford's fraudulent dealings."
     King, however, is not named as an individual defendant.
     The investors claim that Stanford paid regular bribes to King, entered into several "sweetheart" deals with the government, and that King conducted "sham audits" of the Stanford International Bank and the Bank of Antigua, both owned by Stanford.
     "Perhaps most devastating to Stanford's CD investors, King obstructed several [U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission] investigations of SIBL, forwarding confidential SEC correspondence to Stanford, providing responses to SEC inquiries which were actually drafted by Stanford or his employees and professionals, and misleading the SEC concerning the nature and extent of the FSRC's oversight of SIBL," the complaint states. "King, although notably not charged with any crime in Antigua, has been indicted on numerous criminal charges in the United States and is awaiting extradition to face those charges in an American court of law."
     Karyl Van Tassel, who was hired by court-appointed receiver Ralph Janvey to head the forensic accounting of the scheme, testified that the Antiguan government owed Stanford Financial Group $20 million in unpaid loans and the Bank of Antigua up to $70 million, the plaintiffs claim.
     "Van Tassel, however, testified that she has seen evidence suggesting loans far in excess of $90 million, including documents showing that Antigua owed Stanford approximately $230 million and a letter discussing Stanford's forgiveness of the EC $300 million debt in return for developmental rights conferred to Stanford," the complaint states. "Van Tassel 'found no records showing that any of the loans to Antigua were paid off.'"
     In the complaint against Antigua and the banks, the Investors Committee claims they were defrauded again the government and banks seized the Bank of Antigua's assets from Stanford in 2009.
     "These assets were and remain subject to this Court's receivership and must be returned to the receivership estate,' the 26-page complaint states. "The seizure of the Bank of Antigua by the defendants also constituted an illegal attempt to retain the vast sums of money stolen from Stanford's investors and funneled to Antigua through the concerted and corrupt actions of Stanford and its partner, Antigua itself."
     The Investors Committee claims that Antigua Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer admitted that the seizure of assets was a tactic to facilitate additional theft.
     "We have to give ourselves a bargaining chip, so when the receivers come they have to deal with the government of Antigua and Barbuda," Spencer told the Antiguan House of Representatives in February 2009, after it approved the seizure of Stanford's real estate holdings on the island, according to the complaint.
     Spencer is not named as an individual defendant.
     The Investors Committee and court-appointed receiver Ralph Janvey already have sued several U.S. law firms and attorneys they accuse of helping Stanford avoid regulators.
     Among them: Proskauer Rose, and Chadbourne & Parke and attorney Thomas V. Sjoblom, in February ; and Greenberg Traurig, and Hunton & Williams and attorney Yolanda Suarez, in November 2012 .
     Stanford is serving 110 years for securities fraud.
     The Investors Committee seeks actual and punitive damages for breach of contract, fraudulent transfer, aiding and abetting fraud, aiding and abetting a fraudulent scheme, aiding and abetting breaches of fiduciary duty, civil conspiracy, and aiding and abetting violations of the Texas Securities Act.
     They are represented by Peter Morgenstern with Butzel Long in New York City. 


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  1. For white people of European origen to either believe or lie about being 'Semites' is a form of mental illness.When we had a U.S.Constitution we also had separation of church and state which logically translated to separation of synagogue and state as well.
    It's long past time to release some poor African Americans from jail so room can be made for some money laundering,mass murdering war crimals and the SEC and ex SEC attorneys who aid and abet them such as Brent Baker and his ilk.Brent Baker actually removed all charges against James Dale Davidson founder of the CIA and probably Rothschild connected Agora Inc as well as all mention of the Stanford University connected Endovasc biotech fraud that ripped me and others off.Had he and the Utah SEC shut down Agora Inc. of Baltimore Rey Rivera would never have been employed by Porter Stansberry and had his name placed on their 'Rebound Report' and would thus be alive today.If Utah SEC boss for life Kenneth Israel isn't related to Bayou hedge fund's Israel he might as well be.
    Porter Stansberry even told me in email that Baker was trying to get a bribe from him and James Dale Davidson and, in my opinion,Geico billionaire's son Patrick Byrne and his Overstock.con's employment of Baker after he left the SEC was part of that bribe.


  2. I would not have posted the reply above had I not received a comment in my email that someone named Rachel Matteson of had replied to this blog.For some reason that reply was removed.I didn't know someone could ad and then remove a comment here so I am reposting her post that led to my reply above is located in Utah and may or may not be affiliated with the ex SEC attorney Brent Baker who is now representing Stanford hedge fund money launderers just as he has represented Salt Lake City's Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne's money laundering operation and has lied about it and other money laundering stocks being victims of so-called 'naked short selling'.
    Brent Baker also tried to intimidate me in his capacity an SEC attorney in 2003 in order to stop muy complaints against Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson who he was instrumental in dropping all charges against for his biotech frauds,Genemax and Endovasc.Davidson is both CIA and Israel connected as well as to the Rothschild-ean elites of the UK such as Lord William Rees.Mogg who is another
    Zionist Agoranc money launderer.The Technion University fetal stem cell fraud Pluristem defrauded Americans to give to Israeli mafia and government terrorists.

    Don't post comments here and then remove them Ms.Matteson - it makes you appear less than honest and makes me look like I'm talking to myself.Below is Ms.Matteson's original post to me here.:


    Rachel Matteson has left a new comment on your post "WTC,9/11:U.S. SEC Attorney Brent Baker,Allen Stanf...":

    Perhaps the officials have something to do with it too considering their stand on pursuing the aid. Of course it is not a bad thing to help the Israelis but they should be regulating the means and ways to aid them in such a way that it doesn't create doubt of their possible involvement.

    It does look like specializes in helping stock scheiters in 'stock placements' or whatever,almost seems more like a 'transfer company' as they call it that stock share money launderers such as Stanford hredge fund or Patrick Byrne's or scum like Baltimore's CIA - Rothschild connected Agora Inc. might employ.Thanks for bringing your sleazy 'law office' to my attention. Yech. :

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