Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Demented Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio And the rape and muder of Argentine NON JEWISH Women !

Pope Pervert Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio And the rape and muder of Argentine NON JEWISH Women !

Imagen de la noticia para pope francis military junta vatican archives de Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis: A Bishop of Rome with a heart for Argentina

Catholic News Agency-4 may. 2015
That the Vatican would open its files on Argentina's military ... begun on declassifying the Vatican archives related to Argentina'sdictatorship.”


Rape Of Argentine Jewish Women ,A Pope Francis Bergoglio,Israel Zionist Hoax?:No Evidence So Far Of Deaths Or Murder Of Argentine Jewish Women Or Military Rape Pregnancies

What is supposed to have begun the repression and imprisonment and murder of Argentine citizens in the first place was the kidnapping of an heir to the Jewish Bunge and Borne agro-industrial merchants of grains. All the while Israel was supplying arms to the very Argentina military junta it  also worked with in Honduras to terrorize Honduran and Central American citizens during and around time of Iran Contra.The Jewish Zionist controlled media in Argentina and elsewhere has recently begun to blare propaganda about an alleged 10% plus of Argentine victims of the Israeli allied Argentine military junta being Jewish and that Jewish women were raped more often than Catholic origen women.
Did these Catholic military junta murderers and sadistic rapists, who the present pope as well as Rome's Pro Nunciate Pio Laghi was politically  in bed with, practice birth control against the Archbishop Bergoglio aka Pope Francis'  and the Catholic Church's mandate against birth control ? If so and no birth control measures were taken during the rape of the Jewish,not to mention the allegedly less often raped Catholic female victims, then what happened to the babies or fetuses of the Jewish women ? Does the Argentine military's and Israel's friend Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who  just recently railed about anyone criticizing Israel being anti-Semitic,(even though  virtually no Jews are Semites but instead white people of Eastern European origen),have an answer to this ? If Jewish white women were raped much more often than Catholic women then where are and what became of the Argentine military's Jewish fetuses or babies !!? Strangely I have not heard of one single Jewish family who claims to have lost  a Jewish female family member or a grandchild.
The only story I have heard is of a Jewish woman who was given home visits and taken out to dinner by her jailers occasionally.Even she did not claim to have been raped(and unlike many non Jewish women she really was involved in a possibly violent left wing group)!
Google search words'women murdered by argentine military junta drugged atlantic' ....
Then add word  'jewish' to the search,i.e.-'Jewish women murdered by argentine military junta drugged atlantic' and see how little or no mention of Jewish women,formerly pregnant or not,who were then drugged and flown and thrown out over the Atlantic ! None that I can find. Isn't this statistically peculiar ?

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