Thursday, July 9, 2015

Obama AKA Barry Soetoro Admits Training ISIL ISIS Islamic State To Fight Shia Government 'We' Democatically Placed In Power In Iraq In The First Place !

Obama AKA Barry Soetoro Admits Training 'ISIL ISIS Islamic State' To Fight Shia Government 'We' Democatically Placed In Power In Iraq In The First Place !

The real reason Obama and his Zionist City of London Israeli masters are afraid is because Iran may very well be able to defeat their very own covert Islamic terrorist organization ISIS or ISIL or Islamic State or whatever.Apparently the black prostitute Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro was facing this reality whernn he inadvertently admitted what many havev been saying for a while- - ISIS is a CIA,NATO City of London Zionist Israeli Saudi trained and funded organiztion on all sides ofd the fence where it operates - Iraq,
Syria,Libya,Yemen,Egypt,etc.,it has come tp power as a result coincidentally or not of U.S.funding of Islamic terrorists to attack governments it doesn't approve of which or generally thost that are most secular
and least religiously fanatic unlike our 'allies' Saudi Arabia,Dubai,Kuwait,etc. who actually have funded or participated in terrorism here in America particulay in regadrs to Saudi,Israli,Kuwaiti involvement and role in 9/11 that was covered up and they protected by the FBI,CIA, proving most FBI and CIA guilty of treason themselves.

Story image for iraq shia from Business Insider

Iran is building a force in Iraq that Baghdad can't control - Business ...

Business Insider-Jul 8, 2015
iraq shia militia REUTERS/Thaier Al-SudaniHashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) fighters allied with Iraqi forces against the Islamic State, carry ...



1. Obama has admitted that ISIS works for the US government.

Obama vows to speed up 'training ISIS' (ISIL)

2. The US supported government in Ukraine is using Islamists and Nazis to fight the people in Eastern Ukraine who want independence.

The New York Times reports that Islamic militants have joined with Ukraine's neo-Nazi battalions to fight ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine merges its Nazis and Islamists to fight Ukrainians.

3. The US government is allegedly plotting to topple the Prime Minister of Greece.

Independent investigative journalist John Helmer says that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a marked man.

 "(A) putsch in Athens to save allied Greece from enemy Russia is in preparation by the US and Germany, with backing from the non-taxpayers of Greece  - the Greek oligarchs, Anglo-Greek shipowners, and the Greek Church."
Planned US Coup in Greece?.


    May 30, 2011 - The CIA has stated in a recent report that there may soon be a coup in... In 1967, in Greece, CIA-backed colonels carried out a military coup, ...

    Aug 19, 2010 - In 1967, in Greece, CIA-backed colonels carried out a military coup, resulting in a 'fascist' dictatorship. Thousands of Greeks were tortured and ...

    Apr 2, 2012 - In 1967, in Greece, CIA-backed colonels carried out a military coup, ... A joint campaign by the Greek military and the CIA to unseat him began ...
  • In the UK, the Conservative Party's July 2015 budget means:

    Those families where one parent works, earning £20,000 a year, will be more than £2,000 worse off.

    Couples with joint earnings of more than £100,000 will see the biggest benefit.

  • Interesting material for a good article here Aang:

    Sean Stone and Christopher Bollyn on 9/11, Israel & the Mossad

    You know when certain authors are endowed with knowledge about the spy game and are surreptitiously eliminated, possibly like Tom Clancy? You know sometimes those people are actually helped out by the security services themselves. Christopher Bollyn on Sean Stone's Buzzsaw explains that John LeCarre's book The Little Drummer Girl is one of those such books. Bollyn goes on to explain that evidently Mossad helped LeCarre' on this book personally and it allegedly chronicles every step Mossad takes in setting up a patsie with the right paper trail of complicity, right down to having planted identification as did 6-7 of the 911 Saudi's highjackers that had duplicate driver's licenses.

    Another interesting note that Bollyn said on this video is that ALL of the Islamic State videos that are being disseminated by those awful satanists FIRST come through an Israeli owned website called Site Intelligence Group out of McClean, Virginia owned by a Rita Katz. He stated that more than a few people wonder how this woman is able to get these videos and release them before anyone else.

    Good hunting. God Speed.


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